Kennedy slams 2020 Dems' reactions to Mueller comments

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/30/2019 12:26 PM

FOX Business’ Kennedy takes aim at 2020 Democrats Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris over their reactions to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s press conference. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact b...

Oh bob muller, making the brown water even murkier with your infernal press conference. The interesting thing isn't the crumb trail to impeachment ville special counsel, sprinkled four resistant dems. It'S the short-sighted reaction from almost all of the president's 2020 opponents. Robert muller is right that every american should still be concerned about the threat of russian agents, bots and po ...
off's willers, coming to dismantle our democracy, one misleading facebook post at a time. Instead, the dole chorus of leftist lemmings running for president are too busy. Parroting predictable talking points, they all watched the awkward presser and screamed and digital unison lock him up kamala harris. She said we need to start impeachment proceedings, cory, booker congress, hasa legal and moral obligation to begin to impeachment proceedings immediately. Elizabeth warren muller statements make makes clear that what those who have read his report know it's an impeachment referral and it's up to congress to act. Mmm. Yes, well, you get the idea. It'S all the same. Only the names will change they're all admitting they can't legitimately beat the president in 17 months and they want the election results.

Undone by fiat they're also saying like a bunch of thick-skulled ninny-muggins. They don't care if the job they want is easy to lose if they become unpopular and worst of all, let's ignore the rash of prop and pretend our cybersecurity is as robust as kylie jenner'slip injections. The only people with slightly more measured responses are bernie and biden because they might actually get the job and nancy pelosi. Who knows if she follows the siren song of easy impeachment? Her party will crash on the rocks and the chances of a democratic presidency will splinter if they impeach. What are we left with a very frustrated electorate who opposed the idea 66 to 29 % and an incumbent president who won't be convicted? Who now gets to play the victim as all of his twitter conspiracies materialize in real time or you get present pence who's next supreme court pick will make a me koni barrett, look more liberal than ruth bader ginsburg at anow rally. I think go ahead and impeach him. It will be the perfect final act and this absurd political drama, orange hamlet, peach or not to impeach, and that is the memo.

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