Watch Gordon the robot barista make Varney a cup of coffee

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/21/2019 05:28 PM

FBN's Robert Gray on the new robot barista named Gordon that can make a latte in less than 10 seconds, improving efficiency and cost. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headqu...

I'Ve been teasing this all morning, the robot barista that makes you a latte in ten seconds flat. Here is robert gray, with the barista in san francisco. All right, i want a cafe americano. Can it do it now? Absolutely you know: we've just placed your order with gordon. He is the nation's first robot barista here at cafe x in san francisco, he's going to work there and it's all about efficiency he ...
e. Stewart. Basically the founder henry, who was standing in the singapore airport waiting forever to get his coffee made with human baristas. And then he got the wrong order, so he sent out with a business plan to make a robot barista, who cannotonly do it efficiently, but he could get their order right every time and it is about efficiency of time, but also of space. Now it takes a little time you punch in the order on a keypad. Do you use an app to order ahead, as you might do at some of these other coffee places and then once he sets about to getting to work? Well, you can see he turns it around in pretty short order. Basically, the company stewart looking to put these in underserved areas, we're thinking, hospitals, they're, opening one in san francisco international airport in the terminal there and we're going to have the coffee coming up here. In just a second wellthat wasn't very fast a bee.

What is that thing doing? It looks like it's kind of doing a dance of some sort. He'S tidying up, he'll even do a little jazz hands dance here in the end, you're. Here'S your americano by the way, served up and i'm gon na punch it right up and it's gon na pull it for me. Oh okay, okay, i'll watch it okay and i think, if you go for obviously different drinks, take a little bit different time. Oh and steward, you also probably want to know about the pricing. Yeah margins are a little bit heavier wider. I would imagine with no human, so it cost about a buck or two less thansome of the other drink places. Ah, now, you're talking all right. Robert sip up the americano right there and i'll be back for a fill-up at some point future. Probably thank you very much indeed, and to you, gordon, the robot.

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