Jim Jordan: Democrats have already started impeachment proceedings

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 10 hours ago

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) discusses why Congress needs to change the country’s asylum laws and how Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall S...

Joining me now for more on the southern border crisis and to vote now scheduled to take place tomorrow in the house judiciary committee that may determine the parameters of attorney general bars. Testimony congressman jim jordan joins us. A member of the judiciary committee ranking member of the house oversight committee, co-founder of the house, freedom caucus congressman good to have you with us ...
be with you. I i've got to first. Ask you macca leinen are the language that he is using a lot of derivatives in endless strings. This is, this has become a bureaucracy of absolute nincompoops yeah, a couple things, one: the president's trying to reform the rules around our asylum situation on the borderthat is certainly a move in the right direction. Yep, but you and i have talked about this - you talk about it every night until we do two fundamental things: build the border security wall and fundamentally change the asylum law. We will never get this crisis under control. It just will not happen, so this is on us. This is on congress unfortunate. We don't have enough members of congress willing to do the right thing. Appropriate the dollars build the border security wall, change this and put more judges down their seat up to wait.

All this time, so you can adjudicate these cases right away. Keep the families together if your legitimate you're here for the rightreasons and you were a legitimate asylum seeker, god bless you get to come in. If not sorry, we cannot let you in the country, it's that basic. That'S all that needs to happen, but there's got to be the political will to get it done. The political will - and you know what i'm going to say at this point. In our conversation, the republican party controlled that house for two years under that fraud, paul ryan and the republican conference permitted him to stay in that office after he resigned for another, almost nine months - yeah, my god. What has either party to say is there? Can both conferences send this president and a letter of apology wouldn't itbe appropriate the american people? More importantly, the american people, we told them. We were going to do certain things on health care. With that we didn't get done. We told them we were going to do certain things on border security. We didn't get done. I happen to think that's the reason we lost the house frankly, but you're right, we had we've had 193 votes for a bill that would have addressed the situation would have dealt with.

The crisis unfortunately, was just one 93 and you needed a few more votes to get it over the top in the house. Let'S turn to your committee, the judiciary committee. You share it with jerry nadler. I understand whatis going on. He insists that there will be no negotiation over whether the staff interrogate the attorney general, who will be there under oath, i presume yeah and rather than the committee members has nadler lost his mind. Well, i think, there's a couple things going on here. One we have to understand. The democrats have already started impeachment proceedings they're just not calling it that and the reason they're not calling it that say: no, it's not justified and they know the american people don't want it. But that's what they're doing and that's why they want the staff to be able to ask bill barr questions, because that's that's how it works in an impeachment process. Sothat'S. What they're trying to do second bill barr? Should it come? Look you can't trash the attorney general for the last three weeks, like democrats have done and then change the format in the last few days, like they're, trying to do and expect the attorney general to show up. Let the members ask the questions if they're willing to do it.

The way it's always done bill bar will be there. If they're, not, he shouldn't show up and i'm not 100 % for him not showing up. If they don't do it the right way. You know i i have an alternative theory, an additional theory, and i think that the the radical dems on that committee recognizethat bill barr they're very few triple-digit iqs amongst those radical dems, but they recognize that bill. Barr has a much higher triple-digit iqs than any. Member of the radical dems there it's they're going to be slaughtered and they know it well. I will say this bill. Barr has handled himself in a professional manner. I have been impressed. I think he is exactly what you want in an attorney general talking about enforcing the rule of law. Talking about holding people accountable, think about what he said just three weeks ago in the senate finance committee when he said spying took place. He also said this, and i thought this was important.

You look at his testimony. Hesaid there's a basis for his concern about the spying that took place and that he's going to put together a team and investigate that situation. The start of this whole trump russia investigation process that began a couple years ago, so like that, i think that is exactly what the american people want from the attorney general of the united states.

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