Senate GOP gears up for Trump showdown over Mexico tariffs

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Published: 06/05/2019 10:44 PM

Wall Street Journal editorial page writer Jillian Melchior discuss how some Republicans are pushing back against President Trump’s plan to impose new tariffs on Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both ...

Senate republicans have said that if all of this does go through, there's always the possibility they might block the president on these tariffs with mexico they're set to begin monday at a level of 5 %, then go up from there. This comes after the senate majority leader, chuck schumer says he doesn't think any of this will actually happen here. Yes, but it passed his prologue. He makes these threa ...
s and then he backs off when he sees the danger. I have a feeling that this one just popped into his head. It'S clear that lots of people in the administration didn't agree, and i that he will back off when faced with the opposition among business among hisown republicans and when he sees what a dumb movie is made in terms of dealing with both the border. The american economy and with any kind of trade agreement he might try to get yeah president trump, predictably hitting back via twitter. Of course, can you imagine cry and chuck schumer saying out loud for all to hear that i'm bluffing with respect to putting tariffs on mexico? What a creep wrote the president he'd rather have our country fail with drugs at immigration that give republicans a win, but he gave mexico bad advice, no bluff. We'Re joined now by the wall street journal editorial page writer, jillian meltzer, with a little bit more on. All of thisand deep breath, we don't know, i believe mike pompeo, the secretary of state, is going to meet one-on-one with the foreign minister for mexico, but i'm not sure if any of this will be resolved tonight. But do you think it'll be resolved before monday or the is the president for real? Here i mean it's always difficult to tell and i think that's part of the problem. The things like this hurt his credibility, we're talking about usmc a this is a deal that they've been negotiating for a really long time, the best possible deal he could come up with, and here you have him throwing out something.

That'S unrelated to trade unrelated to that economic relationshipbeing used as a bludgeon to get mexico to do what he wants, and i think that undermines not only his credibility with mexico, which has expended some significant political capital to get us mca moving forward right, but also, for Example, the uk there they're looking at this saying: okay, we strike a trade deal. Are you gon na go back on it and maybe china and maybe sign it yeah? I don't know how they would view this, but it is unpredictable. It'S it's interesting because you know many supporters of the president have said you know he just uses tariffs as an instrument he's trying to get people to come to the table. It'S a negotiating tactic. Let'Snot get crazy. They say you know people like you overreact. When these things happen, i don't know, i i don't think that's true. I mean, i think he views tariffs in a lot of ways. There'S a swiss army knife. This is something that you can use for. Trying to secure a fair deal fare. You know you're on the playing field, it's something that you can use to protect the us workers.

We want to bring back us manufacturing tariffs. Do we want to go after immigration tariffs? This is an enforcement issue, international security and it's difficult to see because he changes the way that he talks about this yeah. It'S pretty sure that he sees thisas an all-purpose foreign policy tool, but the risk is that this is something that every time he uses it not only hurts the person that he's negotiating with, but it hurts the us economy, american businesses and, ultimately, consumers. There is some question about whether the republicans in congress would actually push back on. You know the president. I have my doubts about whether they actually would go forward with that, but here's, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell placing the blame, at least in these comments for the border crisis, which is what these tariffs are said to be aimed at on. The democrats will come back and talk about it, but here's mitch mcconnell out of thesand and work with us on our side of the border to address the humanitarian crisis. So i think the hope is from somebody like mcconnell is that the congress will act and the president won't with the tariffs a that's unlikely in the current environment that we see, but that other scenario that i raised to these is also somewhat unlikely. Even though republicans have come out verbally and said, you know we're not a fan of these tariffs, do you think they'd actually rebel against the president is obviously very popular with the base and very popular with the party. Well, i mean we'll wait and see. I think there are two strategic thing. That'S going on.

Herefirst of all. When i went down to the border to reports, it sounds like yuma. One of the things that i heard from residents is they're concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding there in part, because it's diverting resources from actual legal border crossing okay ton of economic activity. That goes there they're afraid about that being jeopardized. So i think of these traditional trump supporters aren't gon na be super supportive of these tariffs in particular. That'S second thing i think we have going on, though, is democrats like it's their fault, you know you should be fixing this perverse immigration, incentives that are a pole factor that are getting people to come here who wouldn't otherwise cross theborder there. The president feels like his hands are tied. That would be his argument. They have said. Listen, i try to get something done nobody's working with me, so this is what i have to go with, but i think it's the wrong choice to blame mexico. When you should be blaming the democrats, it lets them off the hook. Well, especially if it hurts your own country right and your own businesses all right, we'll follow it throughout the hour actually see.

If something comes up, yelling good to see you we'll be back.

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