Apple iPhone 12: The most exciting rumors

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We've got a while to go before Apple's annual refresh of the iPhone, but reports are coming in left and right. The device could be getting an overhaul in more ways than one. Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Downloa

[ music ]: these are the top 5 iphone 12 rumors. How do you rank rumors? Let'S go from exciting to super exciting. Let'S go at number 5 is all the new iphone 12s we'll use oled screens the iphone 10 went with oled after years of the technology. Being around the 10s continued this trend, but kept the lcd around for the 10r, then there's the 11 with its lcd screen as well. Oled screens are great bec ...
use they can show pure blacks, since the pixels can turn off. Oled also does not require a backlight, so you can use the battery for other stuff other than lighting. The display samsung has all ads on every variant of the s10. That includes the e version and the light one. If apple goes all oled. The change would also bring all iphones into the modern world of smartphones, at least in display tech at number. Four is the future of the lightning port way back in 2018, it was rumors, the lightning port would be killed off for the iphone. Instead, it would be replaced by usb c, as we all know, that did not happen now.

Report by analysts, minke kuo, says apple, could be killing off the lightning connector in 2021, in favor of wireless charging now generally quo has a great track record when it comes to apple. That being said, quo also predicted usb c on the iphone 10. Now usb c did come to the ipad pro, so it looks like apple could be conditioning people to expect usb c on a pro version of the phone and hey the iphone 11 introduced, the iphone 11 pro, maybe the 12 pro to grab on to usb c. Either way it looks like the future of lightning is in doubt it seems to hang around on for the lower end devices for apple, so i'm sure it'll stick around. Maybe on the follow-up to the iphone se number three is 5g. Look, i hate to say it, but when apple adopts something a lot of people start paying attention, you want an example. Apple puts wireless charging on its phones and all of a sudden starbucks introduces wireless charging pads at its locations. Keep in mind. Wireless charging had been around for a long time certain android phones, but it's apple. So you get what i'm saying back to 5g apple is in an interesting position. It purchased intel's smartphone modem business for 1 billion dollars. The company is definitely trying to figure out how it control every piece of hardware in the iphone apple knows how important 5g is, and it's jumping to get it done.

However, reports say that apple will use qualcomm's 5g modems for its first 5 g phones, which should arrive this year. 5G was always going to be big, but what apple puts it in the iphone people are going to notice at number two a redesign. The iphone has always had some pretty sleek designs. We frequently hear how it's gotten, thinner, lighter and larger screens with high pixel densities. However, it's been a pretty long time, since the iphone significantly changed its general shape. Look at the difference between the iphone 3g and the 4. They were extremely different. I think the floor is one of the nicest designs apple ever put on a phone we've been looking at variants of the iphone 6 for an eternity. Now now back to analyst ming chi quo. He says the 20/20 iphones will emulate the iphone 4 in design. We'Re talking about a metal frame, maybe it would look like a mini ipad pro. That also has a very i phone for design.

I know that looks, aren't everything in a phone but changing things up every now and then is always a welcome change and the most exciting rumor about the 20/20 iphones is there would not be any major price increases. This also comes from quo. This would be a little on the crazy side. Imagine all the iphone 12s have a new look, oled screens and even 5g. Could the pricing stay the same? The iphone 11 starts at $ 6. 99. Could an upgraded one stick to that sub $ 700 price tag? I could see it creeping up, maybe $ 50 to 749. That would put the 12 in the same price range as the 10. Our apple seems to have learned this lesson that charging a thousand dollars for an iphone was not the best move. That'S why we have this new proline regular iphone? Well, that's under a grant promodel that starts around a grant. I'M unsure, if apple, can put together all the changes to a new iphone and keep the prices in line with the 2019 phones. However, apple ceo tim cook has always been great at the supply chain, so if anyone was gon na figure out a way to maintain profits while throwing in new features, it might be him if you guys want to know even more about what apple is working on.

Definitely check out the apple core, it's a great show with excellent information. If you've got questions, comments or show ideas, let me know on twitter, i'm matias. Thanks for watching and i'll see you online [ music, ].

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