Biden says he’s against the Hyde Amendment after Dem pressure

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Published: 06/07/2019 02:18 AM

The Daily Caller editor-in-chief Chris Bedford reacts to Vice President Joe Biden’s claim that he no longer supports the Hyde Amendment. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Hea...

Breaking news tonight on the 2020 presidential race former vp joe biden moments ago, reversing his stance on federal funding for abortion he's been against it for the better for part of his career. But in a speech tonight he flip-flopped. If i believe health care is the right as i do, i can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone zip code. Oh joe, what a hack he i ...
talking about the 40 plus year old hyde amendment, which bars the federal government of funding abortion. Many liberals had been slamming biden's stance. Political analysts have said it would have been a huge liability and the democrat primaries. So how does this change therace joining me tonight, author of the art of the donald and the daily caller news foundation editor-in-chief chris bedford is back welcome back chris good evening. So what does this say about joe biden? Tell me about the importance of this reversal. This is a little sneak, peek back to old joe biden and what people kind of wondered might happen. It again lies. It happened in 1990 88, as it's basically happened to joe biden in every national race has ever run when he wasn't running with president barack obama. There was kind of a big brother figure, and that's that he doesn't seem to get the memo we've had a week of these stories have been comingout.

One was that his staff have continuously told him. You have to stop making up that. You marched in the civil rights movement, he says, i know i know, and then he goes out and says it, in other words, the hyde amendment, and he may have been able to play this off his i'm the more moderate guy here. Even though he's pretty liberal i'm the moderate democrat here - and i agree with this thing - that we've all voted on, everyone who is an elected politician running for democrat - has voted for this in the past year, except for bernie sanders, but instead he flip-flopped back and forth. So that means the first time he said he wasagainst it. Then he said it was for it now. He says it's against it. This is this an example of completely unforced errors and the kind of problems he's gon na face in the primary and then maybe in the general. So how will his opponents use this against him, because, obviously, from elizabeth warren to calmly harris and bethe, o'rourke they've all been piling on joe biden about the hyde amendment and about his stance on abortion? And if he had had a little bit more a backbone and said you know: hey, i'm roman catholic. This is what i believe in this is very important to me personally and he's not making any sort of an edict aboutabortion itself. It'S really focusing on the federal funding, but now what are they going to do with this when they were making so much hay of it before the reversal of the reversal? And he is a roman catholic. I'Ve seen him sneak into the back of churches and this used to be a democratic talking point or a democratic legislation.

The hyde amendment was a democratic house, a democratic president, and now it's but now it's a matter of faith that you believe in your core. Being that is the federal government's job, the taxpayers job, to give abortions to people to pay for it, and then it should no longer be safe and rare, but it shouldbe celebrated and readily available and basically a positive thing. So it's gon na be easy for his democratic opponents on the left or it going in the primary going to the base to try and convince people that he is just going with. The wind he's not a true believer like they are and he's and his ideas or poll-tested. So it's initially because his name is clearly poll-tested and joe biden has the most name recognition of anyone and for a lot of democrats that are willing to once again hold their nose for a candidate. They don't really believe in. They think that's enough to beat donald trump because they hate donald trump. So much. I was talkingto two ten-year-olds today and they were so excited saying: yeah, the president won't be the president after next year, and i said now, you don't know that too many people assume that because they don't like him, they think everyone else doesn't like him. But i don't know if joe biden is enough to unseat him, especially when you have policy reversals like this. In addition to the plagiarism claims, which you know, that's not the first time he's been accused of this, and you were talking about his 1988 presidential run. He did the same thing then he did the same thing in law school.

He lied about his grades in law, school he's an absolute consummate politicianfor sure, and he plays himself as his plays himself off as this middle class joe, but he's been an absolute career politician. Now, president trump's changed some of his positions in the past, of course, but that doesn't mean president trump's, not a normal politician, he's going to hit him on it, no matter what chris and assume, because in a normal guy, no he's not, and it seems like he Completely expects to abide in to win the primary right now he's got he's polling a 30 % amongst black democrats he's polling really high amongst the entire democratic party. It'S his primary to lose it's his nomination to lose and i do think that he would give presidenttrump the best run for his money of any of the candidates out there so far. I think you're right, but i also think that joe biden his slow to step from 2016, and i think that he was really robbed of that opportunity. Not only to run for the nomination and run for the presidency, but to be in his own right. President of the united states, and that would have happened three years ago. I don't know that it's going to happen now there are so many variables liberals are dead, set on tanking the economy. Unfortunately just so they can say. I told you so to the president and to trump voters, but you know we'll seewhat happens. I won't be voting for any of them. No absolutely, and if i was him, i'd be upset with barack obama. I would be upset with barack obama and queen entitlement hillary.

She was a horrible candidate, she's, a bad person, and she has a real hard time with the truth. But chris bedford, you do not. You are truth, personified. Thank you so much. Thank you. Kennedy. American.

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