Trump warns Iran not to threaten the US again

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/20/2019 07:35 PM

Behnam Ben Talebul, senior fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies, on President Trump’s warning to Iran amid rising tensions in the Middle East. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and...

[ music ] the world is watching iran as tensions between the islamic republic in the united states, ratchet up with the rockets slamming into baghdad's green zone less than a mile from the u. s. embassy. Shortly after president trump tweeting quote. If iran wants to fight that, that will be the official end of iran never threaten the united states. Again, this after the united states ordered the e ...
acuation of non-essential personnel from iraq in white house sent warships to the persian gulf joining me now, a senior fellow with the foundation for defense of democracy. It'S been on bin talib booth, benham thanks for joining us. My pleasure thanks for having me as we headed into the weekend, the narrativeon president trump. These of the iran was that he really does not want to go to war. Perhaps he was being pushed in that direction, not only by their provocations but by folks inside his administration, so that could has tweaked caught some people off-guard. What do you make of the whole thing you know supported? Broadly, iran has been a threat for the past 40 years. The islamic republic is looking to export its radical ideology throughout the region and its primary targets are us allies, interests and security, and in my view it is iran or tehran brak proxy group that likely fired this rocket into the baghdad green zone.

Much like it was an iran backedproxy group that did so last september. I think the administration has broadly taken the right approach and it seems, like president trump is now marrying his tough sanctions with tough rhetoric, but he is stuck between a rock and a hard place because domestically there is no appetite for war and i think a war Would be in no one's best interest, but iran needs to understand that the u. s. does mean business and, by the same token, and if these are indeed proxies for the ire, the leaders of iran - and it happens again. Essentially, president trump is drawn on line in the sand. What would be our way of retaliating? Well, the us would have multiple optionsto retaliate. The problem is, of course, the us, through a similar line in september of 2018 and in fact back down and not lenders back down and closed temporarily, a consulate in basra when diplomatic and diplomatic facilities were struck both in baghdad and basra, with mortars and rockets. In september 2018, so i think iran and america have interests, have an interest in not letting this cycle of violence escalate and spiral out of control, but america needs to find some kind of way. Aggressive reap is in middle east through the carrier. Strike group is one: tough sanctions is another escalating. Those sanctions again is yet another. Do you think perhaps it would be a longer-term wayto get to where we need to be, but that alone would be enough to continue the choke off iran economically as much as possible.

I think the key word there, charles, is what you've just said, choke off, because there was supposed to be a point to choking off iran and the point is to get them to stop some of the bad behavior that they're doing in the region. Stop the funding of terrorist groups, and if we can't stop it, then make it much harder for them to do. There'S multiple articles already attesting to this lebanese hezbollah. Iran'S chief proxy is really feeling the squeeze, but the multiplet political goal is to drive around back tothe negotiating table and fix the flawed nuclear deal by increasing the number of things that we're talking about with iran and to get a genuine deal that addresses the wide Array of threats that iran has posed to us interest in security for the past 40 years, sanctions are supposed to do only got 30 seconds. So, how important is it that our european allies really show that they're on our side and really show the kind of resolve that that we need for the planet you're laying out to be effective? I think, as you, powerful and impactful and and successful as our unilateral sanctions have been in the past year, we're gon na need europe to turn thiseconomic success into a political success and every time our chief liberal international partner across the ocean, europe stands with the world's Foremost state-sponsored terrorism. It does not look good benna. Thank you very much really appreciate it thanks my pleasure. Thank you.

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