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Published: 12/12/2019 02:14 AM

In his opening statement of the House Judiciary hearing, Rep. Doug Collins called out Democrats for the articles of impeachment against President Trump and accused them of abuse of power. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: ...

I find it amazing at best hilarious. I guess it worse that we come to quote item solemn and amazing moment: we've been on this path since november 2016. This is not new. We'Ve been trying this for almost three years. If you're a majority member of this party, the only thing that has changed is the opportunity. From last november, when you became the majority, the only thing that changed in your de ...
ire to impeach. This president was that you became the majority and we have spent all year in this committee trying to impeach the president. We have occasionally had markups on bills, most of which so partisan. They cannot even go forward in the senate, most ofwhich that do not address any issue that we've talked about, but it is amazing to me that we're taking it now is such a solemn oath. That we've made up something to now come to this point, to say this was very solemn, like it jumped up and snuck up on you it's about like the holiday season. It doesn't jump up and sneak up on you when you've been expecting it the whole time and that's what we've been doing. What has been amazing to me was is some things that we have seen so listen just take some perspective here for a little while, what is our committee? This great committee come to that's the question forus.

Let'S just take it for just a moment inside these impeachment hearings. This is our third i'll count it into tomorrow. Four three: three hearings in this committee of impeachment and that's all we're having what did we get out of those three hearings? We had a bunch of law professors, three of which who cannot stand the president, who cannot stand his voters and could not stand the fact that he's still in office telling us why he should be impeached and that inferences were okay to find impeachment. We had a hearing lad just two days ago from staff lecturing us on what's relevant and not relevant and what they found in a report. While the memberwrote the report werk hid in his closet somewhere, i guess, are in his office not wanting to come face. The questions of this committee that should be abhorrent to everyone here, so, let's think about what we've seen and what we've not seen and again chairman schiff, is nowhere to be found. When we understand this, we look forward tonight. It is started again. We talk about tearing down of national institutions and we start talking about putting our security at risk when tonight, even in the chairman's opening statement, we start with one of the most amazing takedowns i have ever seen when they can't make their argument that the president pressured The mr. szalinski they then attackedmr. szalinski and then say that he was pressured when mr. szalinski on numerous occasions he said i have not been pressured, i'm not being used.

I have no. The call was fine, i'm not paying pressured to do anything. Then here's what the majority is saying the majority is saying. Mr. szalinski is a liar and we in this body the democrats are tearing down a world leader in the eyes of those that don't like him in his own country and russia. Who is attacking him. Think about that one for just a second let that sink in when we can't make our case we tear down not only try to tear down the leader of the freeworld president trump we're tearing down the newly elected leader of the ukraine. This is amazing to me. You can't make your case against the president, because nothing happened and when president szalinski confirms nothing happened, we start tearing him down. I never thought we would cross outside of the ocean to try and basically impugn the integrity of a world leader like we have been for the last two hearings. We have also found other things that we have found in our very minimal hearings here in this body. Is we have seen that other committees have used political vendetta's against ranking members and others, including members of the press, who are sitting here tonight by putting phone recordsin naming names? I mean you talk about getting even we put names mr.

nunez, mr. soloman others on those four numbers that we looked at and nobody would own up to it. Mr. goldman mr. chef, of course, wasn't here, but even mr. goldman wouldn't own up to who said to do that when they could have simply put in the record congressman one congressman reporter 1. No, they got what they wanted. They got their drive by. They got their political smear, that's the record being built in judiciary committee, not a record of facts against this president, a record of a democratic party, who's lost all moorings of fairness and good taste. That'S what we're seeinghere and we can have all the flower. The opening statements tonight we want, but they can't get away from that fact. What is the big lie that is being perpetrated here on us? The big lie is this and one of the democrats have told the american people they have said this for three years.

The big lie that we're hearing perpetrator tonight is one. The end justifies the means. The lies that the sham impeachment is okay, because the threat is so real and so urgent and so imminent. The big lies that political expediency is honorable and justifiable in history has shown that to be untrue and dangerous. The big lies that adam schiff had gained evidencein plain sight. He said a president trump colluding with russia and special counsel, mulder's report debunk that lie, but it continues to spread like a cancer. Every time we meet the big lies that the evidence of the impeachment of overwhelming and uncontested the facts are undisputed. The very fact that people in this committee dispute the facts make them disputed facts, not undisputed facts. The problem that we're seeing here is, when you even get to the articles themselves, abuse of power. When you look at these articles and compare them to history, i'm glad the chairman brought up history, because i would not write history. It will be written for us at a later time because theywill not always be the majority. Is he talking about this president? Not always being president, i do believe he will be president for five more years, but at this time there will be a turnover at some point and what did we had? This is the articles that we wrote.

After all, these hearings and all these grand pronouncements and all these thoughts of crimes in plain sight, we get abuse of power with no real dates on this is the abuse. It'S just you eric vague statements. You know why. I believe that is is because the democrats can't come up with the argument for it. They don't have the who knew it and when they knew itall they have is well here. Members we're gon na give you abuse of power. You go home pick something you don't like about the president. There is your abuse of power. This is a much about political expediency. Is it is anything else, and that should never be in articles of impeachment anybody to defend that is treading on very thin ice and then obstruction of congress? You know the only obstruction we've seen here is obstruction from chairmanship of this investigation. He did not turn over the documents, as he was supposed to. We get those last saturday in a massive document up after we've already heard a hearing after we had another getting ready for another hearing inwhich, we were supposed to lay out the report, and tonight tonight he sends a letter of classified information that has been classified over To us tonight, don't think for a second american public that this majority wants you to find the truth.

The obstruction is only occurred from adam schiff in the hip c and the majority keeping people from actually trying to find the truth. That'S the only obstruction here, so why don't we just have? That is an obstruction charge, but it would be against adam schiff in the majority, not the president to articles like that abuse of power and obstruction of congress in 70. Something days, the only abuse of power here is the majorityracing. The fastest they've ever had the clock in the calendar determining what impeachment looks like that's the abuse of power, as professor turley said, but before i finish, i cannot stop the real legacy of this impeachment hearing. Will not be the removal of donald trump as president, in fact, if anything, they see the majority for what they are on a three-year vendetta to get someone that they couldn't beat and they're desperate to do it before he beats them again. Next year, here's the real damage, it's the institutional damage to this body. It'S the institutional damage to getting information out of it after hearing started from not having the rules falling for having this committee asthe chairman warned us about twenty years ago when he said this great committee, judiciary committee should never accept to report from someone else without verifying And having hearings to make sure it was there unless, as the chairman said, we become a rubber stamp. I don't know about you, but i'm not a rubber stamp, and i don't like what i had been forced to do. Sit here be lectured to by law, professors and a staff that does not wear a pen telling us what's relevant or not we're a rubber stamp of the worst kind, because we need it in try to make a point. The minority hearing day which, by the way, get ready, we'll talkabout this more we're gon na talk about something and we'll get it shot down tomorrow and rules committee will take care of it, but for reporters and for media and people, who've watched this body and the Institution that i've loved all of my life and washington, since i was an intern up here, being destroyed day after day. If the minority has no rights in one day, this majority will be back in the minority and they will be cry out crying and screaming. For minority rights to be upheld and i'll just point back to 2019 and say this: is the year you put a dagger in minority rights, justify the most basic obligations of this committee, havebeen overrun, so tonight we've experienced we're in december after a year of trashing, this Institution a year of trying to trash this administration in this president, we come up with abuse of power and can't define it.

We come up with the obstruction of congress after 72 days. I know they're desperate. You know how i know it. Adams shifts own words. Yesterday we can't go to court that would take too long an election is coming. Let me finish. The last part of that sentence says he liked to put words into president trump's mouth when he faked the call transcript no adam. What you need to continue to say is: we can't beat him next year. Theonly thing we need is a 30-second commercial saying we impeached him, that's the wrong reason to impeach somebody and the american people are seeing through this, but at the end of the day, my heart breaks for a committee that is trashed this institution, and this is where We are now with that. I yield back hey nbc news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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