Coronavirus: 81 dead as Chinese government ramps up propaganda

Channel: Sky News
Published: 11 hours ago

The Chinese premier has visited the centre of the coronavirus outbreak to "inspect and direct" efforts as authorities face accusations of not responding in time. Meanwhile the mayor of Wuhan has acknowledged criticism over his handling of the crisis, admitting that information was not released qui

Better late than never, china's leadership has stayed away from ground zero, since the outbreak began something that hadn't gone unnoticed by an unimpressed public. So here was leakage chang china's premier and the country's second highest official after president xi, jingping state media was making up for lost time faithfully documenting mr. lee's extensive well-wishing talk here where hospitals ...
re being constructed in double-time and at the supermarket. The woman packing her bags. Apparently, oblivious lee is a nice homespun touch. You don't get this close to a top official, especially envy of a camera without careful choreography. Other footage broadcast by state media has a similar aim to show the cavalry are here and that supplies are coming the propaganda machine. Putting a rosy spin on a difficult situation, but there are other fronts in this propaganda war. Wu hands. Mayor, admitted local government's mistakes, but seemed to blame central government bureaucracy. As a local official, i could only disclose the information after being authorized. A lot of people didn't understand this, while officials busy themselves shaping the narrative, the situation in wuhan is still desperate.

9 million people effectively quarantined in what is now a ghost town, as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise, foreign nationals are still in the city their government's preparing various extraction plans. Measures to curb the virus are being applied to the whole of china. Screening texts like this one here in beijing are becoming more common all across china. The worry, though, is that people might be able to transmit this disease before they have symptoms, meaning a lot of this would be useless. Authorities are keeping a close eye on public transport. In particular, we passed these temperature checks. Controls like this with transport staff in full biohazard suits, would have seemed extraordinary only this time. Last week they are already part of normal life in the epidemic. Tom cheshire sky news beijing,.

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