Venezuela’s Maduro possibly looking to negotiate exit: Sources

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/05/2019 01:47 AM

Former UN Security Council President Diego Arria and former Trump Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland discuss the deepening crisis in Venezuela. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street...

Breaking tonight, freedom in socialist venezuela is increasingly imminent reports tonight that the russians are showing much less interest in lending to a dictatorship. That'S never gon na pay him back and tonight. My sources tell me nicolas maduro is looking to call for elections and possibly to negotiate. Some kind of exit the president sanctions on venezuela, they have choked maduro and they ha ...
e choked his cronies and tonight. The only solution for him is to leave. That said, the second round of talks to end this political disaster broke down in oslo, norway without any kind of agreement. So where do we go next? My next guest was venezuela's former ambassador to the un before chavez and a formerun security council president, diego area and back with us, former trump deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland good. To have you both here, diego welcome. Thank you. So you are now living in exile. In the united states, you said four years ago, they put a warrant out for your arrest. That'S right why they said that my dear corina, machado failure would ally with solitaire and myself we're conspiring to kill depressor, nothing less than that for you.

There was no proof. I was playing tennis as a matter of fact. He thinks john bolton wants to kill him too. Look you look at the tragedy of that country and you remember venezuela back in a time. Whenit actually was quite prosperous, some and had a much brighter better future. What happens now? Because it's really been it's at rock-bottom, i would say really rock bottom and i don't think maduro has much other opportunity other than perhaps at this point to get out russia's apparently backing off the chinese. I don't know i guess the chinese are trying to help the iranian for trying to help a little bit. But you know we were the number one customer for their oil. 80 % of their oil was all refined by us we're out of the game. So where are they getting any money? We used to produce 40 percent of the united states. Oil consumption was itbut. You know because i follow your show, but you are dealing with a group of narco criminals, so i'm not dealing with the government, so it is very difficult for people who are not criminals and do not know the language to anticipate the behavior of these people.

You said that doing allegiance last weekend also asset. You believe that you are dealing with the government, know you're dealing with a mafia state that has morph into a narco-state. That makes it very very difficult to deal with them and the other thing is that people ask what are the unforce is going to do, and i said the enforcers are not peripheral to the regime. They are theregime so for them to fracture. What after fracture, is the regime, and now you see all these players that are now involved in venezuela, chinese they're, russian, the torque is also, let's say, more modest ones, but we have the hezbollah. We have the vehicle of being green. Yes, we have the cartons. It'S like one bad place right, katie mcfarland venezuela seems to be courting all of our enemies right here in our own hemisphere. Right, i do believe, that's a violation of the monroe doctrine. Well, the odd thing is that secretary of state john kerry in the obama administration said that the monroe doctrine didn't matter anymore. The monroe doctrine says great powers are not goingto be in our hemisphere trish. I do want to point out, though, what the ambassador mentioned at the beginning of the trump administration we looked at venezuela and - and we recognized all the things he said - that it's a corrupt, it's a narco-state, but that the way to solve it is to behind the Scenes have american influence american money, but continue to encourage an internal revolutionary movement, a reform movement, but also to get venezuela's wealthy neighbors to as well try to take the lead in what happens in that hemisphere, and that would be colombia that would be brazil.

You see that happening, i mean you know they really haven't been as forceful, perhaps as venezuelan andjuan, guido and folks, like yourself would like, but are they inching in that direction? You know one speak about the international community in our continent. The international community is the united states because they are the only ones who would do something about it and in this scenario, the only american president and a available president bush, president clinton or obama. No one has been so committed and forceful and actually energizing the venezuela. Normally, venezuela generating a trust in the national and the international community to support venezuela because its power decision that they have, i think, have to increase it. A bit more war has raised a hope. So whenever people didn't have before katie just quicklyback over to you, because you were there in the early days of the administration, you were very instrumental in crafting the the thought process that would go into this venezuela ordeal. So i do believe that was a compliment to you as well ma'am, but the president and his team that recognized that this was an opportunity to do some good and also the president understands you actually trish. A couple of weeks ago, you had an interview with president trump and you got him to talk about the economic prospects of venezuela, and i thought that was that was where his thinking is. This is a country that should be wealthy and powerful, and we're gon na try tofigure out how to do that with them. Hey they've got oil. We'Ve got technology to get the oil out of the ground, we can help their economy, they can help us and we can have peace in the western hemisphere, get the chinese, the iranians and the russians out diego katie good to see you guys. Thank you so much.

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