Trish Regan: James Comey is getting very defensive

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Published: 3 hours ago

FOX Business’ Trish Regan and former Trump 2016 Campaign adviser Michael Caputo discuss former FBI Director James Comey’s response to Attorney General William Barr’s interview on CBS. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms th...

All right, everyone, it seems james comey - is getting very defensive' check out. His new tweet here, in which he writes and ag, should not be echoing conspiracy theories. He should gather facts and show them. That is what justice is about. Justice, oh yeah. James call me right. This is all, of course, in response to the attorney general's recent interview in which he doubles down on allegations o ...
fbi spying on the trump campaign in 2016. That interview has launched a firestorm of commentary, not just the interview i should say, but rather his use of the word spine right, everybody's weighed in you get multiple explanations as to what the definition of spine really is. Yes, questionsshouldn't. Every single one of us have questions. He'S a thousand percent right. Doesn'T everyone want to understand what why how our intelligence agencies embarked on surveilling, ie, spying on a political campaign, you know, apparently not call me, apparently not the democrats, apparently none of them care.

They just think it's fine to use intel agencies to spy on political opponents. That'S totally fine! You don't care now at all in response and under pressure. James comey is making a rather desperate attempt to control the narrative, both with a recent op-ed in the washington post and, of course, that most recent tweet and again i'll show it to you. He says an ag should not be echoing conspiracytheories. He should gather facts and show them. That is what justice is about. First of all, it's not a conspiracy theory right to simply ask why fisa warrants were filed on political campaign personnel. I mean if we really want to split hairs, sir, on conspiracy theories. How about the one that the president is a russian agent based on all that great opposition research that you got from that dossier? Meanwhile holier-than-thou james comey, who used to work at a hedge fund by the way he likes to omit that part. It'S as though he worked his entire life at the fbi, but hedge fund guy, nothing wrong with i'm just saying call me loves to tub aboutwhat justice quote-unquote justice is, i mean justice, wouldn't real actual justice, be honestly figuring out what the heck happened if james comey Actually cared about justice, our fbi would not have been so freewheeling with those fisa warrants. To begin with, this is a guy who, while the president expressed repeated concerns about intelligence department, leaks, remember all those was actually out there willingly deliberately leaking himself. So i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter.

Didn'T. Do it myself for a variety of reasons, but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel, and so i asked a close friend of mineto. Do it and was said mr. witt asst? No, no, who was that a good friend of mine who's, a professor at columbia, law, school wow, what a guy a champ! What a patriot come on! This is a guy who, basically, while everybody was saying - oh my gosh, there's all these leaks going on in the intelligence agencies. Oh dear, he was out, there is the leaker in chief, leading the way, teaching people how to leak. You know you just call a friend up who knows somebody at the new york times and you leak to them. It'S important to understand. I think how political all of this is and specifically how political he is. I meanwhat a self-serving opportunist, don't forget, don't forget, we haven't here's what he was saying back in december about bill barr i like in respect bill bar. I know he's an institutionalist who cares deeply about the integrity of the justice department, so i'm sure he'll used standard career resources. He has to judge what he should be involved in and what he shouldn't be involved in, but bill barr is a is a talented person who was a good attorney general, the first time. I liked him very much, then i think he'll serve the just department, whether you're, right until he figures out the truth about you.

That is mr. comey joining me right now, former traum 2016campaign adviser, michael caputo. It'S good to see you again, sir. What'S so twisted about all this right is that i think it's a very normal, decent, correct right american thing to do. Ask questions: why would there be a fisa warrant based on opposition research on an opponent in a political race? Why would you be trying to surveil and i'll use the better term right, surveil people in the trump campaign based on stuff that had been paid for by hillary clinton? Isn'T that a fair question to ask no matter what side of the political aisle you're on it sure is attrition thanks for having me on. You know i'm also struck by the idea that nowwe're starting to find out, through leaks from their side even and information, we're finding out from from good digging investigative reporting that it appears that all along the way here that they were in these these individuals, whether it's Comey or brennan or clapper others, they were tweaking kind of you know, bending the law just a little bit, some of them probably breaking the law to achieve their already determined end, and that was to spy upon the republican candidate for president of the united states. It'S not, i mean we're gon na see now how they work through the fisa process, how they, how they, you know sidestep. Does you know certain requirements in order to reach theirstate of their goals, and i think it's it's gon na frighten a lot of us. I think we're all going to be a little bit amazed at what people are willing to do, because they have this kind of perverse sense of duty. This hubris that drove them to think that it was their duty to spy upon the republican candidate for president of the united states. Do you think that that amazing saw when we find out that i agree with you and i think it? Unfortunately, it could be very disheartening to a lot of people, but if that's the reality, we need to confront it and it's better. We know that reality then bury our heads, inthe, sand and hope, for you know a better time around next time with more ethical people and play.

Let me just ask you, though, michael: do you think that it was donald trump in particular, or do you think that you know this would have happened regardless, because you had some political people that were in charge in washington that wanted to effectively spy? On the other side, well, i think it's worth asking that question. I think it's worth finding out if they're spying on other potential republican nominees, i mean we had a pretty big field just like they do this time right. They couldn't have thought that it was. You know donald trump and only donaldtrump say in late 2015. They had to be looking at you know. Ted cruz went pretty far along the way right. I think this stuff was going on a lot earlier and you know it doesn't really. It shouldn't shock us when we saw what they did with fast and furious and we saw what they did with the irs when we saw what they did. You know the obama white house, spying upon aap and fox news. You know this was they were warring. There were always warming up to this, and and and here's the thing that everybody needs to understand as we pull the the different you know, you know layers of the onion back ittook. You know this perverse sense of duty that also had to have a lot of faith in that perverse sense and that faith moved them to do this, probably working together.

And if you believe in what whittaker chambers says back and witness back in. You know when the communists were buried in our government if it took that looks fate for them to get in there and hang there and do what they paid for us to get rid of them and get to the bottom of it harry. Let me turn to another started: making news michael as long as i have you here. There'S an author named michael wolfe he's making a number of splashy headlinesright now. Shall we say because he's got a new book out about president john and one of the headlines details a wolf claiming that the president's closest allies think he is quote vile watch. What do people who have spent a lot of time close to the president think of him? They think he is vile and ludicrous ludicrous ludicrous. What do you mean by that word? I mean there's no logic to what he does. There'S no way to anticipate what he's going to do. Often what he ends up doing defies logic defies everybody's expectations defies explanation. Uh. You worked very carefully with the president. You know him.

Michael wolff has been largely discredited. I mean ithink, there's even a washington post review out on this book right now that effectively said it had some cringe-worthy errors and some thin sourcing. That certainly should raise a whole lot of questions about its credibility. But aside from that, what's your reaction there to what michael wolfe is saying. Well, we know from some of the things were the way they're picking up this book apart. The pace was just flat-out. Falsehoods woven throughout this whole entire book, but you know it was just a month ago and i've known the president since 1988. I worked with him for years before the presidential campaign, and i was just with the president. He and the first lady invited meand my wife and my children and my mother-in-law into the oval office to meet with us, because we had. I hadn't spoken to him for two years of this investigation and when the the report was filed, he called me and said it's been two years come on in i'll. Tell you what, when i saw for that 40 minutes 3540 minutes, we spent the second spent with the president. It'S the same guy knew many years ago, all the terrible things that they've done to this president.

The way that they've tried to ruin him ruined his family, ruined his businesses ruined all of his friends. It hasn't impacted him at all. The way he's my wife, andmy daughters, feel better and the gracious way he treated them main thing to remember is: we are all human beings, including the president of united states and being kind to people one on one matters, michael, it's good to see you thank you. So much.

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