Trump administration takes action to speed up vote on USMCA trade deal

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/30/2019 11:07 PM

Fox News senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram on the Trump administration's push to fast track the vote on the USMCA trade deal and how some Democrats are calling for impeachment hearings. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all pl...

We'Re in our top story the trump administration officially just making a move to push congress to fast-track a vote on the us, canada, mexico trade deal vice-president pence saying he has been speaking with speaker nancy pelosi on this, as well as the us trade rep bob light. Heiser pelosi saying this is not a positive step joining us now fox news senior capitol hill producer chad program, but chad ...
The fact is that nancy pelosi was in favor of fast tracking in 2015, when president obama worked out the tpp deal. Isn'T it interesting how the roles are reversed here but said you know. I could flip that on the other side and say why you know arethe republicans in congress. You know who want to move the u. s. mca fast, but they didn't want to move tpp a couple of years ago, the trans-pacific partnership. So there's all sorts of you know, depending on what shoe the foot is on here's the problem right now for the administration, though they don't have the support they need yet on capitol hill is, i always say it's about the math. It'S about the math. It'S about the math and if they don't have the votes, they can't move it. I'Ve talked to a number of democrats who i don't think they can ever get the assurances that they need from mexico to vote.

For this. That means they'reprobably going to have to pass this if it ever comes to the floor with a coalition of lots of republicans and just a few democrats, but they don't have the math right yet and that's why opening up this window to try to move this expeditiously Is a problem because it hinders them, they might not have that window might not have this all worked out within that window of time david. An impeachment chad, of course, is still out there. It'S being debated very highly among many democrats angry that nancy pelosi isn't pursuing it more actively. Where does that stand? Is this a winning issue that democrats can get behind? We know where the president stands onit, what's probably not a winning issue and that's something. The democrats in the house are very mindful of because they're concerned about going too far down that road. Now i just talked to jamie raskin a democrat from maryland. He is a member of the judiciary committee and i asked him sort of that same question about the risk politically for democrats, and he said well just because we open an impeachment inquiry does not mean that it ends an impeachment. His argument is that most you know impeachment inquiries have not resulted, not culminated in that say. That is really. You know something hard to parse when everyday you're talking about it on capitol hill and you're tryingto address other issues and at least pivot the conversation to something else. That'S a problem for democrats and how they kind of split the atom is a problem.

I also asked jamie raskin just a few minutes ago if he thought that robert muller would in fact be subpoenaed, or would he return to capitol hill and testify in some form, and he thought that he in fact would she had a hi liz peak question. For you, you talked about the math. What exactly is the math right now on the impeachment process, i mean it looks like a lot of people think that the democrats could actually lose their majority if they go down this road isit, more likely or more favorable to them just to have endless investigations endless Potentially embarrassing revelations about the president doesn't that sort of satisfy or scratch the itch that these guys appear to have? Well, the math does not work for them in the polling, and they would rather talk about health care and and other economic issues. Here'S the one thing that that when you hear all of this attention focused on impeachment, i want to give you some raw figures here right now. There are currently 432 members of the house. 235 are democrats and, by our count, 44 total members of the house. One republican justin amash of michigan, the rest are democrats are for impeachmentthat works out to 9. 8 percent. So for everybody to say you have all these democrats for impeachment. They are a far cry from that. When you have such a minority even of the house democratic caucus yeah, don't you need two-thirds of the majority, so that would be what 47 democrats actually to your point. If we're gon na look at the flip side, so they're gon na say, oh there's, no infrastructure bill, there's no wall funding, there's no middle east or iran deal.

So if you lead to impeachment - and maybe the president - and this is you know - you could get subjective with this - the president may want this because he knows he can win and there would beno impeachment. It could be something to divert the attention away from some of these. You know checkboxes that have not been checked yet well. This is why nancy pelosi has to finesse this. She has the support of her caucus to pursue this kind of the way she's pursuing it. Saying everything is, it is in the open right now. Nothing is off. The table were open to anything at this stage, but not really quite going down that road, but nancy pelosi did say something significant yesterday and it addresses the point we've raised a moment ago. She said that if we do go there, it has to be ironclad and has to resonate in the united statessenate. What that means is 67 votes for a conviction, keep in mind that there have only been 16 impeachment trials in the history of the republic, and only eight times has it resulted in in conviction. We had one with a federal judge, just in 2010, with a remover thomas portilla stay on the bench, but it's rare and so nancy pelosi is saying: we're not there yet and she's kind of winking and nodding saying it's doubtful. We can get there.

Therefore, no impeachment hey chad, gary call bomb. The harvard harris poll is at 65 % right now. For no impeachment, do you think the needle would be moved? Let'S just say if it was 65 % for impeachmentand. All of a sudden, a bunch of democrats start joining the other 44. Do you think that's what would happen it, possibly because again, keep in mind look at the model from 1973 and 1974 with richard nixon. There was a point where the watergate committee in the senate had met, and most people thought that they weren't going to pursue this in the house of representatives. Then the saturday night massacre happened in in late 1973 and that's when the house judiciary committee started its probe and then you had a vote, and this is where i say the math is always paramount. Would you believe that the vote in the house of representatives to authorize the housejudiciary committee to start its impeachment inquiry in early 1974 was 414? Excuse me, 410 4 was pretty, did where people were well. That'S, that's. Why nixon resigned? I got to ask you quickly, chad, the point the point that has to be reckoned with by nancy pelosi. It might be a minority, that's for impeachment, but it's an important minority and they're already ticked off that the same thing that happened to bernie in 2016 might be happening again. When he's facing off with biden.

Can they afford to allow that that minority that strong minority to leave the party before the election? Well, that's always the problem that they've - and this is the issue that they'vehad with this freshman class, some of the most vocal members. You know they have to throw them. Some very important they absolutely are and they're certainly the most vocal and obvious. You know this is where they always talk about some of the issues that are sidetrack. The democrats when it comes to rashida to leave and alexandria, ocasio, cortez and and ilan omar. You know people are in, the democratic party are very sensitive to which direction? Is it going and is it a minority or a certain constituency in the party which is you know, driving the train and is that where the rest of the party really is that's a problem for them chadd per gramgreat, to see a chat? Thank you very much. I know you're having fun down there.

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