McCarthy: Dems won't take action on border crisis

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 03:03 PM

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. on the debate over border security and immigration reform. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the b...

Say there's so much going on this morning. Congressman president trump is expected today to announce a new immigration plan. As you know, establishing a visa system giving skills, education and job offers high priority. This says the department of homeland security is requesting us troops, build tents to house over seven thousand migrants detained at the southern border. We have a new fox news pol ...
shows 51 percent of voters disapprove the president's handling of border security, 46 percent approve, which is incredible to me. We went to the border, as you know a couple of weeks ago, and it was stunning what we saw in terms of the the children being put in these tough situations coming overthe border alone or with people who are actually not their family. Do you think an immigration reform bill can pass? I believe it can, but really what we have to do first, and thank you for going to the border. I wish everyone would actually see that i've been to the border even with the president. We have loopholes down there, but we need to change to fix it. It is a major crisis. Even the new york times realizes the christ is what's happening. Just last month, more than a hundred thousand individuals illegally moved.

Those are only the individuals that we caught, but what's happening, it's our own, it's our own laws, that is an attraction tomake this happen and we've got to be able to change that. The only people believe there's not a crisis on this border. Are the democrats over in that building yeah? They won't take any action and they're in the majority. They are the individuals who we need to make sure we can fix this problem. That'S the thing i mean they don't want to give the president to win. You don't hear anyone talking about it, so how could we actually get anything done? You said us mca is, is probably stalled until nancy pelosi decides to bring it to the floor. You'Ve got immigration here. We don't see any activity there. What'S your plan to get things doneyeah, the challenge here is democrats are more interested in subpoenas than solutions. Yes, that's a problem that we have, but do you watch what republicans are doing? We have a plan to fix the loopholes. Doug collins put it out from the rancor in judiciary committee. It'S an easy fix.

Keep families together close the asylum loophole, the tracting individuals to come as well, because what's happening is the cartel is winning on the border because, while they're making all of our border control go find these individuals walking through they're running drugs on the other side, yeah and They'Re making a fortune down there on both sides and that's what i saw as well at the border becausebasically, what the border patrol guys were telling me was when you want to cross the border first, you have to pass the drug lords and they're saying wait. We know where you're going first, you have to pay us yes, so it's a dangerous situation, no they're making tremendous amounts of money on this, and that's why they're continuing to track it and move it through. They put people in one section and run the drugs through the other, why the border patrols over taking care of the individual. So is there any likelihood that anything major gets done this year? Given the fact that we're talking about subpoenas over solutions and the dems are in are in chargeand in the majority, well, if you look at their current leadership, i don't see that they're trying to do anything in that process, but republicans are willing to work with anyone Who wants to make that happen and we won't sit back so when they will not move a bill that passes the house with 77 votes? We'Ll go to a discharge petition. Did you all? We need? Are 21 democrats, a fewer number of democrats in the house, then? Actually, democrats in the senate, who voted for it to sign a discharge petition and we'll get that bill to the president's desk. If we could do usmc a that would increase our economy, make us stronger bring morejobs is not difficult to do. We'Ll continue to put pressure to try to bring that forward as well, and we haven't even seen the denouncing of anti-semitism, even when their own members say something that is so horrendous that they say they're going to do a resolution against it. At the end of the day they can yeah. That really goes to the to the point. Who is the speaker of the house today? Is it one of the new freshmen or is it a speaker pelosi? Because, right now, it's in doubt and it's in question. I know that when one of your colleagues said something dumb, you took them off all committees. We took action right, awaywe show that we're willing to stand up and make a difference inside that building.

Yeah democrats will allow this behavior to continue and what's what's most concerning to me, not only they're allowing it today last week they defended it congressman it's good to see. You got a lot on your plate thanks so much it's been kevin mccarthy joining us.

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