Clinton campaign flooded FBI with bad intel: Solomon

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 12:39 AM

Award winning investigative journalist John Solomon says former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign flooded the FBI with bad intel. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and W...

A brand-new report tonight from the hills, john solomon detailing the clinton campaigns abuse of the intelligence community in an effort to stop president trump from being elected to the white house. Well, in that article solomon says, clinton gained dozens of political iu's from patrons who then donated to the clinton foundation. Solomon argues it's now time for the american public to call in the ...
r own iou hi, oh use on political transparency and to get some answers to ten questions that he asked in his newest article on the hill award-winning investigative journalist, john solomon, with us tonight, john great. To have you here thanks lou, this is one of the most frustrating questions. I think that weany of us have faced, and you in the lead journalistically in in this story of spygate, is why why is is hillary clinton to this very day untouchable? It is remarkable. It'S been 18 months since we learned that the clinton campaign and the dnc funded the steel dossier. So we now learned that the fbi investigation, the key evidence, was funded by the hillary clinton campaign. And yet not a single reporter has asked a question in any venue where mrs. clinton has appeared in the last 18 months and her campaign has not responded in 18 months to the senate. Judiciary committee's requests for documents and answers and the questions are what did she know and whendid. She know it. Her campaign, her apparatus, christopher steel, launched an fbi investigation.

Her campaign flooded the fbi with bad intel and no one's ever asked her the questions and i think the the essence of this outrage is contained in in one paragraph, certainly, and if, if i may share this with the audience never before in history until 2016, if We could put that up. Has the apparatus of us presidential candidate managed to sic the full weight of the fbi and us intelligence community on his or her rival nominee during an election by using a foreign fed uncorroborated to be kind political opposition, research document i mean that is the essence of The political outrageand, what we still don't know much about this was a giant political dirty trick and the fbi and the cia and other intelligence apparatus were used to carry it out. We now know two and a half years later there was no collusion, but someone created the illusion of collusion for two years: the fbi in the lead and mrs. clinton's political opposition research team in the in the rear, feeding it. It'S absolutely remarkable that she hasn't been asked any questions, so i posited ten questions and hopefully the public will start to focus on what we need to get her to answer, and i want to turn to your column on on may 29th, because the presidentis in is In jordan and the question is always, you know it's fundamental, but it's even more proximate right now with the president there and the headline is: did the brits warned about steele's credibility before muller's probe your thoughts? Yes, so we are now. We'Ve interviewed several witnesses and several members of congress who have gained information just in the last few weeks at the british national security adviser road, the incoming trump administration in january 17, long before muller was reported even before the first. The second fisa was issued warning the brits were warning them that they thought christopher steele had no credibility was lacking in reliability that his allegations weren't corroborated it's extraordinary. If thathappened that everybody's looking for this letter, it's been lost or misplaced, but there are witnesses who remember it and there's a search underway in congress to locate it. It would be an extraordinary document and it would raise a lot of questions because if they warned the trump administration, as they were coming in 10 days before inauguration, they almost certainly would have also warned the obama administration before these additional faces were sought. It'S a remarkable time, and i think president trump has the opportunity, while in britain with theresa may, to perhaps get some answers about what what the brits know now do we know to which, which of our our chambers on capitol hill, the letterwas sent to whom? Yes, so the letter was sent from sir maya mark lyle grant, then the national security advisor great britain to mike flynn, the incoming national security advisor to donald trump and and that's a remarkable in and of itself flint says who his lawyers. He doesn't remember that letter, but he was questioned about it by bob muller during the the briefings that occurred, so even bob muller's team knew the letter existed. What we're trying to do is locate that letter now and several members of congress in the house and the senate are in search of that letter tonight.

That letter and mike flynn remembered it could have changed history good at night. Itreally could have imagined if we learned in january 2017 that christopher steele's reliability. Credibility was being questioned not only within the fbi, as we now know, but by the for the government for whom he formerly worked. The british government remember he's a former mi6 agent that would have gone with, certainly changed the course of history if it had become public at the time.

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