Ben Carson on Trump's executive order tackling costly housing regulations

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/26/2019 08:22 PM

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on President Trump signs executive order easing housing regulations considered obstacles to affordable housing. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main S...

Now present some, he has signed another executive order this time it's about breaking down stiff housing regulations to get the cost of developing homes down. Here'S the present roll tape over regulation of housing and the housing market is a primary cause of the rising housing costs across our country nationwide. It'S estimated that the regulations account for more than 25 % of the cost of a new ...
ome. Think of that so regulation and unnecessary regulation is 25 % the cost of a new home. As a result, the supply of affordable housing cannot keep up with demand today, good stuff and with us now is ben carson hud secretary mr. secretary welcome back, and i wonder if you canbring this down to earth for us and point to a specific regulation or group Of regulations which you're gon na cut, which i can understand well, you look at places that have the highest homelessness and the worst set of housing cost place, like los angeles, 80 % of the land is zoned for single-family housing with a certain amount of property. You couple that, with some of the other regulations like the need for oh, it's not a need, it's a requirement now, for you know solar panels and new constructions. You know these are things that take something that is reasonably priced and move it in to the area where it's not so, as the president mentioned 25 to27 percent of the cost of a new family construct at home. Is you know regulatory burden well and for multifamily? It'S 32. 1 % up to 42 percent, so these are the things that are really causing the problems and if we can tackle them, a lot of them are there and have been there for many many years and simply no one has paid any attention to them or They'Ve added more regulations on top of regulations. You know what we're going to do is help them to examine this re-examine this and work with 8 federal agencies to try to situation you're at the federal level. Are you in a position to say to california? Hey knock? It offyou can't you don't have to have solar panels on new homes.

Are you in a position to say that to state authorities we are certainly in a position to say that if you will look at some of these regulatory barriers that are preventing, affordable housing, we will provide you with certain benefits. When do you think this is going to take effect? When am i gon na see a whole bunch of red tape on the floor? Well, interestingly enough, it's it's already starting to occur in different places around the country. In seattle, for instance, has a new program called the block program in which they have required a tiny house to be built in each block. Residentialblock people didn't like that at first, but then they see them and they say wow. These are really cool. I won't wanted my backyard, you know it's, you know. Nimbyism is largely a result of people not having the information and thinking that the government still builds these large monstrosity with no forethought or afterthought. We don't do that anymore. It'S public-private partnerships, it's mixed income, its integration with the culture of the area, we're not talking about building a multi-family dwelling in the middle of a residential block of single-family homes. You know people have these misconceptions, that's not happening at all and we want the firemen and the nurses and the policemen and the construction workers. Beto live in the same area where they work yeah you're, making a lot of progress. Mr.

secretary and we're very glad you come on this show frequently to tell us what that progress is come back soon. Sir, i will my favorite venue. Thank you. Oh come on co-host, the show why don't you, mr. secretary? Thank you very much for being here. Sir. Thank you. Thank you.

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