Salvini Suffers Setback in Italian Vote

Channel: Bloomberg Politics
Published: 7 hours ago

Jan.27 -- The Democratic Party, the main establishment force in Italy’s government, roared back to life on Sunday with a convincing victory in a key regional vote that shut down talk of a snap election. Bloomberg's Maria Tadeo reports on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

So what does a setback of matteo salvini mean for the government? Well, it is good news for the government in rome this was a regional election franciene, but it was a key crucial regional election in a key region for the italian social democrats to have lost emilia romagna would have almost been a fatal blow for the coalition. The fact that they managed to hold on to it means that a were not goin ...
to see snap election and we're not going to see more instability in this country, and i would point to the words of the italian primary content today, who said we do have A mandate for three years, i'm not going anywhere, there is no election. The biggest loser here is, of course, salvini the bad boy of italian politics. He made this a vote of confidence on the italian government. He really made this about himself. He was all over the region who really campaigned for weeks, and yesterday you could argue he was the biggest loser here, he's going home once again empty-handed and that regional election that he hoped would precipitate a national election. That is simply not going to happen. How will that change marija, how he speaks to the italian people? At the same time, they actually won quite big in the south exactly and it would be a mistake francine to just assume that salvini has gone away because he's still very popular, and you really do see that when he is interacting with people out on the streets, He really knows how to talk to people, but what i would say is that it does give the coalition in rome more time to get to put together a coherent plan, but also when you look at the balance of power where you're seeing is that the establishment Has gained ground and i'm thinking the traditional establishment. Social democrats in italy, though, really do have the upper hand in the coalition, and that is what the market is like in today is the fact that we do see continuation here. We do see more stability and we do see a government in rome that is for most purposes pro-european.

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