Rep. Nunes: There will be accountability in the Russia probe

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/17/2019 01:45 PM

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif. discusses the Mueller report and President Trump’s immigration plan.

Excrement immigration but first investigating the investigators. As everybody knows, you and your colleagues have done an excellent job, exposing what went on early in 2016 in the election, when it certainly appeared that officials at the fbi and the doj put their finger on the scale, and that is what attorney general william barr is Looking at he is speaking exclusively to fox news. He said that ...
he public must know if officials quote put their thumb on the scale in the russia probe. Tell me where we are in this congressman in terms of what we know are we going to see accountability? Given there was informants, there were wiretapping, there was even cash dropped in in ingeorge papadopolis lap. What do you? What do you know well with a us attorney being appointed under the watch of bill bar? So you have the attorney general united states, a real grown-up, a real professional he's done the job before putting someone who's very credible in charge. Okay, i didn't know that i didn't know mr. durham before, but he comes with a very solid resume, so i think what you have to look for now is is, as they begin to put this team together. They'Ve also said which this makes me very happy, is they're gon na look at the work of the ig and mr. horowitz they're gon na look at what the house has done. Thehouse republicans they're gon na look at what the senate has done and they're gon na look at any other information, that's out there, including whistleblowers and others, to make an evaluation. So i think, is there gon na? Be the accountability? Yes, and i think what what bill barr is saying is, is he's not jumping to any conclusions which he should not write. He'S just became the attorney general.

He wants to have an entire assessment of how this began. Now you know that we've made criminal referrals, those the attorney general is well aware of what those are when, whenever durham gets up and going, we will be ready to meet with him as when he's ready. Now some skepticsof this say: oh well, the special counsel was put in because the president fired jim comey. We know that is not true that in fact this was a continuation of the fbi's investigation into donald trump yeah. I mean i you know: all you can really do is make fun of these fools. Okay, there's nothing! You could do, but just laugh. I mean how is it that the fbi guy, because people, i think, have forgotten about this? The fbi is using the steal information and nobody in the fbi seems to know that there's not a consulate, a russian consulate in miami i mean this is just outrageous. Fewers, don't understand what you're saying so in thesteel in the steel dossi yeah, they say they claim that this whole operation, the whole operation to work with trump people, is being run. The money and the assets are being run out of the russian consulate in miami ridiculous. There'S not one now i didn't pay, for you know up to 40 million dollars for the molar team, the molar dossier team to write a report that was number one based on news reports. I mean how laughable is that, if i would have put a report out when the republicans put our report out. This is based on mother jones.

Meanwhile, they leak those stories to yahoo news. In some cases that was their own story. Soit'S circular reporting so you've got that going on in the molar report and then the molar report doesn't even like mention that hey there is no well. There is no russian consulate in miami, so you know it appears the only ones that know about a russian consulate. In miami is christopher steele and the molar dossier team female, as the public had their hair on fire for two years, speculating that donald trump colluded with the russians. You got john brennan, the former cia director, saying that donald trump committed treason, yeah, which is extraordinary that he's using his title to go around and make these claims, which now, of course, we know officially, is - was nonsense. Arewe gon na see accountability for some of these guys. Do you think brennan comey peter struck? Well, all of those guys are there's a lot of laws here. I think we're concerned with number one you know lying to congress. Did you lie to congress number two. Did you leak information to the media? I think another important one is: did you and obstruct our investigation right, because people forget this, this information that came out just recently is: is that there's emails that are sitting, i think, john rock, that probably talk to. I think he talked about these on your show.

A future show there are emails at the that were at the fbi that were pertinent, toour investigation interviews with christopher steele, who wrote this dossier that started this whole mess, or one of the reasons for starting this whole mess. Those were never given to congress night, not not to mention they weren't even given to the ig. The ig didn't have them until just a few weeks ago and the ig reports out in within a month you think yeah i mean i think the what i'm hearing is is that the ig is wrapping up and then i think now people are able to go And review but remember the ig can only interview people that currently work at the department we're gon na be on it as we have been in the lasttwo years. I want to give this breaking news to our audience. The white house has made it official announcing up to a six-month delay on the auto tariffs decision, a little breathing room for some people who are looking at europe and japan and with worries that those imports are going to be tariffs. The of the white house has made it official. They will delay that and watch the situation for six months when a search of immigration congressman because president trump unveiled a new immigration proposal. As you know, yesterday uses a merit-based point system. What was your takeaway of the president's plan yesterday? Well, the president actually has a plan which is more than i cansay for the democrats in the house. So if you remember the president actually several times has put very reasonable plans on the table. He said: look we're gon na have border security, but at the same time, i'm willing to work with permit systems for for high-tech workers, skilled workers, agricultural workers he's also said, look i'll even take more dreamers than even obama was willing to take. These are the kids that were brought here by no fault of their own he's.

Had a he's had multiple proposals now i think he has a very serious proposal, but then what you see in the house so remember the republicans. We couldn't get one democrat to vote with us, ona comprehensive immigration bill yeah. They don't even have a bill, they have no bill. Well, i mean you would thank you. They haven't been in power for all this time, they've been making all these promises playing identity, politics telling all these people out there. You know all the latinos you vote for democrats. We'Re gon na make all these people legal. As long as you vote for us, they can't even get a bill out of a committee. Well, it was out of the house. Yesterday, nancy pelosi said she never said that it wasn't a crisis. We want to show you some of this soundbite from the speaker of the house in january and then what she saidyesterday watch, this the president's manufactured crisis. President trump, must stop holding the american people hostage, but to stop manufacturing a crisis.

We have never not said that there was a quite. There is a humanitarian crisis at the border. Yes, it is a crisis. We'Ve always said: there's it gets to be more of a humanitarian crisis, so she said william bar lied. Was that a lie well, who's lying? The american people, i think, are getting to for those of people who remember back when nancy pelosi was first speaker. This is why she was thrown out right, so they were ineffective. They couldn't tell the truth, and this is another prime example of it. There is anabsolute crisis not only at the border, that's being made worse by cubans and venezuelans and all these other people now that are coming coming forward. This isn't just people across the border in mexico yeah these people are coming from all over the world. The other crisis is, is that you know we need to fix this system. You know there's a lot, there's a need for skilled workers in this country, right people that have that are highly educated, that's right or people that will do complicated agricultural work, so it needs to be fixed and right now i don't think nancy pelosi is gon na. Do us so any chance? Any immigration reform gets done before the 2020election, or is this just politics? I can't imagine it's anything but politics, because they don't even have a bill.

Real, quick, your reaction to the white house delaying these auto tariffs. A lot of people were worried about these tariffs that we're going to be put on vehicles in particular. Well, this is another important point about. It goes back to pelosi. We have this deal ready to go the mexico, canada agreement. Okay, we need to get this done and passed. It'S ready and it's in it's an improvement. It'S improvement for all of america this this should be voted on tomorrow, and it should get 400 votes on the house, she's not bringing it to the floorwell and that so somebody has to be. Ultimately, this is going to have to be part of what republicans got to make the case here. You have a president ran on redoing nafta. Gets it done it's better for labor, it's better for the environment, there's even things in there that a conservative like me. What doesn't even like, but i see the benefits overall for the economy, so i think at the end of the day, it's just another example of the democrats.

We'Re reliving what happened. Americans are getting to relive why they were thrown out of power. You know eight years ago or whatever it was congressman, it's good to have you on the program.

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