Twitter terminates AOC parody account, bans large conservative voices

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/08/2019 07:46 PM

Human Events Global editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam and Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli discuss how some tech companies are being accused of being biased against conservatives. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that i...

At all 5000 plus u. s. stores. >, then there is twitter suspending a parody account that made fun of congresswoman, alexandria, ocasio-cortez for quote spamming, behavior. , the social media, giant, suspending conservative actor and writer david horowitz and relenting after public outcry. Only days after facebook banned several conservative commentators. , we have deneen borelli and `` human eve ...
ts' global editor-in-chief. Rahim qassam. , you wrote a piece about google censoring, a recent piece of `` human events. '. They are no longer hiding it.

They are going pretty aggressive after conservative. They are going aggressively. If you remember the leaked video last year, how they reacted to 2016 election of president trump. They will put their fingers on the scales for next. Yearthis is going on with the silicon call valley, cartel. facebook, google, twitter, instagram are all taking these actions all at same time. amongst conservative voices who have a lot of followers. Let me correct you: charles david horowitz's.

Account has been taken down in the last couple of minutes. the same by the way with carpe i never saw. I would say that the president's favorite people maker. president trump retweets, the account banned in the last hour on twitter. This is all ought assault right, now. , charles, according to david horowitz. He is saying that twitter told him. It was mistake, this time. , that it was administrative error. Presumably he will be back on soon. folks, so youknow his initial tweet said we get on with killing jews.

Presumably, i'm sure responding to another tweet. They said that violated rules against hateful conduct. They go on to explain sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation and age. Those things deneen. Is that good enough for you that sort of explanation? Because people are wondering why the parody of devin nunez, which obviously was hurtful to him. , he got upset enough to file a lawsuit, is allowed, but not one of aoc bias is obvious. It can't be ignored. , rahim is correct.

platform, they say they're a platform like facebook for example. They are not regulated because they argue they're a platform but they're picking winners and losers. they'rechoosing content, especially conservative content to sup, is -- suppress. charles jack dorsey was aggressive. Last year going to the white house, he wants to be fair about this. I met with him personally. i felt like he was sincere about it. feels like in the last two or three weeks they have become. How do you explain the aggressiveness of this? More recently? , there is words versus actions, and you know what i'm really concerned about is the 2020 election of the these organizations can put their fingers on the scale to sup is press content and conservatives and others would like to know about. I believe my content on facebook has been suppressed.

My views gone frommillions down to 50 or 60,000 on average. You can't ignore it. , you can't deny it. charles. I remember yours routinely got a million. Every single time. , right. charles rahim, feels like conservatives would be between a rock and hard place. They respect private companies to run businesses the way they want, but we americans in general cherish the first amendment.

How do you reconcile those ? I don't respect the right of private companies to be policing the digital space. The digital space is important as the public square now. Anybody who doesn't recognize that those two things are almost inseparable is living in cloud kook, kook land. You wouldn't accept cartel of organizations owning every road street, every public square in the united states and policing via speech, who can turn up in the squares. We shouldn't allow it on the internet as well. platform access is civil right. That is how we need to frame it now.

Would i ask jack zuck come on maybe even write an article for human events defend philosophically their positions. I don't want to hear your community standards. what you think america, with the greatest commission to free speech. They get off policing what can or cannot be said. Anything unlawful should be taken off just like in the public square. These are not unlawful things, vague rules, the masters of the universe, crept up themselves. As conservatives, we haveto recognize if we don't take action now, if the president doesn't take action now, this.

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