Rep. Jim Jordan demands the release of secret memorandums

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/16/2019 12:40 AM

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan (R) tells FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs the secret memorandums will highlight the coordinated effort among House Democrats to systematically go after President Trump. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platfo...

Order bar that he could unilaterally release. lou are the radical dems really dumb enough to take the attorney general to court? Apparently, chairman natalie may well be just that dumb. We will ask one of the republican leaders in the house of representatives with us, tonight. jim jordan, a member of the judiciary committee, ranking member of the house oversight committee, cofounder of the house, ...
freedom caucus. good, to see you. Give the pleasure of sitting on that committee is your chairman really going to take this to court ? He probably will understand what the democratic chairman are doing the ways and means committee going after the president's tax returns for the past several years, maxine waters andchairman cummings, going ten years for the president business records based on the testimony of michael cohen. He went to prison last week, went to prison for lying to congress. the chairman nadler, who the attorney general comply with the subpoena, and if you would comply with the subpoena, he would be breaking the law. This is how crazy the democrats have gotten in the effort that they have in attacking the president of the united states. lou.

As you say, the core data effort. Most of us thought it was coronation, as there is often on the committees, even when they're going after political purposes, trying to further harass the president now that they lost the special counsel. butyou are actually demanding more from that. The chairman released, a memorandum of understanding among the chairman, certainly would maxine waters in house financial services. , yes, chairman waters is to understand what chairmanship chairman cummings he entered into that without telling the committee he did not tell me did not tell republicans. He probably didn't even tell the democrats on the committee. We want that information public, so the iraqi people could see when you put it in writing. The court needed efforts against the president of the united states. That'S what we need to make public. The court talked about yesterday in the court case. We think the mega people should be able to see that memorandum sowe sent a letter and we sent information.

lou. Let me quote part of it in which congressman jordan says this ``. I encourage you to release public to the memorandum of understanding chairwoman waters and, in the other side or other side of mo use they have entered into so that the american people can understand the extent to which you, another democrat chairpersons are engaged in an orchestrated effort To attack the president for political gain' that is astonishing. , you actually expect a response. , probably not we found out this not from chairman coming. We have actually seen a copy, but we've encouraged to make it public. I don't know if it will, but i hope he does. i cannot get into all the details, but he talks about investigative strategy. That is the word they used throughout the document. The response do not think that was one of the finest crafted letters you'd seen in a while.

There been a lots of good letters from the white house counsel two weeks ago. I brought this up in the committee hearing where he talked about. If they can do what we did to the president of the united states court needed spine efforts if they can do to the president, imagine what they can do to you, and i were the folks that are representing them. That'S a fundamental principle. That'S why bill barcus to getto the bottom of this. lou? It'S interesting. I heard some other reason about it. Not personally -- that's rose going. This is an attorney whose best getting jim baker now bill bar is into the investigation.

He talked about the spine that he thanks did occur and as a basis for my concern of the spying that took place in really scary, unauthorized, surveillance and political surveillance before he was to get to the bottom he's elected john durham. I think it's a good thing. Police, a good thinking as we close out the investigation into the investigators is now underway this day, could've not got here soon enough. It certainly feels good to consider the prospect of justicebeing done. and for the politically corrupt officials in both justice and the fbi in intelligence. Community as well. , it feels pretty good to see the beginning. It sure does and look i.

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