Huawei strikes deal to build Russia’s first 5G network

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Published: 06/07/2019 12:48 AM

Wall Street Journal assistant editor James Freeman on how Huawei struck a deal to build Russia’s first 5G wireless network and President Trump’s claim that he may impose more tariffs on China. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all pla...

Chinese tech giant huawei signing a deal to assist russian telecom company mts to develop russia's 5g network that deal coming as chinese president xi. Jinping is meeting with vladimir putin in moscow. The two leaders have met nearly 30 times over the past six years. By the way she going so far as to call putin his very best friend, i added the very it was just best friend, but there it is. Presid ...
nt trump today threatened more tariffs on chinese goods in the coming weeks. What am i gon na? Put the extra three hundred and twenty five billion dollars worth of tariffs. I will make that decision. I would say over the next two weeks, probably right: afterthe g20. One way the other i'll make that decision after the g20 i'll be meeting with president xi and we'll see what happens at g20 summit takes place in osaka, japan june 28 and 29. Well joining me now. James freeman assistant editor at the wall street journal author fox business contributor, great american good, to have you, sir. She and putin yeah writing up together, two commies really.

I should any of us be surprised they like one another. You know along with always other problems. I think it needs work on public relations too, because it seems to me if you were trying to say we're, not a threat, we're not dangerous. Your next move is notsay. Look at our new business partner, vladimir putin, right that we might have by the way sonic missiles that we're just ya know pink to be able to try them out yeah. The signed up, also just in terms of if this was meant to be an economic show of force, russia we take seriously because it's run by a thug and because they have nuclear weapons, its economy is less than 10 percent the size of ours. So this is not a humid on't take china seriously, because it's run by a guy in a three-piece suit and a button-down collar i mean come on. We he's stealing half a billion dollars from us a year. Andputin isn't doing that who wins that discussion? Well, if putin's not it's kazee does have the opportunity, but i didn't say it wasn't a matter of wherewithal. I wasn't suggesting anyway, it was a higher moral plane which vladmir putin lives right. But the fact is, one is a thief of immense proportions and the other can't get it done. Well, i would say: there's both more upside in downside with china.

We obviously do draw a lot of benefits from trade with china, but we have the big problem. We even think about that proposition that you've just made. We draw a lot of benefits from china. They steal half a trillion dollars from us every year, inintellectual property and technology. They also maintain a three hundred and fifty billion dollar trade surplus or to us, a deficit of which will reduce and has reduced by five trillion dollars our economic growth over the course of the past 20 years, i'm struggling to find the benefit in being the trading Partner of such a bunch of thieves, the intellectual property theft you're, a hundred percent right - i think the president is pushing the right issue. There is trade deficits, don't matter most of the time we have. We have talked about this before we've had very good use of trade deficits. Academic contracts, like some know, any economist if, if a trade deficit or surplus is happeningbecause, you've been dictum shuts bad government, that is our gross domestic product or not. What sir look we trade deficit? We can have a good relationship with a country and a trade deficit if they're making stuff we want to buy obviously with the china situation of every sort of government situation here this isn't an academic or hypothetical james. No, this is a thieving bunch of communists, stealing our future and and by the way is the president has put it. We can't blame the chinese because they have stolen from us. We should blame ourselves for permitting it for the past two decades.

I mean it's madness. You say it does, i think, there's an argumentthat argument to drive a hard bargain with china. I think is the belated debate. We should not be drawn a bargain with mexico. Why? Because these are completely different situations. You mentioned 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants in this country. They are exporting the majority of methamphetamines marijuana, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl into the united states and killing tens of thousands of people. Couldn'T i'm sorry, can i not consider that the acts of an enemy state? Wouldn'T you agree that the government of mexico has been much more reasonable than the government of china in trade negotiations? Okay, so, to be honest with you, we have a trade agreement with canada and with mexico they just wait howlong giving them. They just cut a new agreement with president trump. The mexicans gave him a lot of what he was asking for right and now, as i see what about the matters that i did raise with you, that is the basis of the crisis. The national emergency this nation faces right. You know it was declared by the press.

I don't say: integration yeah, it's smuggling sex trafficking. Are you kidding me? These are the acts of a friendly state, i'm saying they are saying if it won't look at how they're reacting much more reasonably than the government of china, and i would say much more reasonably than nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they have themexican whatever giving me a Real hobson's choice here i get chuck, schumer, nancy pelosi or lopez obrador are xi jinping. I think i don't am below. I do. Similarly, the most reasonable in these negotiations so have an executor, so things on whether it's reasonable or do you judge whether or not this nation is able to protect and preserve the safety of its citizens and protect its borders, its sovereignty and national interests. So the president has made it clear: that's his priority. The mexicans have come with serious authors to address it more troops on their their southern border with guatemala, more asylum games requests yes handled in mexico, lopez obrador. We don't need you on theirballot next time, but i can't wait for you as you head off to the the friendly the friendly environs of mexico, james riemann, new citizen, they're up.

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