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Published: 12/21/2019

Longtime friend of missing Texas mom charged with kidnapping, tampering with a corpse, two Carnival cruise ships collide in Mexico, injuring at least six people, and Prince Philip admitted to hospital. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local...

Breaking news tonight, the shocking twist in that missing mom case in texas police discovering her body in the trunk of a car at the home of one of her close friends, but the victims newborn baby's, safe and sound inside the residence friends saying the suspect under arrest. Told them she was pregnant to her baby register even listing the same due date. The stunning new developments as we've come ...
n the air. Also tonight the deadly workplace, shooting police say a city employee, opened fire, the shootout with police and a dramatic takedown, the new feud for president trump, a leading christian magazine and a scathing op-ed, demanding his removal and calling out his evangelical supporters. Now thepresident is firing back nbc news investigates the company promising revolutionary help for children with everything from adhd to autism the cost, thousands of dollars some families, making gofundme pages and taking out loans, but does it work what we found and a record-breaking holiday rush is on, But it's double threat of storms impacting travel. This is nbc nightly news with lester holt good evening. There has been a stunning and tragic twist in the disappearance of a texas mom and her newborn daughter, heidi broussard found dead overnight her three week old, baby alive and well and tonight. The arrest of one of broussard's, longtime friends on kidnapping charges has shocked their austin community as police began. Unravelinga sordid mystery. Our sam brock is there tonight with late-breaking details, texas rangers and fbi agents, flooding the home overnight of a woman who was once heidi broussard's, close friend authorities today saying they discovered broussard's body in the trunk of a car. Her baby margo was safe inside the house. We had all prayed that we would be able to find heidi alive.

We are very thankful, though, that through the combined efforts here, we were able to recover baby margo meagan fierro mooskaa, also known as megan humphrey, now charged with two counts of kidnapping and tampering with a corpse this photo of the old friends together this summer. A sharp contrast free in court today caressanolte is one of broussard's closest friends. How many times this week have you talked with the suspect every day, friends say humphrey told them she was pregnant. She had an online baby registry listing a due date, the same time as heidi broussard's when heidi was giving birth. Where was the suspect? Another mutual friend rachel west, who spoke to nbc news yesterday today said you want to talk about a plot twist. I'Ve been in contact with meghan this whole week and she played it off perfectly until last night. The investigation was focused 150 miles away in the apartment complex where heidi broussard lived with her boyfriend, shane carey and two children where she was last seenmore than a week ago. A lead was generated that created a location of interest in the houston area. Authorities say the investigation continues in a still mysterious case of a mother, now deceased, her baby spared lester. We just got word from authorities the cause of death in this case strangulation. I spoke this morning with heidi's mother, who told me she feels shocked and betrayed lester. The busy holiday rush is on and it is set to be a record breaker over a hundred fifteen million people expected to travel this year, mostly by car, according to triple-a the worst day to drive the day after christmas when drive times, could double in major cities.

Some 7 millionwill fly the most in 16 years and we're tracking a double storm threat that could impact your holiday travel. Meteorologist, dylan dreyer is here dylan. What are you looking at lester we're watching a storm in the gulf and we're also watching one out west? The one in the gulf will likely bring some heavier rain to the southeast, especially saturday night, into sunday. That could cause some airport delays out west. The best chance of seeing delays would be in the san francisco area as that heavy rain moves onshore. Now, once we go into next week, we are going to see a really nice warm-up. In fact, the eastern half of the country is only going tobe above freezing and will even see temperatures well above average. So that's good news if you've been waiting for a warm-up, not so good, though lester. If you've been wanting a white christmas, a lot of folks tracking that forecasts dylan thanks now to the terrifying moments today, at a government building in north carolina, a city, employee, opening fire killing a co-worker and injuring two others, including an officer before being killed by police Nbc'S gabe gutierrez has more. It was just before 7:00 a. m. when police responded to this government building in winston-salem north carolina.

The urgent response unfolding over police radio, one officer shot, others call for backup police identified the gunman as sanitation worker stephenhaslett. He was shot dead during the gunfight investigators, say: he'd killed another employee whom he had targeted. The two men had fought the day before police say these two gentlemen had a long-standing dislike for each other, the the source of that dislike. I'M not. I don't have it. This time one employee says he was on his way to work when he heard the shots and ran for his life, rubba, shocked and sad this time of the year, families that are affected by this. The people that work here as affected by this in what police call collateral damage, another worker was wounded. Tonight. Authorities say that person and the injured officer are expected to recover gabegutierrez nbc news new developments tonight in a story we've been following after this deadly shooting caught on body cam in fort worth texas, former officer aaron dean has now been charged with murder. Dean resigned in october after killing a titania jefferson who had been babysitting her nephew inside when dean was conducting a welfare check, police, say dean failed to identify himself, as the officer began firing through the window. Now the new fallout from the impeachment vote president trump facing harsh criticism tonight from a surprising source, an evangelical magazine, peter alexander reports just days before christmas is surprising and stinging judgment of the president from christianity. Today, a leading evangelical publication, the editor calling for presidenttrump to be removed from office saying the facts are unambiguous, arguing the president tried to coerce a 4-liter to harass and discredit joe biden, insisting his conduct is not only a violation of the constitution but profoundly immoral.

What we're talking about now is someone who is a morally abusive in a dangerous way, and it's and the scales don't work anymore, and it's it's time for him to leave. The house is what my view is, but the president who won eighty percent of the evangelical vote in 2016 firing back on twitter dismissing christianity today as a far left magazine, adding no president has ever done what i have done for evangelicals or religion itself. Christianity, todaywas, founded by the late reverend billy graham, but his son franklin today saying his father - would not agree with their opinion piece, accusing the magazine of being used by the left and revealing billy graham voted for president trump because he believed he was the man for This hour in history, for our nation, so peters, if just a few days after speaker pelosi, was leading the vote to impeach the president. Today she sends him an invitation. Yeah, that's exactly right. Pelosi invited the president to deliver the state of the union on february 4th. He has accepted, what's not clear. Tonight is whether we will be in the middle of an impeachment trial, because pelosi so farhas still not sent over to the senate. Those articles of impeachment that's out of a story about parents desperate to find help for their children with adhd, autism or other behavioral problems. A company growing nationwide promises results, but it's expensive and some scientists are skeptical. Kate snow. Has this nbc news investigation for six three times a week six-year-old isaac lopez works with his coach marty wearing special sensory gear on his arm and leg isaac is wearing shakers, he has a metronome playing a peppermint scent and glasses.

Isaac is bright, but he also had violent temper tantrums. No, i mean i didn't know what to do. I cried all the time friends told his mom pattyabout brain balance in the strip mall near detroit seven months in has there been any change in him? It'S been incredible, it's so cool the daily tantrums are gone. They say he's engaging more with other kids, it's a miracle. It'S what brain balance advertises. The company has more than a hundred locations nationwide and promotes lucrative franchise opportunities. They promise families help for conditions from adhd to learning disorders to autism. The average cost more than ten thousand dollars for a typical six month program to pay that bill. Many families have started gofundme pages and brain balance offers loans. So we've served just over forty. Five thousand was vice president rebecca jackson trained as a chiropractor it'sall about getting everything to connect and communicate. Brain balance is largely built on the idea that behavior problems are linked to one side of a child's brain being underdeveloped.

Isaac'S left foot is bare to stimulate what brain balance says is his weaker right hemisphere. Yes, we're going to wake up lots of things in one region, and so we might be targeting that right, region of the brain and then getting that region to talk and communicate with other parts. It did not work for our family. The awadh's had high hopes brain balance would help their son malik, who has adhd. This could be it for us right for him. Why does that make you upseti, don't know just put him down everything that he needs malik did exercises at the center and at honda. I do think initially that we saw some improvements. He knew how much we spent on it, so he was trying really hard six months later. Do you feel like it was money well spent? No, this is not mainstream science. Dr. jill emmanuelle is a psychologist with the child mind institute. We asked her and seven other scientists to review brain balances.

Claims on their website all were skeptical its overly simplistic to say that weaknesses on one side of the other cause the the symptoms of these disorders. Be very strong brain balance acknowledges there are no large-scalescientific studies with proper control groups, proving the treatment works but says more research is coming. We'Ve spoken with other experts with doctors, medical doctors who are very skeptical. They think you've got a slick program that is not science-based. Do you know, on average, it takes 17 years for research to become implemented in mainstream practice? If you have a child that struggles, 17 years is a long time to wait. Is it ethical to be treating kids in the interim before there is established research? You know what we're doing there aren't risks, so it's not a medication with side effects. If they have. This theory find the evidence show us that it works and then createthe business they've done it the opposite way. The awadh say: malick is now doing well with targeted activities and the right dose of medication at a fraction of the cost of brain balance. Kate, snow, nbc news dallas. If you'd like to read up a bit more on brain balance and similar companies, we invite you to go to nbcnews. com still ahead, as we continue here.

Our nightly news, the queen's husband prince phillip hospitalized it days before christmas, we'll have the latest on his condition. Also, more bad news for boeing, we'll tell you how their star liner spaceship was launched into the wrong orbit. Plus christmas wishes santa tells me what people really watch and you won'tfind it under any tree. Next tonight, the queen's husband prince phillip hospitalized, just days before the holidays. Here'S cure simmons now with late details. Prince phillip spending the night in the hospital raising fresh concerns about the 98 year-olds health buckingham palace, announcing he did not travel by ambulance for this planned visit and walked into the hospital on his own power. The palace saying that he was admitted for a pre-existing condition and that the admission is a precautionary measure on the advice of his royal highnesses doctor the queen, keeping to her schedule today travelling by train to the estate where she spends christmas. Doctors estimate prince phillip, will be in the hospital for a few dayshopefully discharged in time to spend christmas with his wife, the queen, lester, alright keir simmons thanks when we come back another bad day for boeing, how there big launch went into the wrong orbit: [ music, ] today, another major setback for boeing, which is still struggling to get its grounded 737 max planes, cleared to fly after two fatal crashes. Now today, during a critical flight test, its new spaceship failed to reach its proper orbit. Tom costello has details and liftoff the rise of star alignment and a new era. Human spaceflight. This was the pre-dawn launch.

Boeing was hoping would put a year of bad headlines behind it. Instead, a major disappointment, adorable insertion burn, was scheduled, totake place 31 minutes after launch, but didn't happen on schedule. An error with the mission timing clock caused the uncrewed spaceship to burn too much fuel forcing it into the wrong orbit. So we did have obviously some challenges today that meant no docking with the space station and no delivery of food clothing and holiday presents for the station crew. Both boeing and spacex have contracts to soon carry american astronauts on american rockets back to space. For the first time, in nearly nine years, the good news, the onboard dummy rosie, did gather critical data on the g-forces. Those astronauts will face. The plan now bring star liners safely back to earth. Early sunday morning, tom costellonbc news at the kennedy space center up next, one of my most exclusive interviews of all. Where close to what i speak to santa about the true meaning of christmas. Finally, tonight, for many of us as kids, it was the most important two minutes of our young lives sitting on santa's knee and spilling out our wishes and, as i found out recently, it's one christmas tradition, still very much alive. A lot comes with wearing that red suit.

Don'T disillusion! Anybody too, literally carrie, wants got a few days left to think about it right in this digital age, you can facetime santa for a price, but don't you remember the excitement nervous anticipation of meeting thebig guy face to face ready to blurt out dinosaur, sound in new York'S christmas theme bryant park, i found one-on-one moments with santa, are still in demand. We'Re the youngest st. nick ambassadors happily share the mysteries of mr. claus. How did he get down the chimney michael and his sister antoinette? Had their lists committed to memory 9 and 20? Forget what you want to say remember everything on your list. No worries he's got you covered, kids, whatever people asked for the basic thing they really want is happiness and they think those things will give them happiness and, of course, it's an illusion, because happiness must eventually come from within and that santa explained to meis the true Meaning of christmas and i'll work on that dinosaur voice. That'S nightly news! I'M lester holt! Thank you for watching. Everyone have a good night, [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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