Iran regime is beginning to panic: National security analyst

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/17/2019 10:35 PM

National security analyst Rebeccah Heinrichs on mounting U.S. tensions with Iran. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the wo...

Well, joining us now to talk more about this rebecca heinrichs national security analyst in a hudson institute senior fellow rebecca. What do you make of this story? The journal saying hey? It could have been a miscommunication around thinking that the u. s. was going to strike first. They started making preparations the u. s. see what they're doing and think. Oh they are starting to move. Was it ...
misunderstanding? What'S your take? No, i think that the iranian regime is beginning to panic, because the walls are closing in on them. Sanctions from the united states are cutting, the europeans are being forced to make a decision. Do we go with this terrorist regime, or do we go withthe united states and having access to us markets and they're going to choose the united states? All the iranians have left. Are the chinese who they're selling oil to and the chinese do not want the iranians to be threatening oil transits through the strait of hormuz one-fifth? The world's oil trancey born transits goes through the strait of hormuz, and that would be crushing to the chinese.

So the iranians are are cornered. The united states does not want war. It is in in no way in the us interest to make this thing go to a military conflict. So the iranians are just trying to exert leverage they're using nuclear blackmail, threatening to start up their nuclearprogram again, but they're cornered they're on their last dying breaths. I think at this point interesting, so we have the the abraham lincoln the aircraft carrier in the region. We have the big bombers there in the middle east, i mean we sent a very strong message. Is this what is needed when dealing with iran? Do they do they respond by backing down so to speak? Yes, they do most regimes. Do the united states again? Has the obviously the military upper hand here, and so what the the trump administration is doing is sending a clear demonstration that, though we do not want military conflict. If the iranians do something so foolish to use a proxy grouplike, the irgc or or using the irgc or some other proxy group, that the united states is prepared to retaliate in to defend us forces abroad and our allies, and so this is what deterrence is you Try to demonstrate credibly to our adversary that, whatever they think is going to be worth an act of aggression will not be worth the cost, and that's also what ambassador bolton is really good for there too, because he presents a really strong presence in in the trump Administration saying we're willing to go to war, but we do not want to go to war and that's how you have a credible to turn. You mentioned china, which is amazed yousay, a major buyer of iranian oil, iran's foreign minister reportedly asking china to help them save the nuclear deal of which, of course, president trump called the united states out of what? If any role does china playing that or just china? Not want to get involved well, the chinese have tried to help the iranians, as the united states has increased sanctions again, as the united states pulled out of the iran deal, but the chinese economy is not going to be able to save the iranians. The iranians need the european economies, and so when the europeans are backing out and choose the united states market over the iranian market, they're really stuck. But the chinese havealso been taking advantage of the iranians to some degree because they know that they are they're.

Keeping the iranian regime afloat to some degree, and so they can get a really good price on oil. But again that's why it's really interesting. You know, as the iranians begin to threaten to to do things like close the strait of hormuz. Again, that's going to hurt the chinese and that's who they need to continue to sell oil to well fascinating stuff and great inside rebecca heinrichs thanks. So much have a great weekend. You too.

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