Nigel Farage says Brexit is a 'complete mess'

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019 01:18 PM

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on Brexit and the future of U.S. trade with the U.K. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of th...

Joining us right now, european parliament, member briggs at party leader, nigel farage, it is good to see you, sir thanks very much for joining us this morning. Thank you. Can you give us a status track in terms of breaks it right now? Well, we're it's a complete mess, we're three years on from the vote. We are no closer to leaving whatsoever and as a result of that, british politics is now in som ...
thing of a meltdown. I, as you know, i'd fought the brexit for years. I thought we'd achieved it. I launched a new political party less than nine weeks ago and as of last weekend, it was leading in the opinion polls in this countryso i'm putting massive pressure on the conservative government and the labour opposition to deliver brexit. But at the moment there's no sign of it happening wow. So the president president trump sat down with the irish prime minister yesterday they want to play you the soundbite, having this to say about how ireland will be affected by by britain's departure from the eu watch. This, i know that's a big point of contention with respect to brexit as your water and i'm sure it's gon na work out. Well, there are a lot of good minds, thinking about how to do it, and it's going to be it's going to be just fine. What would the impact be from yourstandpoint nigel? Well, the the irish border, the land border between the united kingdom and the republic of ireland has been used again and again as the reason why brexit can't happen.

Because if there are differences between the two countries, because we're not an eu member and they are and we'd need to build a hard border - and, of course what that brings back - is memories of that dreadful 30 year period, with thousands of people killed with terrorism. The truth of it is actually across that border. Today we have a different currency, different income tax rates, different excise duties. So the truth of it is the president's right. You know with sensible grown-up compromise. There will notbe a major problem and, frankly, what is happening is global. Its forces, big business forces, are trying to stop brexit from happening. The reality is once we do, it we'll be free, and wasn't it interesting that one of the centerpieces of what donald trump said this week in london is that america is ready and prepared to do a big, open trade deal with the united kingdom, and i think That'S an opportunity for both of us, nigel hi, james freeman, at the wall street journal. I wanted to ask you about that. Our ambassador to the uk woody johnson said to your friends at the bbc this week that first he said that there were already negotiationsfor this trade deal and then he corrected himself and he said there has been discussion about what it might look like. If there is a hard brexit on halloween, how quickly do you think a us uk trade deal could happen? Well, my impression this week, talking to some senior us politicians who've been in london - is that actually the usa on their side of this have done a huge amount of work. Already, i'm sad to say that my impression is the uk government have done nothing like enough, and i want to try and break the deadlock on this.

I'M gon na put together in the next couple of weeks a team of senior industrialists and i wantthem to come over to dc to meet bob light singer. And let's, let's start working on this because the sooner we put this in place, the better it'll be not just for both of our economies, but it also gives us a very powerful negotiating chip against the european union meeting up already with with light hauser. That'S what i intend to do over the course of the next few weeks. I think we need to move this on. Let'S stop talking about it as a theory. Let'S turn it into practice. Nigel. Let'S robert wolf font nice to see you a couple questions one: where do you sit with respect to the prime minister vote coming up numbertwo? What'S your view of a no brexit exit which most people think would be negatively impacting the economy of the uk and you'd? See new tariffs and then number three, i know you're excited about a us uk trade deal, but that means there wouldn't be a uk eu trade deal because you would likely have to be part of the wto. So i think that would would really push this. This trade deal with the us kind of on the back burner, so i know idealistically you're, saying some great things, but actually the idea of transacting those seem. You know when we talk about a potential trade deal between the uk and the u. s.

yeah sure wehave to respect each other's specifications. We remove tariffs, we remove some barriers. The point about the proposal with the european union is that to have a tariff free deal with them, they basically want us to go on paying them huge sums of money, limiting our ability to do trade around the rest of the world and regulating that part of Our economy, nearly ninety percent that doesn't export to europe, so i think there's some of us. It'S beauty, oh and the ability on wto to negotiate with the usa or australia or india or whosoever. We choose that. I think now is a much more constructive way forward than being tied to european union rules which ithink are holding back the british economy. Now the date we've got you remember, march 29th was the date we were supposed to leave the european union we didn't. We are now supposed to leave on the 31st of october halloween, so trick or treaty is what everyone's talking about. I want to say this. Whoever the next conservative prime minister is if we do not leave on the 31st of october. I think that will be pretty much the end of the conservative party. The party that's been around for 200 years.

At the moment there are one or two like boris johnson saying make me, prime minister, and i will make sure we leave on that date. Butyou know talk is cheap because theresa may said the same thing so at the moment i have to be honest with you: i'm not convinced that any of the potential candidates have got the courage to really do this. So what are you gon na do? Are you gon na run? Oh, yes, absolutely. We'Ve just had the european elections. My new party topped the poll. In fact, my new party in those elections got more votes than the labour and conservative parties combined. We'Re now leading in national opinion polls, and my message to the establishment here is deliver brexit or i will take you on at the next general election. I know history says it's very difficult for newparties, but don't underestimate my determination to get brexit delivered. I want us to be a free, independent, self-governing democratic nation and i believe isn't that what people fought for on d-day 75 years ago, a europe of democratic nation states. That'S where we need to be yeah well said: nigel art will be following a lot of news. There, nigel faraj good, to see you thanks very much for joining us this morning.

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