'Cake Boss' shares his capitalism success story with Fox Business

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/17/2019 03:53 PM

'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro on how he got his start in his dad's bakery. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN...

Right now i want to get to a capitalist success story. That'S what we do on this program, this our next guest took over his father's bakery and turned it into a cake empire. You know this. It even became the basis for a reality, tv series. You know that one two body valastro is with us he's the cake boss. Sir, welcome to the program great to have you with us. Oh thank you good morning stuart and n ...
w i'm a big fan of yours man. I love listening to you now. He tells me you could co-anchor the show for a couple of days if you're talking about that earlier now, whatever it, you started out, you boughta bakery business in hoboken. Is that true, and that tell me take me through the story yeah. So basically my dad came over from italy. He had nothing and he worked at a bakery.

He started as a pot washer at 13 by the time he was 26. Mr. carlo, who owned the bakery. His son wanted to work for nasa, so he was gon na. Be a rocket scientist and he did so. My dad said, sell me the bakery and he talked mister carlo into giving him the loan and he married my mom and they had the business for they bought it in 1963. And then they had. You know five children and we all came andworked in the business. You know i started. I was like 11 or 12 years old and my dad's dream was to build a business where his whole family could work in. How did he did you get into the novel? Fortunately, how did you turn it into a reality? Tv show. How does it happen? Well, yeah? Well, what happened was i started after my dad passed away? I was 17 actually.

I had to drop out of high school to take over the business and i started to really see that the old world bakery was getting. You know destroyed by the supermarket's. You know, and i came up to what a theory saying look i'm gon na makestuff that they can't make. I did they want to have the doughnuts for nickels and dimes. Let him have it. You know you know how many thousands of donuts you got to make to make a thousand dollars. I said i'm gon na make the cakes. I could do this artistic stuff and i taught myself how to do it and then i started get an exposure and once i got some exposure magazines then i started to do some television competition shows and then one day, i'm standing in my bakery. It'S 2009. I get a phone call and they like hey, you know we're thinking of doing a show about case. What do you think i said we'lljust follow me my bakery. I have a big, crazy italian family, a hundred-year-old business, and i do these outrageous cakes real fast, and that was the birth of cake boss in 2009.

Pointone, you make a lot more money in television than you do in baking. Cakes and point number two you've got a new season coming out soon, what's different about it. Well, you know what it's what's different is. Basically, i'm always challenging myself in the cakes right. So we have everything from a cake that spits fire like a fire breathing dragon cake to a cake that is flavored with beef, jerky to a drive-in movie cake and and really the dynamics of me running. Myempire of you know, 18 bakeries, three restaurants, thousands of thousands of employees, my family and stuff, like that, you know doing and balancing juggling all that i just i just want to say. Congratulations. I live in hoboken. You originated in hoboken you've done far better than i have, and you can come back on this show anytime, you like so long as you do not bring a cake flavored with beef jerky. Is that a closed body ball all right come on back soon: okay, buddy! Your great guy success story and we love that you got a brother. Thank you. So thanks man,.

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