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Published: 12/07/2019 07:01 AM

NBC News’ Stephanie Ruhle sat down with beauty mogul Bobbi Brown to discuss why she chose to leave the company that bears her name to start an entirely new brand. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a co...

Bobby we're talking about a second act. Many many people would look at your extraordinary career and say drop the mic. Leave on a high note, there's a lot of risk to saying i'm gon na. Do something that's, but this wasn't even my second act because before i started a cosmetics company, i was a freelance makeup. Artist, you know covers a vogue and travel the globe. So that's really how i started th ...
cosmetics company. It was kind of my second act, and i did that for a long time and now i'm kind of on my third fourth, fifth and sixth, is it scary or risky to do that, given the perch who have comefrom, it is both of those things, but if You don't have that adrenaline, if you don't have the passion and if you don't have a little bit of the butterflies in your stomach, stay home, stay home, because it's if anyone that says they're not worried about doing new things is wrong. Because i like doing things, i don't know how to do, but for a lot of people they like the idea of that, but the fear of putting oneself out there, the fear of failure is crippling. Well, i don't know if i'm necessarily fearless, because i'm someone that especially with my kids, i'm worried about you - know them crossing the street and my oldest is 29you know. But for me it's being naive, i think that's one of one of my greatest attributes. I don't know how to teach people that, meaning you don't think it's not going to work and then, if it doesn't work you're like all right that didn't work, let me do it differently. Let me shift it.

Was it hard for you, because your name is your brand for you to disconnect yourself from that. Your brand sits here and now you're your own entity not connected to it. You can't control it. Well, you know, of course, it's a little bit weird, but i realize that i sold my name. I'M really proud of what i created and developedmy role now is to be a role model and to say: okay, that's great, but what, if we try it this way? Instead of like i don't like that, you know because i was always so busy when i was at the other company that it's like it was like. No, i didn't. I don't want to know. Let'S do it that way. Oh my god. I really like that. Oh, my god, i love that so now it's like okay, let's talk about it in the 1990s. If you said what makes a good business leader words, we often heard were strong, independent fierce now you hear words like empathetic great listener, collaborative and strong and strong ithink fierce is a bad word fierce.

You know people are fierce because they're there there's something special about them, but i think fierce became. Will your you know the b word know just because you're a woman in business, you don't need to be. You know not nice, so you need to be nice and you need to be fierce, but from a sign of power you know and that's just your internal thing, but you also need to be open. You need to be open because you know: there's people that have ideas. Have you seen yourself change, especially as you became powerful? Did you feel like you needed to fulfill a role of what a powerful businesswomanis? And now, when you look back on, who you were then has it changed to who you are now? I never tried to be anything other than i was. I always felt most comfortable being myself. I never tried to be a businesswoman. I never tried to be. You know it's a you are one, but i never tried like i never you know i never was like. Well, i'm that way. I have to act a certain way. You know.

I learned that i did my best job and what made me happiest was being myself and it took a while to learn that i didn't learn that in the beginning, but it took a while to figurethat out looking back. Do you think you made mistakes in how you led and how you ran a business that you've changed in what you're doing now? I think the mistakes probably have been that i didn't insist on certain things. When i should of i you know, i think i made mistakes. You know maybe not listening to people that i didn't think had good ideas. You know when you're part of a big corporation, if you don't necessarily agree with the direction that some people want to do. It'S not the easiest thing, that's not the best fit, i'm not someone that looks back. I look forward and i'm so like ecstatic, i guess, is the wordthat. I am now working on new things, new projects with new people - and it's like it's just a breath of fresh air, then talk to us about the idea of this master class because it's getting a huge there's, so much excitement around it. Why did you decide to do this and what's your vision? Well, it's the first-ever beauty that they have done so i've been a fan of masterclass from the beginning. Of course you know the the chef series are incredible. You know anna wintour was great scorsese. You know you, you say these names and when they called and asked me to do, and i'm like really and i was like okay and i startedto literally drill down with their team about what it could be.

And so it was just really neat to be able to teach people, i'm not teaching how to contour. I'M not teaching. You know weird makeup: i'm teaching the thing that i find the most beautiful, which is just makeup that makes you look like a better version of yourself: [ music, ], hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down. Here and click on any of the videos over here to watch, the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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