Instagram considers hiding 'likes' in platform shakeup

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/26/2019 09:11 PM

Fox News Headlines 24/7 reporter Brett Larson on Instagram rethinking the social media experience and possibly getting rid of its "likes" feature. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall S...

All right, instagram. I have no idea what this means, but anyway it's learning my young staff that it's rethinking the whole experience, possibly getting rid of likes. I know what that means, but fortunately arts and does the guys, i hope so neal. It'S you know when you talk to people from california and they're, like i don't know like what i'm like gon na, do. No, it's it's not alright! It'S it's ...
You know in there it's the social media thumbs up on instagram facebook has matured from just the thumbs up, they have the heart they have the crying face, they have the laughing face, instagram has the like button, and that is it instagrams take on thisis it's great, But it can also lead to some not feeling good about yourself. You could post a picture and people wait to see. Are my friends gon na, like it or my friends, gon na respond to this at all, we've seen some of the kid you know. Take the tide, pod challenge, for example, where kids are doing these outrageous things because they want to get more likes, they want to get more attention in that got. A lot of likes means. It means a lot of people are yeah. It'S like you're, the you're, the cool kid in the quad yeah. It'S it's an interesting idea.

If instagrams been talking about this for several months that this ispart of their well-being initiative, it's part of another push in terms of they want to. You know avoid bullying on these sites and anyone who's ever read the comment section on a on a tweet or an instagram post. It'S just it's just sunshine and bubblegum down there from all the people around the world is getting rid of legs. Gon na make us all feel better about ourselves, probably not because the the caveat and all are they singing they're, not gon na, replace it they're, just not gon na show it to. If i post a picture, if i post a picture of my dog and here's, my dog he's having a great time, i i will see how manypeople liked it, but other people coming across the photo won't get to see it. You'Ll still find out so you'll still get the answer. So that's where it's kind of a i get the wellness angle in terms of other people knowing right, but i also don't get it what's. Also interesting is a lot of people make money off of being on social media. These so called influencers. I have millions of followers and they get thousands of likes on these photos. Well, how are we going to prove that? Are they gon na then go to the influencers and say hey we want to there. We'Ve got the getting paid version, i'm a huge influencer literally when ipost things tens of people are are out there liking it.

I make literally no money off of it, but the other sites do variations of this facebook, of course, has friends and all right. They have all the links and what does that matter to users? Another view took that away. You know instagram is. We should also know that instagram is owned by facebook. That'S right! It'S such a behemoth as it is now that i don't really see, there's not another option. Yes, you could say: oh people could go to snapchat and but those are two completely different platforms, so i think i don't think it's gon na make a huge difference. Will it help with people'swell-being the you know, question one of these guys are being looked at, not in so much facebook. Certainly yeah. We have odd, you know, you're, not unbiased. You rigged the system, you spy on us, and all of this is you and i were discussing anyway this week, yeah there's a clarion call raining in rain. All these guys in what do you think i? You know there definitely needs to be some guardrails put up around technology. I think it's great that we've we have stepped back from all the stuff happening on the internet and we've.

Let it mature we've, let it prosper. We'Ve seen some amazing things come out of the internet that was created backin the in the 60s by the department of defense. But at some point i feel like we do need to step in and say: okay we've got, we've got a tax problem when we're when you're shopping on amazon. Some people don't pay any taxes on amazon. Some people do we've got an issue of you know. There are claims that they've got their thumb on the scale and they can sort of decide where things are going and the problem there is always that they can step back and say: well, that's the algorithm. The algorithm is designed to show you what it thinks you want to see and what is most popular, but the president says thatit's a rigged system. They hate conservatives, they hate in separatist. You, i grant you yeah. I don't know that that you know algorithms are just computer programs and - and you could, you could argue that he says they stack the deck against and i don't know that that is necessarily true. But then i'm not peeking under the hood to see. What'S really going on, so i wouldn't be able to speak specifically to that only to say that the algorithms of google and facebook and instagram and all these social media sites, including amazon, their trade secrets, so they're going to be able to sit back and say.

Well, we can't show to you, because if we showyou how google works, oh then you'll know exactly what to do to get your stories to propagate to the top of the list. And that's then it's not there brett larson. Thank you very, very much.

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