Former socialist details the horrors of Venezuela's downfall

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/15/2019 07:33 PM

Author Clifton Ross on how socialism destroyed Venezuela. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN launched in Oc...

Our next guests embraced the utopian myth, and then he saw the misery of socialism firsthand in venezuela. Author of the book home from the dark side of utopia clifton ross joins me now, clifton thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me, what was it initially that drew you to venezuela? Would that make you so sure that the socialism system was the ideal system? I think the pitfalls of capitalism ...
the problem, the fact that so many people were left out of the equation left behind by liberal capitalist governments and the markets and that poverty and that wasn't being addressed. You know clifton when i hear that it feels like rich people, problems to a degree rightbecause the average american lives so much better. Even the poorest americans live so much better than than some than people in the overwhelming majority of countries, and you wonder why you know what what turns is that you did you see this firsthand, where it was just a combination of things you read, you know what Gave you this sort of notion that america was just this great unfair nation? Well, i lived in oklahoma for a number of years and i have family there and i know what they're going through now and the what the whole midwest of our country is going through. So much of it as abandoned, so many of the small towns are emptyso. Many of the places like detroit and gary indiana are have been hollowed out by globalization. There are really positive aspects of globalization, but there's also poverty. Venezuela was also a very wealthy country in the 1970s venezuela was called saudi venezuela. It was, it was had the lifestyle of most people if people in italy, so venezuela was doing very well, but it's go through. It'S a petro state and it goes through ups and downs with the oil booms. I lived in venezuela in 2005 and six and i was back there when maduro came to power in 2013.

I supported that project because i believed that they were going to do something different. I hadbeen a socialist from the 1980s when i studied liberation theology and went to santa niece to santa anita nicaragua and live there briefly and i'd been a socialist and then, when i went back in 2013 and saw what was going on there under maduro and began Up interviewing opposition figures - or i realized that the socialism was the problem and not the solution clips and, of course, maduro extended policies that chavez implemented, and you know again, you know it's, they were oil-rich and all goes up and down. There'S no doubt about that, but there were also these huge mistakes that chavez made when he kicked out western and companies when he pushed back against you knowthe help and the expertise that they needed to keep that country funding. Was there a specific, as you know, something that you saw when he returned that sort of was a light bulb that said, okay, you know what let me start to rethink this when i began to understand that what what i was seeing in venezuela was in fact A form of populism, it was socialist populism and i began studying populism and realized gradually that populism was really the problem all around the world. We'Re seeing this happen, although everywhere we're seeing it in hungary with orban, we're seeing it in turkey with aragon, we're seeing it in the united states with donald trump, where wehave personalist politics that are replacing rule of law, where we have well leaders who are attacking their Opponents as if they were in a tomorrow, all those sort of ironic drop those folks. We talked about nimbala west of doing better right now than they have and for a whole long time clip that i want to thank you for coming on. We really appreciate it and we'll talk to you again real soon.

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