Trump hotel fuels this small Irish village's economy

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/05/2019 09:03 PM

Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn on President Trump’s visit to Ireland. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the wor...

Connell a lot of ground to cover. well-done, edward lawrence. , melissa president trump spending the night in this small irish village of dubeg home to trump internext golf course and hotel credited with fueling. The local economy. here is bill mcgurn from `` the wall street journal. '. This is a fun side story, not a lot of people going out on the trip. at the press conference. He was watching th ...
t live. He made a good point saying he is going to dubeg hope, i'm saying it right.

He can't wait to go. The golf course is great. put in a nice commercial about it. interviewing people. We love him. He provided a lot of jobs in the town. What areyour thoughts on that people who provide jobs are generally popular in towns like this. My understanding that the visit to ireland is not an official visit, mostly to see his his golf course there.

and he will probably enjoy it. melissa, no doubt. It was interesting, too, to see them talking about their trade relationship, especially at a time when you know he is having all these different spats with different countries over different terms. If you look at ireland, the united states accounts for 70 % of the foreign investment in ireland. direct investment 700 american companies employ 155,000 people. This has sort of been the model, and ireland has the tax policy to encourage this. Yes, imean others could learn from this example. absolutely. i lived in ireland for a year in the late'70s t, was a lot more poor.

They made their wealth. The way east asians did becoming more open trading economy built on international markets. , so they are naturally concerned with the u. s. market with the eu market with brexit so forth. That is where their bread is buttered. melissa. I think that it is interesting. You know that was one of the undercurrents. I don't think was highlighted enough when the president was in the uk as a whole, encouraging brexit, he was saying. Look i want to make a great trade deal with you guys.

If you compare thatto, president obama, when he went on his trip, was ahead of time said he wasn't going to talk about the special relationship between the uk and the u. s. and asked them not to bring it up, because he wasn't going to reciprocate that they would Got back of the line if they left the eu president highlighting how much he wants to trade with the uk. As contrast, what is going on back here. ? Could it mitigate some of the challenges with china and mexico, potentially ? I think you hit on something that is extremely important. As you said, a lot of people neglect it. I long thought the president should make a trade deal with britain atop priority for several reasons. one is the president always says i want other places to treat us and our products and goods and services. The way we treat theirs.

That would be relatively easy to do with britain. I think. , i don't think we have many trade disputes. I would argue we should make a deal with britain make the model to be as free and clean, as you can. then say to other people. We'Re willing to have the same deal with you. At the same time, it is very important for britain, because, if they're going to lose the access they have to the eu, having access to the u. s. market would be a big thing.

Soi have long thought. This should be a real priority. , it's a win-win for everyone. It might even force a little better behavior from the europeans. melissa. I think it is time for.

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