US sends aircraft carrier and bomber task force to Middle East

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/06/2019

Fox News national security analyst Walid Phares discusses how the Trump administration sent an aircraft carrier strike group and bomber task force to the Middle East. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Ma...

Meanwhile, the white house tripling down on the foreign policy sending an aircraft carrier to the middle east amid a new iranian threat. This is president trump stands firm on his support for israel during a new ceasefire with gaza and downplays north korea. After a new missile test, they're here now to win, and all this fox news - national security, analyst walid, phares wallet, we've got to star ...
with this: the warships heading to iran. Our european allies are very nervous suggesting that this would actually breach the iranian nuclear deal and somehow start the iran toward a village and belligerent paths. I do not agree with that argument with the european union argument with brussels argument, because basicallywhat we're doing is a response to an escalation by the iranians. I mean brussels should have looked already at the escalation in terms of continental missiles in terms of deploying iranian revolutionary guards in iraq, in syria, in lebanon, in yemen. This is this was the moment for the international community to say: hey iran, you are escalating. What we have done is to send a task force to the gulf, it's precisely the opposite, to put pressure on the iranians and tell them. This is a balance of power. You go forward, we will go forward and usually what that would do is just deter the orions from from future aggressions in the region. I mean what isn'tisn't it true, at least in your experience that this perhaps is the only thing that the iranians actually pay attention to as a show of force and determination. It did happen even before a few months ago, remember when the north koreans were firing missiles and then suddenly there was a tweet from the white house from the president, but with the tweet came two task forces or more surrounding north korea and the north koreans understood That in reality, we will react now the iranians will understand once you deploy that force.

It'S very simple: they do the calculation they cannot. They cannot basically face us with this might so. This should serve as a deterrence speaking innorth korea for another missile. You know it wasn't: a nuclear missile didn't go over the edge it japan, but it increasingly seems like maybe kim jong-un is needling. President trump wants attention. What is he trying to achieve here and president trump by the way is still saying? No, he. He trust that kim jong-un will do the right thing. Eventually you you actually answered it with one concept that is yes, the north korean leader is speaking to the united states resident to trump he's, basically telling him. Oh, i want more things. Oh, i want your attention and the president is very, you know, used to this kind of transaction via via activities, but the north koreansshould be very aware that if they go beyond that, that's why they're using tactical missiles? That'S why they're not throwing those icbms across from the japan, sea and beyond? They understand that right, but they want something and that's why they're playing that dangerous game anyway. Well, you don't want to borrow your your foreign policy expertise and bring it to a domestic level with those rockets fired almost 700 by hamas. So far to my knowledge that one democratic presidential candidate has said anything about that.

In the meantime, we've had congresswoman in ilhan omar put out a tweet and it seemed to support hamas and and nikki haley. You know tweet it back at her we've gotto tweet on the screen. I won't read it in the interest of time, but what do you make of the fact that democrats aren't going to condemn this sort of actions? How does that play in foreign policy? How can we achieve any foreign policy goals? Look. We can read all of that as nothing secret about it. The foreign policy platform of the democratic party, at least now, has shifted big time from what it was before i mean when there used to be rockets fired on israel or on against any of our allies. You would find maybe 60 % democratic politicians responding. Something has changed. It went further to the left, if my say but statement insupport of hamas that is never seen before i mean that means that more radical ideas are now carried by politicians by elected officials. You know they're it's a worrisome development while they appreciate it as usual. Thank you.

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