Trump launches new attacks against his British left-wing critics

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 11:05 PM

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Ted Bromund reacts to President Trump’s state visit to the United Kingdom. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the...

President trump heading out of british critics he's calling labour party leader, jeremy, corbyn and london mayor's said he can't quote negative forces this as ever lawrence. Just reported protesters were out in minimum force, not shutting the the city of london down on the second day of the president's trip to london, but as american media practically ignore is the press and it's positive comments ...
The british media, the bbc, the ft the daily mail, giving president trump positive reviews calling his tribute to the queen quote: passionate wordperfect, a polish delivery, a touching tribute and more, let's bring in heritage foundation senior fellow ted broman great to have me on sir ted. What'S your reaction to all thebad, my reaction is, i think the president is under wonderful job representing the united states in the united kingdom. He'S hit the perfect notes in his in his toast of the queen. He said the right things about a us uk trade deal. He'S hit back strong at critics in the united kingdom, who have spoken out against the united states president in ways that they've never spoken out against genuine foreign dictators like vladimir putin or assad of syria or xi of china who visited london. So i think he's done a really magnificent job here to your point. Actual dictators have visited london and did not have nearly the same amount of protests. As you point, outking abdullah putin assad, the leader of china. What is with mayor, sadiq khan, injecting himself in this situation, sir? This is really all about maher khan, it's not about president trump, and it's not about the united states. Maher khan knows perfectly well that there are a group of people in the united kingdom who are bitterly anti-american they're.

A small vociferous minority, but they do unfortunately exist. Maher khan is playing up to this traditional anti-american crowd, trying to support his broader political ambitions. Sir dissect, that because a real global threat or the dictators you just listed, they have violent, horrific human rights abusers the abuses. What'S with the duplicity there, why doesn't a liberal left inthe uk stand up against that i'll? Tell you what people like to do? They always like to hit out at the biggest man on the the united states is the biggest man on the block and president trump is the president of the united states. So everyone loves to demonstrate against us, but when the chips are down man are they glad we're their ally? What'S your take on president trump saying, boris johnson is basically boris. Johnson is likely the frontrunner for to be the next prime minister president trump likes them. Mr. johnson turned down a meeting with the president you're, taking all of that. There'S no doubt that boris johnson is the frontrunner to be thenext, prime minister of the united kingdom and the leader of the conservative party, whether he wins or not. Well, the front-runner on these sorts of competitions frequently doesn't win, but you know if boris johnson does win, he and the president will have plenty of opportunities to meet after that.

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