Growing concerns over Facebook's hate speech ban

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/03/2019 06:06 PM

RNC Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon on Facebook's efforts to ban what it considers hate speech. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capi...

A more controversial issue these days for facebook is its efforts to ban what it calls hate speech or the likes of those farc and alex jones and a host of others. Civil rights attorney i meet dylan. It says that facebook should take some closer steps toward took a closer steps. I should say towards censorship here, so this isn't just policing. What'S in politic there, you argue they're going too f ...
r, absolutely they're, not just banning specific comments or remarks that are hurtful or violate their terms of service they're, actually banning people and mainly they're banning people in their announcement yesterday, for who they associate with i mean that's The really scary part is that actually onlylouis farrakhan was banned for things that he actually said. The others were bad for people they associate with who are already people who facebook doesn't like, and on top of that, the new rule says that if you a regular user who's, not on that list of banned people, retweets or quotes - or you know, shares their information That they put out there, then you can be banned too, if you link too often to the publication's of these people in some other place. That is really dangerous, because federal courts have held that banning even sex offenders from using social media is a violation of their their due process, rights and civil rights, and now we're actually banningpeople for who they associate with. I think it is very dangerous. You know what i worry about too, with this sort of stuff. For me, it is someone's hate speech is someone else's. I have the right to go ahead and make it speech, and if you find it offensive as a reader, you can just click on no matter. How obnoxious it is, and in a free society we have the freedom to be obnoxious and and to be exposed to those who are that doesn't mean you support their abhorrent views, but you support their right to share and discuss those abhorrent views.

Just as you have the option not to pay attention to them, neal youknow, correctly thinking, civil libertarians and people who respect the first amendment have been decrying. The fact that on college campuses around the country for the last two decades, students have been taught that speech is violence, and - and we laugh at that yet this is exactly the paradigm that facebook has introduced with a conflation of speech and violence and speeches, not violent Speeches speech the antidote to speech you don't like is more speech or, as you said, don't follow that person or don't click on that link and we're all adults, and we can do that so disinvite a speaker for his or her political views. Sometimes it can be conservative speakers and all, but if youdon't like it, don't don't don't attend their their event, not only that paul, joseph watson, one of the people who was banned has never actually been cited to say anything that would be considered offensive. You just said guilt by association with with alex jones and others, and so i i think this is gon na, have a huge chilling effect and, and the hypocrisy is really what concerns a lot of conservatives, because, although they threw louis farrakhan in there, people who are Quoting and supporting louis farrakhan, like snoop dogg, he still has an account on facebook. Hamas is there many accounts that hate jews are there, but it seems to me that the bulk of people whoare being banned and deep platform and deep person from these platforms are people with conservative views. What i worry about what conservative liberal views doesn't matter to me? I mean it if it brings out the nuts that's what these organizations like facebook are saying it brings out the nuts you don't want to bring out the nuts you want to contain the crazies, but i i i worry about who's deciding who's crazy, simply because i Have users that are different than yours? Are they crazy and you're going to ban me, or vice versa? That'S a very slow thing, not only that, but the terms of service that facebook has, which are a contract between its usersin itself, do not specify any of these reasons. It does not say in there that if you associate the people who we don't like or we find to be icky, we can ban you, and you know to your earlier segment with regard to cryptocurrency. Now we're going to be having social media companies put out forms of currency, we're actually banning some people from being able to use those that has very troubling civil rights about implications as well. Yeah, that's a very good point harmeet! Thank you very much good chatting with you.

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