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Channel: NBC News
Published: 12/30/2019 09:29 PM

Jack Wilson, a member of the volunteer security team at the West Freeway Church of Christ, described the moment he helped take down a shooter during Sunday service. Wilson recounts the moment he knew something was wrong, and how the church’s security team jumped into action. » Subscribe to NBC N...

Take me back to yesterday, if you can - and i know that so many people have seen that video - that that last dream, when did you first realize that something was wrong when the individual first entered the building, there was concern red. You know kind of the flags went up. You know the individual was wearing a three-quarter coat long coat and had on a fag beard and a fake wig, and at the bargain ...
n that at that point made the security team members aware that there is, you know we need to. You know pay a little more attention to this individual went into the audio of israel, actually had the internet camera specifically on him, youknow from that room have where they could. Actually, you know, watch him one of the individuals that was you know shot yesterday. Richard is also a little security team. He was sitting behind him about four feet to his right on the chairs on the back wall, the individual sitting in the middle of the back heel on the far south side of the building. After i got the made sure one of the other security team members was, you know in position outside in the four-year area i went in and was standing about ten twelve feet to richard's right just standing at the wall watching the individual. I could see the individuals right hand. The whole timenever saw him do a whole lot. With his left hand, he had got up, went to the restroom come back set back down. Then he got up to different than two occasions talked to tony.

It was serving communion waiting them and and then when he set back down the second time shortly after that he stood up, turned and produced a shotgun, but that at that time richard and i were both already drawing our weapons. Richard did get his gun out of the holster. He was, i think, able to get a shot off, but it ended up going into the wall. The shooter had turned and shot and then shot tony and then it started. Turnedto go towards the front of the auditorium. Hit and at that time, when he first, you know shot tony, i didn't have a clear window because i had you know members that were jumping going, chaotic, chaotic and standing up. I had wait about a half second or a second, to get a second shot to get my shot. I fired one round, the subject went down and he you know was there. I went to you know cover him at that point. I pulled kicked the shotgun back behind me, put it against the wall, it still felt like it was. You know, ammo in it. I don't know how many rounds were in it.

I don't knowif, he had any more ammo in his pockets. I'Ve been giving that information by law enforcement, yet he by that time, when i got over there to cover him, there was five, maybe six other individuals that are on the security team that already had their guns out drawn onto the individual did not make any attempt To get up instinct, i guess, is the best way. I know to put a gut feel. However, you want to call it. There was concern that you know there was a possible threat from the moment he walked in. Yes, hey see news viewers thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and clickon any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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