Google may face DOJ antitrust probe: report

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/03/2019 12:50 PM

Fox news senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Google’s antitrust investigation. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capit...

Futures. , google, under fire, the justice department, reportedly laying the foundation for a potential anti-trust investigation, focused largely on the company's search practices. this. According to the wall street journal. , the company also recovering from an hours long outage yesterday affecting youtube g mail. Other services. joining me now senior jure judc joining me now senior jure juda joi ...
ing me now, senior jure judl analyst judge napolitano. It seems so mundane to talk about anti-trust after watching the spectacular ceremony. the wall street journal. My hat is off to them as to how they got this.

It'S unusual for the government to announce they're, beginning an investigation. , the investigation of microsoft before they filed a single document in courttook six years. , so we are at the earliest stage. This is not a popularity contest. doesn't matter what people think of google if they're ever charged. If it ever comes to trial. , it won't be a jury. , it's just a judge. It'S all economics.

Does their behavior enhance or inhibit competition? That'S the question that has to be answered. sounds like it's an easy question. There are thousands of potential answers to it. judge. Is it narrow to the search part of google or is it more broad? Maybe we don't know yet they're in the media: business advertising, business they're in the messaging business, retail, business. , . That depends on whether we have a prosecutor like bobmueller or not. If somebody wants to expand it. look, the prosecutors have an ethical duty. If they're looking at one issue and they stumble upon another, they can't overlook it.

If the other has evidence there of some inappropriate behavior. , can they do their investigation without using google products? , it's interesting. If they'll use google products. , that will be the opening line on cross examination. , you used your products to get us here. I don't believe it's a criminal investigation. I believe it's a civil investigation, which means one judge trying the case and all testimony from economics and tech people. dagen. Does it get to a trial, ? It would be unusual if something ofthis magnitude got to a trial.

I would think there would be some amicable resolution of it. This is so early in the game. We don't even know what the government says. Google did wrong and what the government is looking for. They want to break boo, goo gel g. They want to break boo. Goo gel o, they want to break boo, goo gel l. They want to break boo, goo gel e. They want to break boo, goo gel.

U they want to break boo. Goo gel sell a piece here change the way it allows others to become part of the searchen jay. We don't know. technology being recently developed, has caused problems for regulatorsand. How we handle it in modern day. Is this sort of setting the stage for how we move forward and how we look at companies like google, facebook and amazon ? I will tell you this. I think the short answer to your question is: you would think that a cob serve a cob-derve, a cob-dabve, a cob-dab conservative republican president would have an anti-trust division that would be on the laid backside. , not at all.

This is potentially the most complex a and the largest anti-trust investigation in the 100 year history of anti-trust investigations in the united states. dagen good to see you judge.

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