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Published: 12/12/2019

Jersey City mayor calls Jewish grocery store shooting an ‘anti-Semitic attack,’ Americans among the dead in New Zealand volcano eruption, and FAA review found Boeing 737 Max had higher crash risk. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local lis...

Breaking news tonight: was it a hate crime, the terrifying news surveillance the moment, two attackers exit a van carrying long guns and targeting a kosher grocery store as bystanders flee, three people inside the store and a police officer killed. The shooter is now identified the anti jewish and anti police writings found on social media in the disturbing discoveries inside their van. What we've ...
now learned also breaking the multi-million dollar settlement tentatively reached between harvey weinstein and his alleged sexual misconduct victims. Why none of it comes out of his own pocket? The outrage about that tonight. For the first time, americans confirmed among the dead in that new zealand volcano disaster, two teen brothers killed theirparents still missing, and now the new danger, the new lawsuit from the family, of a toddler who plunged to her death on a cruise ship. There'S no way you ever get over it. I think it's just a matter of finding how to get moving the grandfather charged in her death, but the family says the company could have prevented it. The chilling video a family's ring camera taken over by a hacker watching their eight-year-old daughter, i'm your best friend santa claus: how to protect your family and our correspondent revealing her own battle with breast cancer. The symptoms many miss that she spotted thanks to a story. She reported on this is nbc nightly news with lesterholt good evening. Everyone was that a hate crime. After all, riveting surveillance, video shining, new light on yesterday's deadly new jersey gun battle.

The shooter is appearing to target a kosher grocery store in jersey city, where they staged their shootout as dozens of children, huddled in fear in a synagogue next door. A detective and three bystanders were killed tonight. The evidence raising new questions about the motive our gabe gutierrez has new details. There are the stunning moments before rampage: a white van parked on a busy street when a man calmly gets out with a long gun. His passenger follows people desperately start to run, but the suspects don't shoot. Instead, they head directly into akosher grocery store. Only one person appears to make it out. I think it hurts each and every jew all around the world police identified the two people who stormed the store as david andersson and francine graham authorities say they also had a pipe bomb in their van three law enforcement sources. Tell w nbc that anderson was a one-time follower of the black hebrew israelite movement, which has been labeled anti-semitic by analysts that track hate groups. The sources also say there was a note with religious writings in the van as well as online postings connected to anderson's social media page with anti police and anti jewish writings. Investigators are trying to determine whether he posted themwe're, not in the position at this time. To say definitively why the suspects decided to stop in front of the supermarket and began firing immediately, but jersey city's mayor says it was a hate crime, it's hard to argue anything other than this person or these people being motivated by anger and hate towards jews.

The president, weighing in late today with one heart, america weeps for the lives lost with one voice, we vowed to crush the monstrous evil of anti-semitism. This is the synagogues and community center right next to the grocery store. Dozens of children were huddled. On the second floor of this building, as the gun battle erupted, josi steinmetz was inside that synagogue. Thekids were very terrifying, not easy for them. I mean it's scary. I mean it sounds like it was like a war zone like when you see clips from afghanistan. That'S exactly how it sounded those suspects were killed. Three bystanders died inside the store before the massacre at a nearby cemetery police, say the suspects shot and killed veteran detective joe seals detective joe seals, a husband, a married father of five children was a stellar police officer. Tonight this is still a community on edge bound by faith united by heartbreak. There is now stepped up security at synagogues across their region, but still no official motive here. Investigators consider the pair that shot of this grocery storealso is prime suspects in the weekend.

Murder of an uber driver western, a story that becomes more chilling with each detail. Gabe. Thank you also breaking tonight a bombshell report about harvey weinstein and dozens of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. Word of a huge settlement. That'S taking shape. Kate snow has late details on that on the same day, harvey weinstein used a walker to enter the court where he's facing criminal charges a potential 25 million dollar settlement with the more than 30 actresses and other accusers who filed civil suits against the former movie producer. According to the new york times, the time saying, weinstein would not admit any wrongdoing and he wouldn'tpay accusers, but insurance companies for his former studio, which filed for bankruptcy, would make the payout he'll be able to basically walk away from almost all of those cases without paying Any of his own money to those victims, a quarter of the overall settlement according to the times, would pay lawyers for weinstein and his former company accuser, zoe brock, tells nbc news. This settlement breaks my heart. I have signed it only because i have explored every other legal option and, at this point have found no alternative. The advocacy group times up also panning the deal as too little. If this is the best the survivors could get, the system is broken. There are also womenwho are relieved who feel like listen.

There was, as these legal negotiations went on in the pot of money that was going to go towards them, got smaller and smaller. There were concerns of whether or not there would be any settlement reached. The new york times reports several high-profile accusers, would not be part of the settlement. Weinstein'S attorneys declined to comment on the potential settlement. He has pleaded not guilty to all criminal charges. Earlier today, a judge raised his bail after criminal prosecutors said he tampered with his electronic ankle monitor more than 50 times a weinstein attorney told the criminal court he's having back surgery tomorrow and they insist, he'll show up for trial, onjanuary 6th, so kate. This is a settlement in the works, meaning it's not a done deal. It'S not a done deal yet at the new york times, reporting that it would have to be approved by judges and with some lawyers for accusers already objecting it's possible. It could fall apart. All right, thank you, kate, our next story overseas, but certainly heating. Here at home, americans now confirmed among the dead in that volcano disaster in new zealand, two teenage brothers from chicago were killed. Their parents are still missing and bc's janis mackey fryer is there with the new warning tonight tonight: a family devastated matthew, hollander just 13 and his 16 year old brother berendt arethe, first americans confirmed dead from the volcanic eruption.

Here. Their parents, martin and barbara, is still missing it's unclear if they made it off the island. We are now living with a growing sense of desperation to bring home those that we know are there, but it's still too dangerous for rescue teams to reach their satellite images. Before and after the eruption show the crater smothered with ash and tonight a warning from authorities, the situation remains highly volatile. It could erupt again within 24 hours. Seven australians are confirmed dead. Even identifying survivors has been a struggle. There burns so extensive that skin needed for grafting has been ordered from the us. My mommy, i just wantto, let you know this is going to joe's american matthew. Ouray left a voicemail telling his mother that he and his wife lauren needed surgery. Their conditions remain critical. The island sits on the pacific ring of fire and it's at its most active in years now, with a 40 to 60 percent chance of another eruption.

The pressure inside the volcano is rising lester, all right, janice mackey freyr. Thank you for that here at home. What is certain to be a tense showdown, as a house committee begins debating. Articles of impeachment against presidents from our hallie jackson is following at all hallie, what's happening right now. Well, lester. The countdown clock has now started on thedebate over articles of impeachment against president trump. You can see the house judiciary committee working late into the night to hash out the abuse of power and obstruction of congress charges against the president. That'S after democrats accused him of trying to trade military aid money to ukraine in exchange for investigations into his political rivals. President trump in pennsylvania overnight at a rally dismissed those articles as a week and impeachment like insisting there's no crime after a debate starts tonight. The committee is expected to vote tomorrow to advance the impeachment proceedings to the full house. Lester all right hallie, you don't have to look far for political fireworks in washington tonight. The justice department's inspector generalis done now being grilled by a senate committee on his conclusions about the fbi's investigation of the trump campaign.

As democrats and republicans zeroed in on different parts of his report, here's pete williams inspector general michael horowitz offered this stinging assessment of the investigation of the trump campaign. When asked. If his report is a vindication of the fbi, i think the activities we found hair done and indicate anybody who touched this democrat stressed that the fbi had a legitimate reason for launching the investigation and was not motivated by politics. You didn't find a deep state conspiracy against candidate or president trump. As to the opening, we found no no bias, no testimony on documentary eventson that no evidence horowitz found that the fbi speeders struck and lisa paige, who shared antitrump text messages, played a decisive role. The opening of the invest we found was not connected to any of the biased texts that we identified, but republicans concentrated on the reports conclusion that the fbi made serious mistakes in seeking permission under the foreign intelligence surveillance act or fisa to eavesdrop on carter. Paige, a former trump campaign adviser horowitz, said the fbi repeatedly misled the court about evidence against him. Do you feel, like mr. paige was treated fairly by the department of justice in the fbi? I don't think the department justice fairly treated these phases and he was on thereceiving end and he said fbi confidential human sources. Undercover operatives secretly recorded their conversations with two trump campaign: advisers, paul manafort and george papadopolis, and suggested the fbi ought to require higher-level permission to do that in a campaign the fbi could have at the supervisory agent level. So one level will move from a lyin agent authorized a confidential human source to have a conversation with either of the presidential candidates. The fbi's current director, christopher rea, says he has already ordered changes in how his agents operate.

Pete williams, nbc news, washington. Well, the revelations keep coming about the boeing 737 max the faa facing new criticism about its oversight of the plane after a just-released faadocument warned last year that fifteen of the planes could crash over their lifespan. Here'S tom costello, after first speaking with the families of victims from two 737 max crashes, the new faa chief quickly came under congressional fire. Did the faa at some point in this process, make a mistake? Yes, thank you yeah among them failing to properly oversee the design and production of boeing 737 max and failing to ground the plane between crashes. When faa managers warned another max could crash every two to three years. The faa rolled the dice on the safety of the traveling public and let the max continue to fly my highest priority is to make sure that nothing like thishappens again, former boeing manager, ed pearson, who first talked to nbc cynthia mcfadden, said he repeatedly warned boeing executives Of safety lapses. I believe production problems at the retin factory may have contributed to these two tragic rash's boeing says the suggestion of a link between his concerns and the recent max accidents is completely unfounded. No plane in history has ever been grounded for as long as the 737 max getting these planes flying again will not happen overnight. Worldwide 387 maxes are grounded american has 24. We are gon na make sure that this airplane is safe and air worthy before anyone flies on it. Today, faa chief dixon said he will not recertify the max until januaryor later and the faa is revoking boeing's ability to self-certify work on the plane. Boeing'S plan is not the fa s plan the faa, also promising tougher oversight to come tom costello nbc news, tulsa we're going to turn now to a story that is frankly, very personal for all of us here at nbc news.

Our correspondent, kristen dahlgren, sharing her own battle with breast cancer and how one of her own reports helped her discover the signs many women miss. I wasn't thinking about breast cancer at all. I had just had a mammogram that was negative and then a story i had done a few years ago really saved my life nbc's kristen dahlgren with moreothers. I thought it was just a routine assignment in new breast cancer study. One in six patients have symptoms other than a lump. There remember at the time thinking this story is going to save lives, and i just had no idea that the life it would save would be mine fast forward to this summer, and i noticed a dent in my breast. It was more like a thickening. It just felt different than everywhere else. I thought back to that story, and i knew that i needed to see a doctor and within a few days i was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It'S like a kick in the gut. I have a three year: oldi have a lot to live for and it's definitely been the hardest thing i've ever been through. So here we are at chemo.

I'Ve just been feeling a little tired. The hair is gone, but it seems that the tumors are shrinking. So it's doing its job. I think. Without that story i may have waited, and i can't even think what would have happened if i had waited. I went back to the mayo clinic to see dr. deborah rhodes, the breast cancer researcher i interviewed for that story. If this story saved me how many other women are out there in almost every case of a patient who has found her own breast cancer, she will tellme a similar story. I didn't exactly know what i was looking for, but when i noticed it i knew it was important. Dr. rhodes says: pay attention to any changes, dimples thickening discharge and get it checked out. It may be nothing, but for some like me it could be life-saving.

My hope tonight, lester is that sharing my story helps. Others know how important it is to pay attention to your body. I know it's not easy. Turning the camera on our personal lives. First of all, i'm so glad you did. How are you doing i'm doing? Well, i have great doctors, they're optimistic, and so so am i that's what we want to hear: kristin thankyou just ahead the new lawsuit, then the emotional news interview with a family whose toddler tragically died in a cruise-ship fault, her grandfather charged, but tonight why the family Says the cruise line is at fault also had a hacker tapping into a security camera in the bedroom of an 8 year old girl and talks to her the terrifying video and the important warning tonight for parents i'll be back next up for us. The new lawsuit against royal caribbean from a family whose toddler tragically fell to her death from one of its ships as the young girl's grandfather, faces criminal charges. The family spoke to nbc's kerry sanders. This is the last photo taken of chloewiegand before her death. The 18 month olds grandfather salmonella had hoisted her to a railing along a window on a royal caribbean cruise ship, unaware of the window, was open, chloe leaned forward and fell out 11 stories. Today, her parents filed a civil lawsuit claiming royal caribbean was negligent because the cruise line didn't adequately mark the open windows, so they are apparent to passengers. The ship freedom of the seas, launched in 2006, has windows on the upper deck near the kids play area that slide wide open.

The lawsuit says industry standards established since then require windows prop open and only four inches royal caribbean says it has no comment on the civil filing meantime chloe'sgrandfather is charged in puerto rico, with negligent homicide. I just wanted to express how sorry i am any of us have to be here today and see they're broken chloe's parents tell me they opposed those criminal charges. It'S very hard to love someone who's gone. I know the prosecution continues, which makes it even that much harder it's hard for us to just kind of step back from everything and try to heal. I think it's just a matter of finding how to get it. Friday will be an especially difficult day for the family that would have been chloe's second birthday kerry sanders, nbc news south bend indiana such a difficult and tragic story up next onefamily's shock after a stranger hacked into a home security, camera and taunted their kids. All right. We'Re back now with a horror for one family who had just bought a security camera for their children's bedroom when it was hacked a stranger watching their daughter. Miguel almaguer has the warning first reported by our memphis station wmc eight-year-old alissa lemay heard the sound coming from her bedroom a strange voice talking to her. Oh, the sound was coming from the family's newly installed ring camera and microphone the popular home security device bought by the lemay family to watch their children, but was instead being used by a stranger to watch them. I'M your best friend, i'm santa clausi'm santa claus. Don'T you want to be my best friend i watched the video and i mean like they could watch them sleeping they could have watched him changing i mean they could have seen all kinds of things hacked by a cyber spy.

The chilling voice watching the bedroom belonging to three little girls, taunted elisa before her father unplugged, the device tonight ring saying their security was not breached. Adding hackers, often reuse, credentials, stolen or leaked from one service on other services. Experts say, use strong passwords change them often and enable two-factor authentication to ensure what's private stays that way. Lester that's nightly news, i'm lester holt good night. Everyone, hey nbc news viewers, thanksfor, checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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