Senate Republicans warn Trump against Mexico tariffs

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/04/2019 11:55 PM

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La. says he is hopeful the tariffs on Mexican goods could be avoided while securing the U.S. southern border. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquar...

Publicans now getting cold feet on how to handle the mexico tariffs that the president vows will go into effect next week, senate majority, leader mitch, mcconnell and senator john corben. They want to talk to the president, private senators, chuck grassley, pat toomey, rob portman they're, contemplating legislation to stop the president, but president trump says republicans you're being foolish. ...
ou shouldn't stop. This a border is broken senate joint economic committee member. He is senator bill cassidy. He tweeted on the border issue quote more border security means more peace of mind for our communities. It'S time to finish the wall. Jamie now is senator cassidy himself, senator great to see you, sir. Thank you for having mesomebody's some people. The critics are saying: do not do tariffs on mexico, others say yes, the president's our choices. He has to fix the border. Where do you come down? I don't particularly care for tariffs, but that certainly seems to have gotten the mexicans attention.

My hope is that and what we avoid the tariffs, but that we come with some very concrete measures to keep the caravans from coming north like well. Well, for example, one proposal that's already being partially implemented is to secure the guatemalan mexican border and to have choke points they're partially staffed with americans, as well as guatemalans and mexicans on the other side to stop it there. If somebody wishes toapply for asylum, they can apply for asylum there, but they'll do it in their home country. I think that's a better solution. You know, there's been tremendous overreaction to the president. There'S failure to remember history: lbj shut the border sort of richard nixon sort of ronald reagan, the majority of the time for drug trafficking and the like. The president is not talking about that. Now he's trying to fix the border. I think the american people see that what the president is trying to do what the congress is not doing. Well a couple things one. I will say that congress should act and the president has put some good deals forward, but there will be aneconomic impact of these tariffs, and my state has a positive balance of trade with mexico. If mexico puts terrorists back on our country, there'll be people losing jobs.

So i don't know if it's so much disagree with the president that we we certainly agree that we need to secure the border, but to do it in a way that does not negatively affect yeah somebody holding the job. I think the president knows he doesn't want to affect the swing state voters, here's former ice director and fox news contributor, tom holman. He put it in perspective and how serious a crisis at the border really is. Let'S listen to this. If i won't be a terrorist entrancecountry, i won't take advantage of the other border now that's in chaos and come across the board away, twelve or 20 or other million people came to this country. Your reaction, sir. Well, when you speak of chaos, there are people coming across the border that should not come across the border. We have to secure the southern border now what measures are required to do? That is what is in question now and what is the most effective way? The reasons that mexicans don't come across our border now but stay in mexico is because they have jobs in mexico. If the tariffs end up shutting down those jobs, will we start getting mexicans coming across the borderso? I think we need to think this through. I agree with the president, though we do need to secure the southern border. Yeah mexico is saying they could retaliate. Maybe with tariffs on us.

Goods in mexico is claiming mexico is claiming senator that it has already stopped a quarter million people from crossing into the u. s. to believe that iii don't know whether to believe it or not. I say in this job. I know what i'm told not what i know, but i do know that if we secure the mexican guatemalan border, that would be a great way to stop folks coming all the way across sounds like common sense. Senator cassidy. Thank you. So much.

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