Biden hammered with plagarism accusations over climate plan

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/06/2019 02:17 AM

Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk and Trump 2020 strategic communications director Marc Lotter discuss how Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was accused of plagiarizing parts of his new climate change platform. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering re...

Trish 2020 frontrunner joe biden under fire for plagiarism in his campaign. There were complaints that his climate platform lifted lines from various sources and his public education platform as well. This isn't biden's first run-in with these accusations. His 1988 campaign was famously marched by ibs departments of accusations of plagiarism. mark. On the one hand, i feel for him because it was ...
probably his staff. , but where is he in this. ? Why isn't he taking a february and paper and writing his own climate platform. ? Why is he league it to them to do and literally lift from someone else's platform and plagiarize.

? What we have seen is this is the same old joe. , but what's evenworse is when you look at what he's putting forward. he's, putting forward idea and endorsing the concept of the green new deal which his labor union supporters hate. ? He has been in politic so long and he just lost his way. He can't feel out the democrat party any more. He can't figure it out. trish joe biden will be more acceptable to people in pennsylvania and membership began and places that have gotten hurt by the offshoring of so many jobs. Then he come out and says you be informed things.

This is not a partisan issue with china. , they put it all right out there forker to see. I think both side of the aisle are somewhatnervous about china. , he's saying who cares about china. joe bide' kind of strike me on he. One of these issues. are we for or against this. he's getting tons of heat for opposing the repeal of the hide amendment. this used to be bipartisan. Policy.

This shows how dramatically the democratic party has been revealed. It'S way outside the norm. Joe biden has been asleep for 30 years and just woke up and said whoa. This is not the democratic party i knew. , it will be someone in the mold. I would like to think the political energy is around people like bernie sanders and aoc, and much less like joe biden, who is from the old chapterof the democratic party. They will have a self-inflicted political, wound. trish if he were to get the nomination, and i will feel bad for the democrats in our country if he does.

, we are not socialists. , let's not forget our nation. This is a great capitalist nation that is free. It'S the envoy of the world because, in part because of our capitalist principles. , alexandria ocasio-cortez is saying $ 5 trillion. That'S not going to cut it. no way jose. Any plan that addresses climate change will cost at least $ 10 trillion.

Why not? It'S just a trillion or or there of taxpayer money. She said it's a fact that it's $ 10 trillion. you take that for whatever thatmeans. , but we have to look at the jobs it's going to cost and the other problems it will cost in our country. That'S why labor union leaders in california of all places. they were getting hate mail saying the democrat party doesn't represent us anymore. It'S why the democrat party is losing, maybe in michigan and pennsylvania, and so many places. here you have the center of the party and everyone is flocking to their banner to kill jobs.

Why is biden releasing a climate plan? He wouldn't be doing that unless the political energy was behind the bernie sanders. aoc has recentered the focus of the democratic party. Do you think joe biden wants a conversation aboutbillions of dollars on climate. his best chance of beating president trump is with the.

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