Trump's economy poses major challenges for 2020 Dems

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Published: 05/02/2019 01:59 PM

Washington Examiner commentary writer Siraj Hashmi on and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke's pledge to not accept campaign contributions of more than $200 from fossil fuel executives. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information acr...

The country. top story with half an hour with trump economy in 2020, joe biden's last ride pointing to the strength of the trump economy ahead of the 2020 election saying this is dan henninger who wrote this: leave it to donald trump to defend his private job's economy, But the dismissal of long hope of reality for expanding opportunity across all income classes and races, as quote sugar high, wer ...
unequal cynicism on grand scale. One almost wonders: if calls were here today, might he look around as what has been happening in u. s. labor market and think this isn't so bad after all. joining us now, commentary writer and editor good to see you. again it's going tobe very difficult for a joe Biden or any of these democratic contenders to argue that the economy is lousy. , right job actually has a lot of catching up to do. He argued most the progressive candidate and if you look at bernie sanders or elizabeth warren, he looks like a moderate republican. I mean there's certain things that hurts him more, but with republicans and people who are conservative on fiscal policies, he's obviously very problematic when it comes to economy. Things like donald trump on charlottesville incident response to him and handling of it as oppose on the economy, which was in lock-step with president obama over 8 years.

dagen. I found it james when joe bidenwas speaking to the union or the firefighters union. He was talking about. Oh, you didn't get a tax cut and lack of wage growth. I thought to myself wage growth and decent benefits. That'S why you join the union. biden, unaware that the 2017 tax cut reduced rates across the board at all income levels, but this issue of -- of the running on essentially saying: let's bring back the good-old obama era. I understand that among democrats biden is polling very well right now, but as we think about his ability to pull voters away from donald trump, do you think these are voters who were happy with the economy at the time and they were simplyvoting against hillary clinton or Do we have some reason to think that mr. biden is going to have to be more promise to return to that era? it's hard to say, because when obama and biden were running in 2008, they don't really have a case right now, because the economy hasn't --, . If you're, looking at how biden is trying to paint this to mid western voters, maybe looking at things like expanding obamacare, which is something that hasn't really been very big on? And you know, democrats mostly want the push for medicare for all and biden isn't on that. Train. dagen on that note quickly point out that the trump administration is urging thecourt to strike down the entire affordable care act.

There'S a story about that today. So again, maybe that gives the democrats something to run on. I want to turn photo sill fuel money. Former texas congressman beto o'rourke pledging not to accept campaign contributions of more than $ 200,000 for fossil fuel executives returned for donations, 5 trillion-dollar to curve global warming. What do you make of that? ? He can still accept $ 199,000 of executives if he wants to. beto o'rourke flavor of the month right after he ran, but now superceded by a lot of other democrats like pete buttigieg, who is in many ways seen like the shinier beto o'rourke figure. It'S interesting that o'rourke is tryingto cater to a lot of climate change. Advocates were the group that confronted dianne feinstein about the green new deal and she shut them down completely. So yes, basically symbolic gesture to say that he's on board to try to pass something as expansive as the green new deal and unrealistic of the green new deal, but really place to get headlines. dagen.

While eric the kendal vote, the president of the united states nominee to look like a ken doll and then you have pete buttigieg, who is authentic, with husband and two dogs. An beto o'rourke doesn't look like a kennedy enough to really attract those older voters. So he's left with trying to one up aocon his green new deal and basically he's not only talking down the economy, he's talking about a thriving part of our economy in terms of the jobs created in oil production, in natural gas production and across the board. In the energy sector. well, this gets the whole thing on the infrastructure thing which we will discuss later: construction workers. Since there's labor shortage in the economy, the only thing they'll be able to fall back on better medical care for you on jury box. You have now are lousy, better jobs in the future, it's kind of a dead thing and what's the interesting thing next month in june, when they have the first debate, each onewill try to sound more radical than the other and that's going to help howard schultz he's Going to look like an adult because all the people go crazy to the left. dagen. I work on an oil pipeline. I like my job. Why are you trying to put me out of work? ? Why is your extreme party trying to -- gas to be able to ship overseas so we have more influence around the world. dagen.

We will talk about the rising liquefied natural gas exports to europe of all places again exporting inexpensive,.

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