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President Obama has been campaigning for his former vice president, Joe Biden, and is back in the battleground state of Florida. Obama urged people to vote and went after President Trump’s coronavirus response in a speech designed to fire up Democratic voters. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnew

President obama, back in florida today campaigning for his former vp. It is his second trip to the state. In the past few days today, the former president urged people to get out and vote. He also went after president trump on covid he's turned the white house into a hot zone. Some of the places he holds rallies have seen new spikes right after he leaves town and over the weekend his chief of staf ...
said, and i'm quoting here, i'm not making this up. His chief of staff on a news program says we're not going to control the pandemic. He just said this: nbc news, correspondent, garrett, hake, is in orlando florida garrett uh we're seeing a bit of a more fiery president obama than we're used to he's come out swinging in this final stretch of the campaign uh. Where did you say he landed his most effective, punches today yeah? This was barack obama unfiltered today, really going after the president uh in great focus on the covet 19 response. That was the overarching theme of his remarks today and he went after the president for he said essentially staying at home and shouting at the tv rather than dealing with this, for not keeping the white house itself safe for taking super spreader events at the white house And then going on the road and campaigning around the country with them. If there's one metric, by which we can judge president obama's comments today, whether or not he got under president trump's skin, the president himself did tweet that he was watching tv that he saw. President obama's remarks, he was frustrated that another cable news network was even covering it. So in that regard, i think at least the president was successful.

Make no mistake. This was not a message today about persuasion about trying to win over the few undecided voters who may be left in a state like florida. This was a speech designed to fire up democratic voters and in that regard it appeared. The president was successful. Karen president obama also took aim at what he's calling republican efforts to dismantle the affordable care act. What did he say on that? You know this is one of those that i cover pretty closely at my other job on capitol hill 10 years in to the repeal and replace movement to get rid of. Obamacare republicans have the repeal vote part pretty well down, but they've not ever come up with much on the replace side. President obama hammered them for that. Take a listen and speaking of health care. By the way, you may have noticed republicans love saying right before an election, how they're going to protect people who have pre-existing conditions? Have you noticed that? Well, you know what joe and i actually protected them 10 years ago with the affordable care act. [ applause ] and you know those same republicans who say they're going to protect them. Somehow they have tried to repeal or undermine the affordable care act more than 60 times [ music, ] allison, president obama's, not throwing this in there by accident.

Joe biden has a pretty commanding lead on the issue of health care and most of the polling that we've seen around the country. As do congressional democrats on a generic ballot test, congressional democrats tend to pull better on this issue. It'S another one of those things where focusing on health care might perhaps lift up all democratic candidates on the ballot, which is, of course, former president obama's goal here as well garrett. We talked about uh, kovitt healthcare. Here uh. You saying, of course, that uh president obama not trying to get those last minute, voters speaking largely to the democratic base. But what are voters they're saying? How do those issues rank when they go to the polls what's top of mind when they vote look i mean there's a huge division here between the issues that are animating republican voters and democratic voters. I mean i go back and forth between covering the trump campaign and the biden campaign and around the trump campaign. It'S economic issues. It'S it's the idea of low taxes, it's and frankly, it's it's fear, but not fear of the virus. Fear of the economic consequences should there be another shutdown. The president has gotten a lot of those republican voters really stoked up on the idea that joe biden would come in and shut down their economy.

You heard it even frankly from some of the pro-trump protesters who were here on the democratic side, and you know perhaps you know this will be. The question is whether this is the message that's appealing to independent voters as well. It is the virus. It'S the president's handling of the pandemic that supersedes everything you know when you cover president trump. You can at times perhaps even forget about the virus. The president doesn't talk about it other than to complain about the coverage of it and the rallies are people pack together, not wearing masks just like they would have been in 2016. The cars are now gone, but this was a drive-in rally. People were socially distant by design. Only a few hundred people here to see a former president of the united states. I mean this was built to be a reminder of the extraordinary times we live in and that's part of the democratic messaging here garrett. We know it joe biden, president trump, in a very tight race there in florida biden up just two percent in the state that is well within the margin of error.

According to the latest cbs battleground tracker uh, we saw president obama in miami on saturday. He is, of course, or was, of course, in orlando today, two big cities uh. What is the strategy in florida in this last week, the biden campaign wants to get one of their big three, that's joe biden, kamala harris or president obama into all of the major media markets in florida in this last competitive window. Here down the stretch, you saw president obama in miami here in orlando by the way very diverse city, a lot of african-american voters here, a lot of puerto rican voters here, which is a core group that democrats are targeting we're going to see joe biden in the State on thursday, i don't think we know what cities yet, but don't be surprised to see him in tampa, perhaps just a hair, more conservative of an area than is orlando and don't be surprised to see him as i'm keeping tents from falling here on the gulf Coast in areas that we've talked about in terms of uh hurricane preparation over the last couple of months, the biden campaign wants to try to hit all of the markets across the state. The margin is so narrow. The average of polls here has biden up about 1. 8. This is traditionally a one-point state, but a win here: bang, that's 29 electoral votes that probably all but closes the door on a trump re-election. That'S why you're seeing such an enormous commitment of resources by the biden campaign? Hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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