Mourners gather in Los Angeles after Kobe Bryant’s death

Channel: Washington Post
Published: 01/27/2020

Fans gathered outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Jan. 26 after Kobe Bryant, 41, died in a helicopter crash earlier that day. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Ins

-Everybody'S kind of mourning right, now. , it's like la - has a different feel to it. A lot of us are down here to pay our respects to kobe and his family. -it's. Just so surreal. it's -- man. I grew up watching him. I grew up going in the bus to go, watch the games and see him and it's just --. It'S --. It'S not real.

the way he thought of things. The way he processed things and ther ...
s' been points in my life that i've been really really down and just seeing his highlights seeing what he says and his quotes and just going out there every day and you know giving 110 % just -- it just --. I mean you couldn't get a better idol. You couldn't get a better role. Model. -i met kobe ``, jellybean' bryant in february of 2000. I am a make-a-wish kid. I had acute myeloid, leukemia yeah, uh stage iv cancer. -and how old were you -i was 12.

He was really inquisitive. , he wasn't about himself. and i feel like that's what people don't necessarily understand about him per se that he was a selfless individual. You know i can't even cry right now, man. I really can't'cause, like i'm still remembering that day and how happy it made me. You know to give me like that extra motivation to like survive. -i was an athlete. people didn't think i was supposed to be an athlete but out-worked everyone. , and it got me where i was to being a d-1 college athlete. that wouldn't have ever happened.

If it wasn't for that mentality and growing up every day, watching him play and give his all every game every game. i mean, i hope it brings us all together in these times, and i hope we can all just process it together and love one another, and Just come together as a city. he's the definition of la. When you think about kobe, then you think about la like it's hard to think of la without kobe, and i mean, i think, he's the definition of la.

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