NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio considers 2020 presidential bid

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/06/2019 05:42 PM

FBN's Charlie Gasparino on reports New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is seriously considering a 2020 presidential bid. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New...

All right, this makes it an even 200 new york mayor bill, deblasio, apparently seriously considering a presidential run, it's not really 200. As you know, it's under maybe eight anyway, we've got charlie guess we know here. Is he seriously 199 people can't beat trump? He is very serious. I have been talking to new york dems all day, but the way they're explaining it is this he's term-limited. He d ...
esn't really have you know great job prospects coming out of this and was he gon na run for governor? I mean i don't think he's can do that. Probably can't win governor isn't term-limited right? No, it's not you can you can run if you want his father ranthree terms lost in four terms. I think george pataki ran three times so he's got to put its help. Wanted sign on himself and that's what's going, what's not to stop it though right he's looking at all these others racism? Well i mean, if you are rational about that you're saying. Why would i do it? I mean there are so many people that that are alike him in the race. Bernie sanders elizabeth warren go down the list, i mean they were all like carbon copy. You could say i'm the chief executive, oh yeah, and he's not gon na win, and you know here's the thing he's. This is why you know it's pretty much of acynical ploy on his part.

Part number one he's not gon na be able to raise the money. Just not i mean the others will suck the oxygen. The small donations alienated all the financial players, they hate him. I mean they absolutely think, he's a jerk road to balance when you're running yeah. If you're gon na hate you're gon na you know piss off both. I mean it's, you got no money, so the question is: do you think he makes a debate? Don'T you have to get this? I think i have to get some sort of certain level. 2 % yeah. He might not even make the debates, that's the it's, and so then again, why is he doing itagain? He needs a job in three or two years when he's term limited out. This is a good sounding board. Think about it. This way, you can keep your job as big-time anchor and just float around iowa and run for a run from well. It does economically we're doing this.

The other day that you know you get bigger, speech, income right, looks book deals and, like you might get a cab in a position. If your party bernie sanders wins right right, so they have a lot in common. They, both honeymooned in as countries. I think bernie sanders honey, i'm pretty sure bernie sanders, honeymoon didn't in moscow in moscow's right and comrade bill de blasioit was cuba? Isn'T that great they can just think of all they could talk about there. You go. What are people saying about the crowded field? You were talking at the beginning there about the latest economic numbers record, low unemployment right. You know you could go back and forth on this, and the president should be running away with it and he's not. But you know it's clear that the economy is gaining some traction and voters. Listen. If you look at the polls on his handling of the economy, he does a lot better than his overall polls. I just think there's a noxious nough surround donald trump that you know. Aside from what i know, aboutthe guy, which i like the guy a lot.

You know his twitter personality and his personality turns off a lot of people. Now the real question is: will you throw it all away to 401 80 on a bernie sanders on elizabeth warren or some of these other people? They got running and i don't i i just say that is the real question and by the lessons job i yeah someone of a more moderate band right and you know some of they can and someone that doesn't count out to the left. You know it's it's gon na be hard to get through the primary, without cowtown to the left, by the way on economic issues, but that'skind of where we're talking about here and it's interesting about donald trump. Aside from the trade stuff, i mean, if he doesn't do trait crazy trade, stuff and and by the way, this might be a pure negotiating stance today and you saw the market trade-off. Why do you think he did this by the way? I just think it's a negotiating stance. I think he thinks that if he was getting impatient, rest years get him off tits and i've saw some reports that somehow the chinese are scared of him more now, because mother's not around i mean i'm gon na, be honest with you. They play a long game. I mean i don't know it was verylong and they're, not scared of really anything. Listen, they have economic issues. We have economic issues, there are a huge trading partner, we kind of need them to sell certain things we kind of like access to the markets. We can't let them take ours, there's something you and i pay, not government, that's the problem and when you start going tit-for-tat with them on this stuff, i mean it's one thing: to go and crack down on intellectual property rights. Stealing there's another thing to go.

You know hurt our farmers and i think markets are reflecting that, but the plate, the markets, aren't off that much. I think no they're, not they think he's like bull blusterand. Not i mean they think i take the markets. Thing he's gon na get a trade deal. Just so you know, i think, you're right about and kudlow is telling people he gets. A trade deal we're getting doubt when t 8,000, something by the way. Your argument, us trade representative's, is really calling the trade shots. It'S proven true yeah because he was the one who won against treasury secretary notion of a knee larry kudlow. All of them were saying hey. This is coming together fast. It was saying no, no, so obviously his tough stance, it has the president's ear. Yeah, i mean listen, there's a reason why light eyes are still in there and even morethan that - and this is the tel, its navarro.

Why is peter navarro who's, so isolated from minutia and larry kudlow and the sort of economic brain trust of the administration still mit, because trump likes him? He likes his stance on china. He likes the belligerency, the markets don't like it, and but he now the question really becomes neil. Is there a compromise that comes out of the two sides that the colors and of arrows that is positive and that day that could be true? Well they'll say there was a compromise right and maybe the markets will like it, listen anything but total trade war marxist might like that all right by the way, excellent columnover the week. Thank you up there very fair and balanced you're, the president for those who always say never trump he's a very fair and balanced trump. Can we use that i'm gon na must sometimes trumper. I could throw your, but i think of the fact that was a very bell: it's kinda weights and i was i was at milken manny. The security guard said hello. Oh it's great guy said he loves, loves kabuto. Well, you know, ralph was shouting in my ear. There are so many people that were talking you up. I was like. I paid them take a quick break here, but i really urge you if you can go online and read avery, fair and balanced portrayal of this president from a guy doesn't have any agenda on the right or the left.

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