GOP Senators speak to press ahead of impeachment trial

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Published: 10 hours ago

Happening now: GOP Senators address John Bolton's report on Ukraine and what it means for the impeachment trial. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, and the direct-to-consumer streaming service, FOX Nation.

We will take questions so obviously we got some new information, that's hit the scene and i'll just cut to the chase that it really doesn't change anything in terms of the process. We knew that the discussion of witnesses would be here soon and i think every senator that i know said that they will cross that bridge when they get to it and each has a different opinion. Probably of how important tha ...
's going to be. I will emphasize that to date, excepting you know what we heard last night, that the case has been weak built on kind of a circumstantial platform. There was actually - and i think when i was walking off here one day - there was no aid actually delivered and there was a meeting. There was no pressure, there was no investigation so, and i think the president has already acknowledged that you know what bolton is contending in his book. Promo, it's not the case. So i think what it's done is taken already hot topic and added some fuel to the fire and for me and from a place like indiana. It still goes back to the origination of how this occurred wanted to. You know malign the president from when, and you know he was before he was even inaugurated and a lot of that plays into every different senators calculation of what to do for myself. I always wanted the process to be fair and i think it's gon na be that way and it'll be interesting to see what other senators think after we have our luncheon, which gets started a little earlier than normal. John well there's a so-called blockbuster report in today's new york times.

It'S a story about selective leaks from a book that you can order pre-order on amazon. com from john bolton to me. The facts of the case remain the same. There is nothing new here to what the house managers have been saying. It'S interesting, because i believe the president's team did a great job on saturday, a wonderful job presenting the case and i'm looking forward to hearing from them today and tomorrow. But the president's team was able to do on saturday was truly undermine the case of the democrats and undermine the credibility of adam schiff. So, as i've said last friday right here, i think there's gon na be something new coming out every day, very similar to what we saw in the cavanaugh trial, new information old information told in a different way to inflame emotions and influence. The outcome i say, take a breath: let's listen to the president's lawyers today in the case that they present we're going to get to the specific question of witnesses. On friday, we have two more days of hearing from the president's team. We have 16 hours of questioning by the senators and voting begins in iowa on monday. This coming mutt elections are on the ballot. The public was pulled this past weekend.

Do you have enough information view? Believe senators have enough information to make an informed decision at this point and the public said. Yes, they have enough information, but we're going to be asked that question on friday. So i would say at this point take a breath. Listen to what we hear from the president's defense team today and tomorrow, listen to the questions and let the voters decide the outcome of who should be their president. The ground seems to be shifting here. So after the last session, i did speak to some that have been kind of grappling with the issue and i think yes, it probably will make the dynamic different. I think it is clear that the question of witnesses was going to come up anyway, and i think in this case it may move the needle in one direction or another and for the people that still are thinking that you know the foundation of how it originated. What we've heard so far, every senator will have a different opinion of how important that is, but i'm not going to deny it's gon na change, the decibel level and probably the intensity at which we go about talking about witnesses which i'm gon na be on friday And the interesting thing to me is: you need chuck schumer, he comes up here and he always said i just need for republicans. Ladies and gentlemen, that's not about witnesses. He needs for republicans to be the majority leader of the united states senate. It is his magic number, that's his focus. He is known from the beginning that he was never going to have an opportunity to actually remove president trump from office or remove president trump from the ballot.

His goal, as clearly stated, is to become the majority leader not to remove the president when i had one thing to that. This is a political process and you know when it comes to how each of us has to look at this. That'S different for every senator and i think politically speaker pelosi knew that we may be coming to this day. I just heard today - and you don't hear much about it. President trump is leading the candidates in a new york times, sienna poll in iowa, he's leading in some of the swing states and when it all comes down to it, and when you push this hard on something that you've tried to do for so long. There is a political consequence and after we get through this, you know that's the true measure because we're overturning one election and we're trying to prevent another and that'll weigh into everybody's conversations. Okay, so you know as well as i do when i said it didn't happen. Is that the aid was really you know released, they had the meeting. There was not an investigation in the one fact witness president zalenski said there was no pressure. If you have to spell it out in detail, most people got that. That'S what i meant we'll find that out if we get to him as a witness and president trump said that what he's saying is not the case. So if you take a look at the picture of aid to ukraine and i've been there a number of times, president trump has done so much more to help the people of ukraine, the freedom fighters, the liberties of the people there, with the aid from the united States and we ever got from the previous administration president solinsky said he didn't even know that there was a temporary pause in the aid until after reports came out and after the aid started to flow.

So you know if the issue is aid to ukraine. The quid pro quo the money went out. President trump received nothing in return. I was asked that last night, is he a credible witness and i have no, you know when it comes to john bolton. If we get two witnesses, it's gon na have two things involved. He will be vetted in terms of all the things you'd do with a witness, whether you believe him or not from the get-go and then with certainty. You know we will have witnesses too. So that's what we'll talk about it'll be in that context, and there is. There is nothing new here that john bolton didn't know before the house managers rested their case and stopped calling witnesses and they never chose to call john bolton. They have for 25 years, undermine the credibility of john bolton on item after item and not trusting his judgment. His temperament and we have you've seen that for a long long time of his history. So we're going to have a chance to hear from the president's lawyers at 1:00 this afternoon we're gon na listen closely.

You can imagine every year is going to be tuned to that, as as we hear that defense. But from this point, when i take a look at what the beginning part of your question, the aid went, the investigation was not announced, so there is no quid pro quo all along. So i think that's where it comes down to each senator having to make that decision and you're gon na have to weigh your conscience and what the people back home want you to do and whether and even when we get there, i think it's gon na vindicate The president, because in places in many states where as much as the president infuriates half the country he inspires and he lates the other half and we're still dealing with this and i'll cite even what's happening in the democratic race. Bernie sanders is surging. I came here because i was fed up with business as usual here in president trump and bernie sanders are manifestations of that i heard bernie just a little bit ago, i'm speaking against the establishment. You know talking to his voters and it'll all be played out in the long run, we're gon na get through this trial. The president's gon na be vindicated because he came here to shake up the system. The agenda is working and will go on and we're not going to overturn one election and prevent another. Thank you.

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