Minority Leader McCarthy talks Barr, the rise in anti-Semitism

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/02/2019 04:55 PM

House Minority Leader McCarthy talks about the rise in anti-Semitism, infrastructure and Barr's absence from the House Judiciary hearing during his weekly media availability. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impac...

Did someone say no to that? First, let me apologize for being late is not something i like to do, but i don't. I don't control the floor anymore. So i'm sorry, that's really! First of all, good afternoon, i want to start first by recognizing day of remembrance a time when our nation pauses to remember the millions of lives lost during the atrocities of the holocaust and the valiant actions of thos ...
who risked it all to bring it to an End this is a time to reflect on our fight against anti-semitism is ongoing and we must combat it with everything we have as a nation. Last year, the instances of anti-semitism rose by historic levels. Andalready this year we have had two horrific shootings at synagogues. Just last week, in poway and in pittsburgh, this is a stark reminder that our fight against anti-semitism is not over. We should all pledge to never shut our eyes to anti-semitism, to continue to pose evil wherever it may surface. That is why we should stand united to oppose bds the boycott, divest and sanctions, a movement that believes the state of israel should not exist. We are introducing an identical resolution to the senate s1, which included anti bds language. It received bipartisan support in the senate. More than 77 votes how many pieces of legislation have ever come out of the senate, especially this year was77 votes. The senate has stood against bds.

The house should do the same. Now i want to shift back to discuss what is happening this morning within our congressional committees, leading up to today's planned hearing at the house judiciary committee, where we expected to hear from ag attorney general bar chairman nadler decided to change the rules to satisfy the very Obvious desire to impeach president trump, only one time, staff question a cabinet-level official, and that was during the impeachment hearing attorney general bar - has been very transparent. If you read the molar report, the first volume, 90 % of all of it, is to the public. Ninety-Eight percent is available in the second volume. There'S no collusionand. I believe it's time for our country to move forward. I know democrats did not like the outcome of the last election. They did not like the outcome of 22 months of investigation and they didn't like the answer, but this country believes we need to move forward. Attorney general bar has been very transparent, brought forward the information. I think it's time to stop wasting this majority and actually get something done for the american public. So let me open up there for questions what you may have. Yes, ma'am, no we've gotten.

I don't need to we've gotten all the information i mean. Think of the volumes and all the questions prior wanting to make sure whatthe democrats were asking. Could we see them all the report? 90 % a volume? One is all open to the public 98 % of the second volume. If you look and listen to the american public, and not just my district, go to those who are running for president go to the democrats are out there go to democrats who are in congress that are having their town halls. They are not getting questions about moeller. Yes, they are getting questions about health care medicare for all. They are getting questions about infrastructure and others shouldn't they focus on what the american public expects and what the american public wants. Yes, sir, i support working on an infrastructure bill. It'S topay for that real. Concerning to me, especially with the amount of debt that we have, there are bipartisan ideas out there of where you should start. One happens to be the gain act. This is a piece of legislation, that's supported by the freedom caucus and on the democratic side, the black caucus supports it as well - and this is one that looks at excess government property to sell that, and you could use that on infrastructure.

It would focus on the 100 poorest districts in this country. I think that is a very good start of where we could begin. I disagree with the democrats thinking they want to raise taxes to pay for infrastructure before they wentto see the president. They said they would have to change the current tax code that they would raise the rates of americans now. This is not unusual for the democrats. Their first bill, hr 1, would take if they raised $ 200 would take $ 1,200 from the american public. The current proposal by democrat senator who's running for president. She now thinks we should raise taxes and give every american $ 600, so they could then spend on politics. It'S really a common denominator, the democrats, but i think that would be a non-starter. Yes, sir, i think you have all the above. I think public private has worked in a lot of places, and i think you should always utilizethat element to to be cuz to use that element as we go forward as one of the options through here. It'S a way that you could leverage money further, it could go farther and i think it works in some areas in some places.

There'S other areas that work as well too. So it's kind of all the above. Yes, sir, and she said i do not believe attorney general bar lied. I believe he's been very transparent in all of this. I think if there people are looking at who has lied in the process, simply look at chairman adler. Chairman adler asked the attorney general to come and he said yes after the attorney general said. Hewould come to the committee to speak to every member. They moved to change the rules. Even cnn cannot find any history of that happening before the only time an individual, a staffer questioned somebody was during watergate. Nadler has been wanting to impeach the day after the election. He can't have the facts to prove of why he should, but he will not stop. This is what the american public is frustrated by the politics of attacking individuals.

When you look at the democratic party, they now want to weaponize the irs they want to go after continue to go after the president to try to go after his family. This has got to stop the american public wantsus to move forward and solve the problems. Yes, i believe the nancy pelosi should bring it to the floor. One of the major questions that the democrats asked before it would come to the floor is that mexico asking another country to change their own laws, their labor laws. Well, the senate and mexico. Just did that, so i think it's appropriate that they keep their word when they said, that's why they would bring it forward. This is a win-win for all, and i believe that you would have a large number of votes from the republicans, and the democrats would only need a few to bring it across and we could sign this and actually create evenmore and we've already created in just the Last three years, yes, sir we've had two negotiations, our meetings, i would say no solution yet ongoing. I don't see a solution at this moment. No, yes, he asked about he to ask about public-private, that's, not a pay-for, that's that's a model in which you could utilize transportation funding. You know i'm from california the average price of a gasoline and a gallon of gasoline in america. I can get this wrong because i'm from california is roughly probably to 80 to 90. In california.

We pay about 410. Now the current governor gavin newsom, he was shocked by this. He was so shocked last week that he wanted tohave an investigation of why the price of gasoline in california was so high. This was after they had raised the gasoline tax in california, california, just in the last - and i might not get this exactly correct in the last five years. I believe the revenues in california, just the excess of what they've been able to grow, is the entire budget of wisconsin or in arizona. You know how much money they increased, whether they had all that increased in revenue to infrastructure, not one dollar, not one dollar, and that that is really a responsibility of government. So what they did. They spent this money on something else, and then they went to the american went tothe california and said you have to pay more. You have to pay quite a bit more than all the other states will pay. Now, who does that hurt? It hurts those who commute, it hurts those of lower income and then what do we do with this money if the money went all directly to the roads, i'd support putting into the roads, but now we have a system, that's much different right. You have electric cars on the road, they do not pay, the money doesn't go just to roads. We go to bike trails, go to buses, we go to others, but it was supposed to be a user fee used to build roads.

The other realconcern i have when it comes to transportation. Why do we have to wait more than 10 years after we pass a bill to fix our roads? You have a lot of laws that give us a slowing of the building, which makes the cost even higher. We should really start looking at when we start talking about infrastructure, the streamlining and our ability to build these roads faster, because they'll cost less they'll get done sooner, so congestion will go away. But when i watch the democrats in the majority before dream of these shovel-ready projects, i don't think america wants to revisit that process because i don't think we've got much out of that trillions of dollars. Beingwasted! Yes, ma'am! Oh we're going back to the other question. Yes, any other question: all right have a great weekend see you next week, [ music, ].

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