China Virus: Health Officials Race to Find Effective Treatment

Channel: Bloomberg Politics
Published: 6 hours ago

Jan.27 -- As China's viral outbreak, a strain of the coronavirus family of pathogens, spreads to four continents, global health experts are racing to find an effective treatment. Bloomberg's Thomas Mulier reports from Geneva on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Thomas, i want you to help us with the great fear, which is the incubation we produce cytokines, and then we have the prodrome, which is fever, malaise, aches, pains and nausea and that can very virus virus. Are we any smarter this morning in geneva about the prodrome of the incubation than we were a week ago? Well, the incubation period - it's really important here because they they've determined ...
that it can take about two weeks for the virus to incubate and then show symptoms, which i mean that raises questions all the numbers that we've been getting of reported cases. So far. It'S 2700 reported cases, but will that number start ballooning given given this way? That'S the big question: it's a fancy name coronavirus. There'S ebola virus poliovirus, which we all lived within our unit. I was right on the back end of that fear, folks, norovirus as well. What kind of virus is this corona virus? Is it comparable to something? Well, it's i mean they're all viral diseases. This one is very much comparable. Well, there's one study saying it's it's something like about 70 percent similar to the sa the sars virus, that the genetic components, but doctors are still trying to assess this entirely and it does seem to have i mean that the the rate of fatalities seems to be Different than than the sars case, thomas, how long does it take for a company or, for you know, healthcare companies to actually come up with a virus against this, so an antidote, a vaccine yeah? What well companies are already trying the best that they can? What what's being used right now in chinese hospitals is, is an anti viral aids treatment, actually two treatments that are made by a v they're trying to use that to treat patients. Another thing that's going on is gilead is testing whether or not an ebola treatment that it has could be revamped for our use against this. Okay, do we know what the next step is? Does we also know that actually, china is building big hospitals in wuhan? There'S a hospital that you know with a thousand beds that they're erecting at the moment that should be done by february. Third, what do we know? What other steps could actually help with this? Well, it's it's a matter of research, and there i mean it's a race against the clock to find some something that could treat this virus effectively.

Another thing that just happened is the bill and melinda gates foundation offered ten million dollars to help the first. The first treatments against this in china and africa, but it's really it's early days, there's there's no effective treatment yet so we need to to see what can be done there.

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