Trump's tariff hike on China could come Friday

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/07/2019 01:04 PM

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) on U.S. trade talks with China and reports Iran plans to target U.S. forces in Iraq. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street...

Us-China trade tensions president trump threatening to increase tariffs this friday from 10 percent to 25 percent on two hundred billion dollars in chinese imports. This, as us trade representative robert light houser, says china is reneging on trade talk commitments. This is all coming as us. Warships are challenging chinese claims in the south china sea joining me right now is retired, general j ...
ck keane. It'S good to see you, sir thanks. So much for being here, you're good to see you man, your reaction to what's going on in the south china sea. Well, as part of an overall strategy that china has to dominate the indo-pacific region, they militarized the south china sea, despite their profession, thatthey, would not do that and and clearly they've been intimidating caution, our allies now for a number of years. This administration, rightfully so, has looked at this and said we're back in it. In an era of big power, competition, china is trying to roll a table in that part of the world and also replace the united states as the global power in the world. So clearly, our interests are at stake here. Our national interests and those of our allies and in concert with our allies were pushing back. That'S what this navigation is taking place to the south china sea and through the taiwan straits, that we do on a regular basis, and i mean weshould point out that china made a commitment or a promise to president obama, saying they're not going to militarize the chinese Of the south, china, sea and yet that's exactly what they've been doing so there's every reason to believe that china may renege on promises that it makes what a constantly does and no one has been stealing our intellectual property.

More than china has and they've been lying through their teeth about it because they say that they don't do that, and it's not surprising that when we're getting close to having a trade deal with china, president xi wants to relitigate it from the beginning. And that's that's certainly frustrating our negotiators and hopefully something positivewill come out of it with the vice premier coming here this week, yeah i know but general i mean look. We talked about the the other issues quite a bit and that is the forced transfer of technology. The ip theft isn't this a culture i mean i keep saying this is going to be a hard nut to crack, given the fact that this is something that chinese, you know, the chinese people have been doing for a long. I recognize now they need their own innovation and maybe they're more willing to protect property and protect. You know patents, but do you think that the us will be able to make a change here? Well, it's goingto be pretty tough because, even though their professed not to be doing it, they're gon na continue to deal, and i'm talking about in terms of stealing our intellectual property, because it's in their dna. What we have to do, though, also is not just push back on them politically and economically, but push out back on them with what our cyber offensive capability and we have a significant amount of it, and this administration is freed up the regulations supporting that activity so That we can take offensive action without a lot of bureaucratic layering with lawyers as we've done in the past now. Some of that is you want that oversight to be sure, but not to thedegree, that we've had it in the past and hopefully we'll be using that capability more than what we have general. Let me turn to iran. While i have your us intelligence shows that the country has made plans to target american forces in iraq and elsewhere in the middle east. The trump administration sent sending an aircraft carrier strike group and bombers to the region, as european diplomats are saying that tehran appears ready to breach parts of the 2015 nuclear agreement. Your reaction to this well, i think, what's happening.

The court is, according to the wall street journal sources, that the united states has received an intelligence that they believe is credible, that the iranians were preparingat least, to conduct attacks against our forces in iraq and syria, possibly in the straits of hormuz and a persian gulf, And also in bevelle madhab, which is the south eastern entrance to the suez canal, that is a big deal, and what we're trying to do is determine from doing that, because that obviously could lead to major conflict all right. We believe it general. It'S always a pleasure to see you thanks. So much good talk to you more general jack keane there.

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