Huckabee on Trump's UK visit: He's a return to 'respect for all'

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/03/2019 10:13 PM

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee on President Trump’s visit to the U.K. and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Huckabee also reacts to President Trump’s threat to impose new tariffs against Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information a...

Making first state visit to great britain president trumpet first lady melania are joined by the royal family and a hundred and seventy guests at the royal banquet at buckingham palace right now, which has been personally overseen by queen elizabeth joining us now. Former arkansas governor and fox news contributor, mike huckabee governor, thank you for joining us. You know they're they're, making ...
lot out of the protests, although when they showed us the folks in front that were protesting, it didn't seem like there were that many there. Is it possible that that people in the uk aren't as horrified by president trump as the media would like us to believe? I know everybody would be shockedto think that the media is over playing criticism about donald trump, since they've played it so straight and pure as journalists throughout his entire presidency, and obviously i'm being incredibly sarcastic, of course, they're over playing it. There are people in london who don't like donald trump, but there are people in manhattan and who don't like donald trump. There are a lot of people who do like him. A lot of people who appreciate him and i think with you, look at the brexit vote. It was a part of the same kind of rejection of the elitism and the snobbery in great britain that we saw in the united states. People are tired of being looked downupon by people in power. People in the high places and they've had enough of it. Donald trump represents return to a little bit of respect for all. And it's interesting too, because if you hear people on the more liberal side talking about what's going on right now with brexit they're saying that the british people of how to change apart and that they made this vote and now they kind of regret it.

And they can't get out that doesn't sound really, maybe straight on to me, i don't know i mean what is your take of how it's being received now at this point, in the same way that they don't want president trump there it seemslike they're. Also recoating quote regretting their idea to brigs it and leave well. I was in great britain the day of the brexit vote back in 2016 and it was a fascinating time to be there. I was back in great britain about a year and a half later and i didn't hear a whole lot of people saying. Oh, we made a terrible. Take people tried to make that about race and about immigration solely. It was really about brits wanting to be brits and having a great sense of pride about their many years and centuries of traditions and law and culture they're, proud of that, and they should be like every nation should be proud. Ofits unique culture, its language, its history, its art, and so when people act like that, this is all about xenophobia and racism. I frankly think that's the statement of an idiot who doesn't know what he or she is talking about, and it's always a money issue too. I mean they don't want to finance people in other parts of europe who who aren't working. You know where the government is spending a ton of money in supporting people and the rest of the population isn't working it. You know it's a straight up.

Bread and butter issue it doesn't have to do with xenophobia there like a lot of americans, don't pay huge taxes and then you knowsit there and they're like wait a second. You know i don't i don't know how much more i can afford to pay. Let me pick it quickly while we're talking about this about the southern border and the idea of putting tariffs on mexico, a the point being that tariffs are horrible for everybody involved for the americans for mexicans for everybody. But i wonder i suspect, maybe that's the point - that it would kind of hurt. Everybody so would get everybody's attention so that they might focus on this issue and maybe call their legislators and say why aren't you doing something one way or the other to straighten out these immigration laws? What are your thoughtswell melissa? You hit the nail on the head. The fact is, this could all be resolved without tariffs. If congress would just go to washington, sit down and do their jobs rather than chase these phony allegations about the president and bring up the nonsense of impeachment, they can fix the immigration situation. There would be no need for tariffs. That'S the way to handle this, but i respect that the president is saying: if you're not going to do your jobs as members of congress, then i got to do something because we really do have a real, not manufactured real crisis at the border. It'S got to be dealt with, so it's already brought mexico to thetable. Their diplomats are now moving to washington so that they can sit down and talk through this. That'S a plus and it's not the ideal.

Nobody likes tariffs, but we don't like our country, invaded by hundreds of thousands of people who are running over our border, because you've got a bunch of people in congress who refuse to do their job yeah. Isn'T it interesting? The mexicans and the americans can sit down right away and talk with democrats. The republicans can't seem to do that governor huckabee. Thank you.

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