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Published: 12/09/2019 04:41 AM

FBI says Pensacola naval base shooting presumed to be terrorism, police arrest California man who appeared to simulate mass shooting, and what to expect in the House impeachment inquiry this week.

Breaking news tonight: the terrorism investigation into the pensacola navy shooter did he act alone. His saudi colleagues on base questioned their movements restricted as the men who lost their lives. Our honor words don't even explain how our hearts are so broken, all three hailed as heroes. Another possible shooting florida police arrest, a man who posted this disturbing video, where he mimics s ...
ooting pedestrians from a california hotel room. How real was the threat, making their case democrats working around the clock prepping to present their argument for impeachment to the house and the public tomorrow, miracle survival? How did these four year old twins escape a crashed car and run 20 feet of a ravine to safetyalone, and we remember a giant in children's television? Oh hi, there i'm big bird, the puppeteer, who gave life and voice to big bird and oscar the grouch. This is nbc nightly news with kate snow good evening. The fbi said today: they're presuming the shooting at a naval air station friday was an act of terrorism and they're working hard to uncover. The motive of the saudi man who opened fire saudi classmates of the shooter, who were also training with the us navy in pensacola, are being told now to stay on base. We'Ve also learned the gunman recently traveled to new york with some fellow students and tonight the three victims of friday's shooting are allbeing praised for what they did to save other lives. We begin tonight with blaine alexander in pensacola, as pensacola gives a final salute to its fallen sailors. More questions are swirling about the shooter 21 year old, saudi national mohammed al shivani. Our main goal right now is to confirm whether he acted alone or was he a part of a larger network? While officials have yet to determine a motive, they are investigating it as an act of terrorism.

Al-Sham ronnie, who was killed in a shootout with deputies, walked into this building with a glock 9-millimeter handgun and was the only gunman investigators say there have been no arrests in the case, but law enforcement sources tellnbc in the week leading up to the shooting al sham Ronnie showed three fellow saudi classmates videos of previous mass shootings over dinner. Do you believe that those students or anybody knew about this attack beforehand? I'M not prepared to answer as we continue to investigate. There are several students that are cooperating and providing information. Several known associates of his also saudi students have been restricted on base by their saudi commander, as officials investigate why al sham rani opened fire. We are learning more about those in pat nineteen-year-olds, mohammed haytham, a high school track star who just graduated boot camp, beautiful smile and always just wanted to care about other people, cameron walters at 21, healways dreamed of being a navy pilot and joshua caleb watson. In his final moments, pointing first responders to the shooter hairs hair - oh god bless his heart. All three receiving a hero's farewell struck down on the battlefield in their own backyard. It'S just heartbreaking. Blaine, moving tributes! What'S next tonight, another ceremony right well kate, within the al, where there will mains will arrive at dover air force base in delaware. It'S a dignified transfer, something we typically see for service members killed in war, blane alexander! Thank you. A big focus of this investigation is on the shooters recent travel nbc justice, correspondent, pete williams, joins us now pete. What are your sources telling you about thestate of this investigation? Well, at this point, the fbi and the justice department are calling this an act of terrorism, but that's the way they're leaning.

In fact, at one point today, the us attorney for northern florida said he's confident there that there's no threat from any additional terrorist acts. Law enforcement officials say after al-sham ronnie arrived in the u. s. for training he returned to saudi arabia. Then he came back to florida in february. His friends have told investigators that when he came back he was much stricter about his religious faith and he stopped going to nightclubs and socializing with other students. So that's now a big question: was he radicalized when he went backhome officials say by the way? It is true that a few of his fellow students took out their phones and recorded video of the attack on friday, but they say many others. There did the same thing. They also say all sham ronnie did visit new york recently with some of his fellow students, but they believe that that was just a tourist trip and law enforcement officials have repeatedly told us that his fellow saudi students are cooperating completely with the fbi. At this point, officials don't believe that anybody else was involved in the shooting cave and how cooperative pete is saudi arabia being in this investigation? Well, so far the official say the saudis are cooperatingand. A key issue is going to be: will they allow agents to work in saudi arabia to build a timeline of what all sham rani was doing there? That approach seems very different than after the 9/11 attacks. This time the king of saudi arabia immediately called the president to offer his condolences and pledged support, and the saudi ambassador to the us has been reaching out to kate, alright pete williams, staying on it for us.

Thank you pete, now to a chilling video from california that appears to show a gunman practicing for a mass shooting in downtown san diego, a 30 year-old man is now behind bars. Kathy park has how investigators found him and awarning the video you're about to see is disturbing. This haunting video inside a san, diego hotel room appears to show a man simulating a mass shooting targeting pedestrians below in the graphic role-play posted online. You can hear the southern california man talking to himself in a troubling sequence. How do you do with this? He grabs ammunition from the floor flashes a bottle of alcohol and takes aim using a cache of weapons, including an assault-style rifle police arrested, 30 year-old steve hamachi. On felony weapons charges, thursday, after receiving an anonymous tip from someone who knew him through an online gaming community. The alert stating in part he's gone off the deep end and that he isplanning something or already has a plan by the very nature of the tip and and what it was about. We knew that we had to move quickly and we did in the search warrant obtained by our nbc station in san diego hameau key booked, a room at the sofia hotel for one night in march, and he had purchased 14 firearms between last february and may of This year, you drop the gun, pick up another gun, a potential rehearsal for an attack landing a man in jail, but the next act will be facing a judge on monday kathy park, nbc news politics now and what will be an historic week in washington, the house Judiciarycommittee presents its findings tomorrow, the step on the path that will likely lead to an impeachment vote in the house before christmas, kelly o'donnell now with a preview a working sunday on capitol hill impeachment headquarters, while we're continuing to prep for our hearings, media staked out, while Behind closed doors, a dress rehearsal of sorts before tomorrow's hearing to lay out the evidence, i expect us to get all of our ducks in a row. The house judiciary committee is expected to take several hours monday as evidence against the president, and testimony from past witnesses is presented to the country, and the committee chairman, jerrold nadler, would not commit to a timeline but expects articles of impeachmentcould be written this week. My goal is to do it as expeditiously, but as fairly as possible, depending how long it takes perhaps the biggest unknown. The scope of the allegations democrats will pursue limited to the ukraine saga or including aspects of the muller investigation. Well, certainly, abuse of power.

It might be abusive obstruction of congress and is not cooperating in florida. Saturday night president trump made his peril a punch line. I need some good news. I got people trying to impeach me today. His gop defenders argued that house democrats have only convinced themselves. It'S not just that democrats can't persuade people like me who support the president. They can't even persuade republicans like willhurd, who are critics of the president. I don't see a single republican, defecting they've looked at the facts. They know where we are on this and kellie's with us tomorrow. Impeachment will have some competition kelley. We expect word from the justice department on an internal investigation about how the russia investigation first started right. A lot of anticipation about this and officials who've seen early drafts of the inspector general's report, say that it will find that there were some mistakes made at the fbi, but that the origins of the probe itself were lawful.

But president trump is already claiming this inspector general's report will be tomorrow's big story: kate, kelly o'donnell at the white house, kellythanks diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba are in decline, but there is one surprising area where cuba is now helping the united states hunting Down fugitives, andrea mitchell, reports from havana, these were james, ray's final moments as a fugitive. The new jersey man accused of murdering his girlfriend and mother of his daughter in october 2018, captured in havana after the fbi, issued an alert cuban authorities found pictures of him on airport surveillance cameras, tracked him to a hotel and turned him over to the fbi. This was the moment when us officials came to bring him back on behalf of the united states government, we're incredibly grateful for your assistance and your support, entertaininghim and getting him back to the united states, the fbi, blindfolded and manacled him for the flight back to the Us an example of a surprising working relationship between two hostile governments. Despite all the tensions over president trump's economic crackdown on cuba, how would you describe the u. s. relations with cuba right now, they're in bad shape? Carlos fernandez de co-ceo is cuba's top diplomat for us relations. We share a maritime border and we share the issues which are problematic in the region: organized crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, alien smuggling, money-laundering, it's a law enforcement agreement, they say benefits both countries, for example, take accused domestic terrorist. Joseph dibby wanted in oregon, captured in august of 201812 years after he fled the us with cuban help. The fbi grabbed ooh, be at the havana airport before he could escape to russia. Lieutenant-Colonel roberto hernandez, says kingdom implemented, regardless of the relations between the u. s. and cuba.

Cuba will not allow our country to be a refuge for these criminals, one notorious exception. Joanne chesimard, wanted by the fbi for murdering a new jersey state trooper. In 1973, the former black liberation army member was convicted and serving a life sentence. She escaped it was given political asylum in cuba, where she remains still us. Officials say fugitives, like james ray, who pleaded not guilty on the grounds of self-defense in a new jersey courtroom would notbe facing trial without cuba's help was extraordinary and certainly their level of cooperation was essential. A hunt for justice a long way from cuba, andrea mitchell, nbc news, havana. A lot of hearts are breaking tonight, remembering caroll spinney. The man who made big bird and oscar the grouch come alive fans scattered flowers, on big bird star in hollywood today, but it was spinney who made generations of children feel like they always had a friend. Here'S harry smith, 50 years ago, caroll spinney was a puppeteer in search of a purpose. When muppet creator, jim henson, asked him to join his team. He said i'm going to be involved with a new sheldon, and would you beinterested working with the muppets in the day-to-day goings-on of sesame street, there needed to be an innocent, a character without guile. His was a child's voice that came from the beak of an eight-foot two-inch bird.

That was one of those kind of kids who wanted to do the right thing. That'S what big bird is always trying to be is to be a good kid. Awkward, flightless and sweet big bird was the perfect counterpart to oscar the grouch, who was also plagued by spinning oscar's, got it cool it's fun to play somebody very different than oneself. The other hand, big bird, is my kid in some ways i love him best. Big bird brought him allover. The world opened his mind and nurtured his soul. Thank you carol. Spinning. For 50 years you have been our fine feathered friend, harry smith, nbc news, new york, and it just so happens that tonight, for the first time ever, the prestigious kennedy center honors will celebrate. Guess what sesame street and you can see in this photo one honoree towers above all the rest when we come back how four year old twins escaped a deadly car crash, [ music ] back now with an incredible survival story: twin girls, just four years old, escaped The wreckage of a deadly car crash then climbed to safety all alone. Morgan chesky has their story. A quiet stretch of road inwashington state forever changing a family late friday night, the four year old, girl's twin sisters on a trip with their father, corey simmonds, who at some point lost control of his car, the family's card and a steep ravine.

The impact killing simmons. But his girls, who were buckled in survived helping each other out of booster seats crawling through a broken window before climbing the steep embankment to the road to realize that they they needed to get help at that moment and for their situational awareness to get them to The road is extremely brave and those are the two. Those are the two heroes of the day, a woman spotted the girls as she drove bypulled over. She put them in her car and got them to stay warm and they just kept saying my daddy, my daddy, and at that point she knew something tragic had happened and for the woman who spotted the girls thankful and thanks from a family saved by a stranger Morgan chesky nbc news still ahead. Florida citrus growers are trying to survive in the midst of a growing crop crisis and it's a when you pay for orange juice. Well, there's a price squeeze to tell you about. Florida'S citrus industry is in trouble. The state is the leading orange producer in america, but its crop crisis means you may be paying more for your juice. Here'S kerrysanders orange juice from florida a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine still a popular morning routine, but the nine billion dollar industry synonymous with the sunshine state, is in serious jeopardy. A disease called citrus greening is ruining the fruit and killing the trees growers like adam bertrand, all discovering this groves dead yeah. They have pretty much sick and dying. More and more.

The grove his grandfather planted seabees citrus 319 acres near tampa is now mostly a ghost grove. You know we put so much effort, so much love and money into something and it still just dies and withers away. It'S it's hard to not be pessimistic for more than a decadescientists trying to stop a disease. That is the leading reason. Florida'S citrus industry saw a 70 percent drop in orange production over the last 15 years. The problem begins with a tiny bug called an asian citrus psyllid when the psyllids feed on the citrus plants, the bacteria gets injected into the tree, and then it moves through the vascular system once that bacteria reaches the tree's roots, it's game over and growers say replanting. There grows with newly developed disease resistant trees is too costly a solution. It'S harvest season in florida. So when you shake a tree, some of the fruit naturally just drops off, but growers say because of the disease. The fruit that drops isas soft as fresh-baked bread, the infected trees, bear fruit that, in some cases, has 50 % less juice, causing florida orange juice prices to jump almost 19 % in just the last year, and why more and more packing houses now sit idle citrus Greening now claiming another victim, as adam gives up on his grandfather's dream in florida, where citrus was once king for some green is now the new orange kerry sanders nbc news, odessa, florida and from oranges bananas an update. We on a story that we brought you last week about some very pricey, edible art. Yes, this masterpiece is a real banana duct taped to a wall.

You might have heard it sold to acollector for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars at miami's art. Basel show, and yesterday another artist ate it calling his performance hungry artist. Someone gave the gallery owner a new banana to replace it crisis averted. We guess when we come back good news, the incredible love story behind this dazzling holiday light, there's good news tonight about a dazzling display of love and one man's over the top holiday tribute to the light of his life every night on new york's staten island, a Winter, wonderland sparkles to life straight from the imagination of joe dimartino he's a retired pepsi factory foreman, who spends the better part of a year, transforming his house into a must-see attraction. Thatdraws young and old, dubbed lights for life. Dimartino started this christmas tradition in 2002. In honor of his wife, debra ann after she died in the 9/11 attacks that horrific day. It'S just thinking with you, but that first year i tried to run away from it, and i i realized that i couldn't run away from it. So i said to myself: i made a vow to myself that i'm gon na beat this and i'm gon na fight it and i'm gon na light this house up bigger and brighter each and every year and her memory. He started modestly, with this nativity scene each year, adding new animatronics lights and characters after all, santa needs a full workshop ofelves and it wasn't just about christmas cheer for dimartino. He wanted to continue what his late wife, deborah ann loved, to do. Give back he's raised more than three hundred thousand dollars for the children's cancer center at staten island university hospital.

It'S a win-win situation, i'm helping sick children and keep them in my life wife. Over the years. When i see the kids come their eyes just light up. You see the glisten in their eyes, hey thomas. How are you nice to meet you? Thank you for coming. This is thomas celentano, his first time here he spent six months undergoing treatment in the cancer unit. That dimartino supports. When i see that i'm touching somany people, it gives me more strength and makes me think what i could do for next year chose hoping to raise a record $ 40,000 this year. That is nbc, nightly news for this sunday. Lester holt will be back with you tomorrow. I'M kate snow for all of us here at nbc have a great night: hey nbc news viewers, thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interviews show highlights, and digital exclusives thanks for watching.

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