Sen. Kamala Harris introduces plan to close the gender pay gap

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/20/2019 10:29 PM

Description columnist Liz Peek, Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig, Kaltbaum Capital Management President Gary Kaltbaum, Trump 2020 Strategic Communications Director Marc Lotter discuss Sen. Kamala Harris’ plan to end the gender pay gap. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel...

When you lift up the economic status of women, you lift up the economic status of families and communities and all of society, but yet in america today, women for the same work for the equal work on average, make 80 cents on the dollar. You have 20/20 hopeful. Senator kamala harris taking aim at the pay gap between men and women at major american companies and she's, making it a focal point of her ...
campaign now releasing a plan to combat the issue by fining corporations, 1 percent of their profits for every 1 % in the Wage gap between workers of equal value, she says that this could generate roughly one hundred and eighty billion dollars over the nextten years and liz. I'M gon na go to you first, and i want to know. Do you believe that this is the right way to tackle this issue? If you even think it's an issue a, i think the issue is way overblown but b. This is not the way to tackle it. She wants to impose a giant new compliance, regimen on corporations imposing all kinds of costs and regulatory red tape on companies which were trying to remove red tape from the economy, so it begins to grow faster. There is already a law in the land that equal pay must attach to equal work. Women can sue, they can bring these charges forward. I don't know amajor corporation, that is not concerned about this and very vigilant in trying to reduce what is supposed to be a pay gap. The pay gap results from all kinds of things in women's lives, including taking a time out to have children or, to you know, care for an aging parent, etc. It'S a very complicated issue.

This is not the way to go about fixing it yeah, but what nerve? What unbelievable nerve of these i mean dictator might be too strong, but these leftists who want to come in and force. I mean again a tax, a fine, that's force, that's a gun pointed at private companies, force them to do business that they, how they wantto. Do it pay their employees how much these people want and it's easy to pay employee ploys higher wages? It'S not your money. We talk about a free country, it means free from government, and i just think it's a tremendous insult. This is essentially affirmative action for women. I mean what an insult to women to say: oh we're, gon na you know we're gon na force employers to give you a higher wage instead of actually earning it on your own jonathan, if you were making twenty thousand or a hundred and or two hundred thousand Dollars less than a female counterpart, would you be angry if you're doing the exact same thing had the exact same education ifi was doing the exact same thing and worth at the same amount, i would be making the same amount as the female counterpart right. That'S not the case, my angry favorite guards. We, the people, continues to shrink every time. I watch these democratic candidates just go and listen to their speeches. It'S another fee. It'S another! Fine! It'S another rule! It'S another mandate! It'S another regulation, it's another tax! It never ends. They want to run everything in her life and a feigned demon.

Unfair, they're, gon na find you and take money away for you. They don't generate the money from you. They confiscate the money from. I wish they would just stop and remember those three wordswe the people. That'S the greatness of the country, not we the government and contrast this with what, with what ivanka trump is doing using her platform inside the white house to work with companies to address inequality, issues to help raise the training, the education and the opportunities for women for Minorities across the country and actually around the globe. This is an opportunity to work together, not come down from the top down and as a government to the earlier points to tax. At the point of a gun to say you shall do this or we shall take your money from you and spend it better on your behalf. It'S just such an interesting case of sohow. The trump administration is to put using this and how common law harris is doing it mark. I think, actually, the entire panel kind of agrees with this, that the enforcing regulation is not necessarily a good thing, but to liz's point. If we want to know what's going on, then, should there be full transparency, so at least we know that a man is not making more than a woman with the same quality or education. Centers companies provide a great deal of transparency today, and, but you have to remember again, if you compare to people a lot of it has to do with longevity.

A lot of it has to do with how many years inother words that come person has been in a company. I mean if you look at the actual data. I really just don't. I'D really disagree with carla harris that this is a big issue and i definitely disagree with the 20 cent difference. That is more than people were talking about several years ago, and i cannot imagine with all the laws out there that it actually has gotten worse. I think that this falls twice today, already jonathan, if go ahead, i know you want to say something quickly. Yeah and very briefly, i mean, even if men do make more than women, and i mean i don't know you can somehow run these statistics either way. It'Ssimply, not the role of government, to micromanage the economy, to micromanage those changes and actually, i think christina. It does a real disservice to people to get a higher wage because they're this skin, color or because of this gender. If you get a value, you have to earn that value for it to really mean something and again i just think it's an insult to any woman to say: i'm gon na give you a wage. Why? Because you are a better employee or worked harder. No, no, because you have a uterus, that's terrible! I agree with you jonathan and i'm gon na leave it at that for this segment.

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