House Judiciary holds Mueller report hearing despite Barr's absence

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Published: 05/02/2019 02:18 PM

House members speak to press after the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the Mueller report. Attorney General Barr, after testifying before the Senate yesterday, decided he will not testify before the Democratic-led House panel today. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news ch...

Without objection, the chair is authorized to declare recesses of the committee at any time. We welcome everyone to today's hearing on oversight of the us department of justice report by special counsel, robert muller, the third on the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and related matters. I will now recognize myself for an opening statement. Attorney genera ...
barr has informed us that he will not appear today. Although we worked to accommodate his concerns, he objects to the prospect of answering questions by staff counsel, to the possibility that we may go into executive session to discuss certain sensitive topics, given the attorney general's lack of candor before other congressional committees. I believe my colleaguesand, i were right to insist on the extended questioning. To my knowledge, not even the ranking member was opposed to the idea of moving into closed session if necessary. But even if democrats and republicans disagree on the format of this hearing, we must come together to protect the integrity of this chamber. The administration may not dictate the terms of a hearing in this hearing room. The challenge we face is bigger than a single witness. Late. Last night, the department of justice wrote to inform us that they will ignore our subpoena for the unredacted mullah report and the underlying evidence.

They have made no meaningful attempt at accommodating that subpoena, which was due yesterday, the letterreferences, the attorney general's offered to 12 members of congress 12 out of 435 to look behind some, but not all of the redactions, provided that we agree not to discuss what we see With our colleagues and that we leave our notes behind at the department of justice, it is urgent that we see the documents we have subpoenaed. But i cannot agree to conditions that prevent me from discussing the full report with my colleagues and that prevent the house from acting on the full report in any meaningful way. An accommodation designed to prevent us from taking official action is no accommodation at all. Every member of this committee, democrat and republican alike, should understand the consequenceswhen. The executive branch tells us that they will simply ignore a lawful subpoena from congress if left unchecked. This act of obstruction will make it that much harder for us to hold the executive branch accountable for waste fraud and abuse, or to enact legislation to curb that kind of his conduct or any kind of misconduct. No matter which party holds this chamber or the white house at a given moment, the challenge we face is also bigger than the mullah report. If all we knew about, president trump were contained in the four corners of that report. There would be good reason to question his fitness for office, but the report is not where the story endsin. The days since the department of justice released the redacted version of the report. President trump has told congress that he plans to fight all of our subpoenas. The average person is not free to ignore a congressional subpoena, nor is the president his promise to obstruct our work extends far beyond his contacts with the russian government and allegations of obstruction of justice.

The president has also prevent us from obtaining information about voting rights. Aca litigation and his cruel family separation policy, among other matters, the challenge we face is also not limited to this committee. In recent weeks, administration witnesses have simply failed to show for properly noticed depositions. The secretary of the treasury continues toignore his clear statutory obligation to produce the president's tax returns, the president's private attorneys sued chairman cummings in his personal capacity, in an attempt to block the release of certain financial documents. Ladies and gentlemen, the challenge we face is that the president of the united states wants desperately to prevent congress, a co-equal branch of government from providing any check whatsoever to even his most reckless decisions. He is trying to render congress inert as a separate and co-equal branch of government. The challenge we face is that if we don't stand up ten together today, we risk forever losing the power to stand up to any president in the future. The very system of government of theunited states, the system of limited power, the system of not having a president as a dictator is very much at stake. The attorney general of the united states is sworn to uphold the constitution as our nation's chief law enforcement officer. He has an obligation to do everything in his power to warn the president of the damage he risks and the liability he assumes by directly threatening our system of checks and balances and of limited government. Sadly, the attorney general has failed in that responsibility. He has failed to check the president's worst instincts.

He has not only misrepresented the findings of the special counsel. He has failed to protect the special counsels investigation from unfair politicalattacks. He has himself unfairly attacked the special counsels investigation. He has failed the men and women of the department of justice by placing the needs of the president over the fair administration of justice. He has even failed to show up today. Yes, we will continue to negotiate for access to the full report for another couple of days and, yes, we will have no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt if he stalls or fails to negotiate in good faith. But the attorney general must make a choice. Every one of us must make the same choice. That choice is now an obligation of our office. The choice is simple: we canstand up to this president in defense of the country and the constitution and the liberty we love or we can let the moment pass us by. I do not, and we have seen in other countries what happens when you allow such moments to pass by. I do not know what attorney general bar will choose.

I do not know what my republican colleagues will choose, but i am certain that there is no way forward for this country. That does not include a reckoning with this clear and present danger to our constitutional order. History will judge us for how we face this challenge. We will all be held accountable in one way or the other and ifhe does not provide this committee with the information it demands and the respect it deserves. Mr. boris moment of accountability will come soon enough. I now recognize the ranking member of the judiciary committee for his opening statement. Thank you, mr. chairman, let's be very clear, there is only one reason and one reason only at this point: we are not being able to fulfill our constitutional role of oversight, and that is the chairman's demands that were played out yesterday. We could had a hearing today. What bothers me the most about this is not only did in standing for the questions that were discussed in the issues have been discussed between me and the chairman, not onlydid. He take the ability for the american people to hear again from bill barr.

He took our ability to hear from bill barr today to protect, maybe because some didn't feel like they could ask proper questions. Maybe it wanted more staff questions who knows, but yesterday we found this that he claims that he wants staff questions south that question the attorney general, because the five-minute per member is not enough, but yet we spent it in the approved emotion yesterday they said we could Do a whole hour an extra hour between the chairman and myself. He could have picked one of these fabulous members that he has and he has some excellent attorneys on his sidesome of the best. He could have give them all 30 minutes and they could have questioned the attorney general any way they wanted to. Instead, we go back to a circus political stunt to say we want it to look like an impeachment hearing because they won't bring impeachment proceedings. That'S the reason take whatever you want to take, you can go out and have press conferences. You can save it from this dice. You can say whatever you want to have, but the reason bill barr is not here. Today is because the democrats decided they didn't want him here today. That'S the reason he's not here, you could have done anything else she wanted and what isamazing to me is to say that he is scared of answering questions to scare that it not. You can disagree. The attorney general all you want, but for yesterday he's set for over almost six hours in the senate, voluntarily asking questions even on the second round that was taken up by democrats who wanted to ask more questions, and you can agree, did he do good? Did he do bad? It doesn't matter, but we're not getting that opportunity today, because the stunts and the circus continues over here.

All we had to do. We agreed to more time we could talk about executive session, but no for some reason for some purpose, except the optics of somethingthey, can't do or don't want to do right now they wanted to have a staff member asked questions. I said before. If that's house number wants to ask questions, are decimally run for congress, put a pin on find the committee, but you know i can continue on and on and on about the issue that we have here in the impeachment agenda and whatever you wan na have in Saying that he's blackmailing this committees, terrified to come before this committee, i think yesterday he proved he's not terrified to sit before anybody, especially the senate, which they actually extended. The question time on. He answered the question whether you, like the question oddities. My chairman told me yesterdayit's not a matter what we agree or disagree on this. We have the motions we move the motion, we do the motion, you can agree with the attorney general or disagree with the attorney general, but not hearing from them is a travesty. For this committee today, but i would be remiss if i also did not mention the largest tragedy of this day. It actually was from yesterday the chairman just stated a few moments ago, that we can't let moments pass, and i agree completely because what happened yesterday on this dice was a travesty. When you do not recognize members for valid motions, when you call things dilatory, questioning the motives of what members are doingit for. I have said on this committee for six years and i have sat through hours of motions to strike.

The last word of giving other members on the minority side more time more time. One of my biggest concerns i ever had with chairman goodlatte is: why do you let it continue just call the previous question and on to a quote to two occasions last congress he did over resolutions of inquiry. After almost six to seven hours of debate. The question i have here is not what bill barse carol. My question is: what are the democrats scared of? They don't want bill bar here today, they've had the report, they've read it, they don't likewhat's in it. The chairman won't even go. Look at what the attorney general offered him. It'S pretty amazing to me. He wants to go into executive session, ask questions about it, but he won't go read it now. You can go, read it and ask for more, but here's the problem today and this problem from yesterday is not over. If the majority wants to run a committee in which minority rights do not matter, parliamentary procedure does not matter, we saw it on full display yesterday. It will not continue.

We will continue this in exercise and we will exercise what we have as minority, which is the minority rights to ask questions to make motions, because atthe end of the day unless we've forgotten mr. chairman you've got more votes than we do. You will get what you want, but just like. We said on this side and you said on this side and got to spend hours talking about whatever you wanted to talk about, while chairman goodlatte set there and let you do it and all you wanted to end the question that bothered me the most yesterday is We got time we got to get onto another bill. Timing does not trump minority rights and there's not a member on this guy's. This should say it's not and freshmen members or anybody else who's here for the first time. That'S not how thiscommittee works. If you don't believe me, ask chairman, sent some render for three times. Three times was chairman of this committee, and he laid it out clearly yesterday, but when we degra gate members of my side calling miss les coes amendment ridiculous, calling ours dilatory, that's just wrong and should offend every body on this diet. Mr. chairman, this is wrong. The tragedy of today is not that you have an empty chair, not that you have props, you can call the attorney general.

Whatever you want. You know i was reminded of sticks and stones kind of quote, but what really bothers from me today is is the travesty of what happened in minority rights yesterday andthere's, not a member of the dinner who are on this committee last year. They can honestly look me in the face and say: y'all were not treated much better by a chairman who actually followed the rules. Then we were treated yesterday. I yield back. Thank you, mr. collins. Ordinarily, at this point i would introduce the witness, but instead, but instead we will conclude this proceedings. I just want to say we didn't choose not to have mr. barr come, he chose, we will. We cannot permit him or anybody in the administration to dictate the manner in which we function. This does not include our inquiry into the attorney general's handling of the malla report.

Poor nepalour inquiry is conduct before congress, nor does it conclude our seek recognition. Compelled introduction of the entire report and its underlying materials. We will not hear from the attorney general today, but this committee intends to obtain the information that it needs to conduct its constitutional oversight and legislative responsibilities. We will defend the prerogatives of congress. We will defend the rights of the american people to know. What'S going on, we will defend the constitutional scheme of equal and coordinate branches of government. We will make sure that no president becomes a monarch. We need the information without delay. The hearing mr. chairman and we'll do so with trampling minority rights it's gon na, be mr. chairman, where thereare there is not going to be a recognition of members who seek legitimate inquiry as to the procedures. [ applause ], like that sink in the tree, general of the united states, declined to the reason that theater is uncomfortable upcoming community answering questions.

We ensure that we have the ability to get both the witnesses to testify under oath before the committee and documents that are necessary to do our oversight. That is, i think i want to send a crew, and you know we will do whatever is necessary to get both documents. You need to complete our work as well as to bring witnesses. Our responsibility is directly dependent on our ability to bring witnesses before the committeetalent. At the production density and if we allow the executive decide what they're going to give us they'd sent essential extinguishing see the executive branch is actually complete fat faith. Here you know in the past the president and congress who disagree about a certain document or phrase or what happened go back and forth, but what we have it is president trying to pull a curtain over the executive branch of government is refusing to cooperate with many Of our management for documentation or witnesses testimony - and so this is not even a close call - this is categoricals bad fate by the executive. Members has said that it is an essential function of congressman about the oversight, overthe executive branch, to make sure that our laws are in the engine in the proper way, and so we can explore what new laws needs to be written towards america. We are the people's grants recovery. We represent the people, the poor job at present. Nine states is between here that the laws are faithfully executed, not circumvented, not negated, and the president is essential. [ music, ], [ music ] face and i think, as i watched attorneys on the bars performance yesterday, there were so many questions that continue to arise about whether you it's personal defense counsel. My line of questioning today and i have the opportunity - would have been around money and energy that construction justice.

This is notjust, something that is in the past, but the president is continuing you to tweet and say things that imply that if somebody refuses to tell the truth or speaks against him, that there will be consequences to pay. There are new things that we responsibility and an obligation to investigate and to oversee this entire situation, that is, tv destructed. I think what the house judiciary committee at my colleagues determine that they're due today to do something that the american people have not seen since the watergate proceedings of richard nixon. They have not seen a president not stand up to the congress, but stand up to the constitution in a way that rejects all of its parametersand, all of the dignity and the order that we have run this country. The constitution started out by saying what into forming a perfect union today, the attorney joining with supervisor president united states decided to show the american people that this is not a democracy that, in fact, we do not adhere to the rule of law, and we will continue To be disrespectful to the people's house, i think my line of questioning, as my colleagues have indicated, would be just the truth. As the march 27th mullah letter stated to the attorney general that he wanted the documents to be released, they were not released, and so here we stand today with no other option otherthan to hold the attorney general in content. We hope that will happen. We have not done that because we wanted to continue negotiations, so i would simply ask the question: is this the way you want to run this nation? Do we want a president that does not welcome the truth and subjecting those who work for him to be tested on the truth? Do we not understand the constitution and article 1, an article to this judiciary committee, will not be targeted in england. All we'll be doing is doing our job, and that is to have members of the cabinet of the president of the united states to come before this committee and tell the truth. Wewill not stop until we get the truth until the truth is told to the american people and the american people will decide as we go forward, that the truth has to be acted on and that's what i think some of our republican friends are afraid. Attorneys are billboards not one of the most dangerous men in washington dc for three reasons: first, potentially mr. ryan, about the report.

It was that total vibrato poem a heat mr. bryce molder report and instead of apologizing, he thought was down and continued to mislead the american people. Second, today, he ignored the well congress oversight, responsibilities of congress and lawfully issued subpoenas and third right now he is suing toeliminate your health care coverage. Let'S not forget right now. He assumed the important to eliminate pre-existing conditions, health care coverage and taking health care coverage away from billions of we in congress will bring him in. We will open first time, a member of congress. I can't imagine quite now [ music ] good morning, everyone, you know, i just have to say as a former police chief, that it was painful and disgraceful to see the nation's top cop abandon his responsibility to allow an empty chair to speak for him. This morning, however, as a committee member, we were respectful enough to put the honorable, william ii bar to put honourable on his name tag. If you will thismorning, i ever would if you look at what the attorney general has done since he has been in office. He certainly worked harder to protect someone who does not deserve to be protected. There'S not much that the attorney general has done as the nation stopped that we can consider, and so this morning was a dark day of dark morning for the united states of america and all that the department of justice should me much of this nation. So, thank you, [ music ].

In the 2016 elections, his nation was attacked from outside of its borders by the depression as a result of their outside attack. We have now been attacked from the inside by the very trumpetmesh the russian statement. This is very dark date and a very dark time for our republic. It is under attack the worst kind of damage that [ music ], and we have enemies that we have aiders and abettors of those human enemies. I'M afraid that we have reached a time. The people of this great nation, what's panda and and that congress take appropriate action, stop his attack when i whip on the insane into the backwards all of the ideals: liberty, fairness, injustice that we all happen in student of government. All my life watch the watergate hearings, beginning in this max, so much of watergate. An attorney general, like john mitchell, believes the president is above. The lawthat is not america. The president is not above the law, and the president thinks special counsels. Investigation is a witch-hunt. He cannot stop it, but our attorney general think so.

Chicken bar should shown up today and answer questions. He was afraid of barry burke. He was afraid of nor mice, a tourney general who's picked for his legal acumen, and his abilities would not be fearful of any other attorneys question him for 30 minutes. This man was picked to be roy pound and to be donald, trump's fix the black socks. Look clean compared to this team. It'S a sad day in america. Good morning i did not have the privilege of being born into this. Countryi became an american citizen when i was twenty years old and i took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies. Attorney general clark took the same arm and today he shows that the only organ is now following, protect and defend. The president, who right now is threatening the strength of our democracy, having come from latin america anderson very well what it means, what a man in power starts circumventing equal branches of government. We must not allow this to happen in the united states of america. Well then, the attorney general has a constitutional responsibility to uphold the rule of law.

Instead, he's done everything to undermine the rule. Oflaw, the so called attorney general is abrasive. Evasive and unpersuasive is to disgrace to the office that he currently holds. So-Called attorney general is missing in action absent without efficiently and has clearly made the decision to serve as the personal picture, with donald trump and consistent with the oath of office that he has taken. And we shall democrats recognize that we are a separate and co-equal branch of government. We don't work for donald trump. We work for the american people, we have a constitutional responsibility to serve as they check and balance on an out-of-control executive branch, donald trump, the so-called attorney general, and his minions are out of control right now alone. Overreach means wewon't over politicize. We won't over investigation, but we will do our constitutional oversight responsibilities. The general can run, but he cannot hop today attorney general. This administration have done a great disservice to the american people. It'S not only about the morale report, but this is about particularly integrity of our national security.

This is about protecting the integrity of our elections. This is about protecting the integrity of people in this country being able to impact affordable health care. They have done a great disservice to the american people, and we congress have the responsibility. It'S a co-equal branch of government to protect and discern that make sure the american people have the facts, and the information thatthey need to make sure that they know that the government is truly working there. My colleagues, like the continuous continue to stand for what is right to make sure that the mock receive works were teaching everything to gently this country to take today. We will still continue to stand to wait right here enforcement demands. Given this, i think, the members that we all believe very strongly that the next step is to begin for students to hold the church, they're, all pressing our chairman to do that he's as he has been attempting to negotiating a good face to see if the attorney General is doing voluntarily, but the absence of agreement. There is our position thatin contempt of congress, that we have a responsibility to compliance earlier. If the executive branch can willfully violate lawfully issued subpoenas, they will have successfully eliminated congressional oversight. They cannot be up to the executive branch to decide what witnesses and what evidence we will collect in our community custer. She men did it over seven sponsors, so the next step will be an effort to [ music ] negotiation. Conversation desert results in contempt.

Proceeding would take quite a long time my assistance on this format having to essentially loan the opportunity to question the attorney general here in a public setting. No, i think, there's also a question of what the attorney general is going to continue to sayand. Do he did not show on the senate hearings yesterday that he was going to answer some of the very difficult questions? In fact, he made it clear on several occasions that he thought that it was fine for the president for the president to say things to people and encourage them to now. So at this point, another step that we will be taking and that the chairman has already put into place is we want rather color to come and testify before us? At this point, i think we need to hear directly from the special counsel about his report meant about his writings. Clearly, he felt troubled enough by what attorney general bar did and saidthat. He wrote not one but two letters to the attorney general. He even prepared summaries of his two volumes that could be released immediately to the american people, and yet we did not see that happen. It was almost 32 days. I think from the time that he delivered his report yesterday when we learned that he had these summaries prepared and ready to go to the public. So at this point i think, in addition to holding the attorney general in contempt, should these negotiations not work out. We need to have robert moore at this point. I don't feel that i can trust anything that the attorney general is saying, because i don't know he the attorneygeneral works, for he certainly is not working for the american, but why step why he may be a staff attorney? Why was that? Instead of your most of your attorneys and guys the questions well, there is first of all the one thing i'd like to say is democrats are not brushing boy, but neither are we afraid of it.

The format that we're using the performant to be able to educate congress and the american people about how much untruth has been saying these are dangerous times, because if we set the precedent and general bar has done, who is next not to respond to the congress? What cabinet officer in the midst of a crisis, isan ad actually in the cotton pole and security secretary in the midst of a crisis, isn't the health of human services? So one of the things that we will continue to do is use possibly the contempt proceeding, as our chairman may decide to do. In addition, we will not take off an ultimate act that we are allowed to do under the constitution, but let me show you the example: when the tapes are found, we richard nixon, the american people said enough is enough. I can assure you, as we build the blocks of finding out the truth. There is still of that proceeding, but we will not be baited into it, as our friends and thecommittee choose to try and do we will only do it as this constitution gives us the power to do so, we're not intimidated by the fact that it may be A little longer, the idea of the attorneys, as many have seen, is the continuity of questioning. That means that you can cross-examine, in the midst of your time, from collectively the excellent members of congress that are on this committee. I have been stunned and excited by their questioning and their thoughts. We will put all that together, but what happens when the lawyers - and i have been on impeachment proceedings in this committee? Judges and others is the line of reasoning that allows even the american peopleto see the building blocks and the story narrative of truth. That is so very important. Wait a minute each memory. Well, i will just say this committee chairman, is very patient, but he's very knowledgeable and he understands the timeframe. Let me say this: let's hope that there is something productive over the weekend. Let'S hope that the general of the united states understands his duty and, as my colleagues have said, will pay and affirm allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and not a single man who is fleeting in that job, so we're hoping that general barnes Own credibility and love of his country, oh the weekend, will generate a resolution of thisconnection at once.

It'S also queer to recognize it's a house who rules permit this kind of questioning. We approved it in a motion before the committee. It'S done it has been done. Many other times most recently with dr. bless ford. So the real question is not: why do we want to collect evidence in this way? The real question is to the attorney general. What afraid of why don't you want to be questioned in a half hour, feared by savagery? That'S the real question for the american people and for the media, but our gps point. Are you concerned that this is so, let's just walk your and process proceedings so turns out bill bart has violateda lawful subpoena by this phone recorded evidence. If we go to content of the house, judicial committee will vote. If we voted out both house floor once the house would bounce it out, then it triggers and of our things, our house council people to litigate in court, but we also have an inherent contempt powers. The courts have upheld for us to take immediate action, irrespective of the courts. We can start imposing modules on that person.

In the past they had a house jail. I don't think wan na go back far. The courts have up coming down as well. The conscious power will not be advocated, we will enforce it and delay will not affect us. Aswe can start imposing fines on that person immediately upon contempt off the house floor and we will go there if he does not work, but that's still a very long time before you get any of the answers. If you are hoping to get here today. That'S just a matter of leaves to get something off the house floor would have been an easy part. What would it take to move to impeach bill? Maher'S? That'S something that's on the table and what what would it take respect to you, nothing on the table off the table when evaluating step by step? Basically, the next step, it will be to possibly contempt and congress has in control, but understandthe stakes. What we're witnessing is the slow loss of our democratic republic, and we can either allow it to happen, but we can stand up against it. Some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle they're behaving like a cover-up office for this president and owned subsidiary of the trump administration. That is not what the founding fathers invented, and so we are not going to allow the notion of a presidential dictatorship to take hold. This is a democracy where separately for branch of government, and we are going to uphold that principle by any means he volunteered to come in today, just jumping way too far ahead and second, a common when you hadtalked about how stop oppression it├Ás very night, making sure You clean this to have a speech memory and i think my colleague that's indicated that this process was during the cabin are here and what we're saying is we're making that this is.

This is allowable by the house through the congress. Has the senate and the house, and the senate can discern and decide their own rules and the best approach to draw evidence or information so that you can make the appropriate decision. Let me also say we're writing legislation. Regarding what happened in volume 1 and volume, 2 howie prejudice - is it of all the contacts with russians that there was no legal basis of eventillusion or conspiracy? Why was it there, the interacting with russian operatives enemies of the american people, and that that would be a criminal act when we're introducing legislation on that or have already done so, but what i would click you is you're only following the rules and the rules are That we're allowed to do this and i guess i asked the question of the general of the united states. Hence, as jen said, very apple really breaks my life and can any of us or lawyers or non-lawyers it really break. I asked him: would he not in his view of his own reputation and his view of being the chief legal officer has been said, forthe people of the united states hoodie? Should i say that hoodie please adhere to the rule of law and appear before this committee, but i do want to conclude by saying we're moving on other witnesses because by now lesser effect only [ music ] six weeks after the special counsel submitted the conversation we're An independent word: honda has got it within a couple of days. Completely unredacted reductions are up to us. Mother gave the adaptions directly to eternium car. That'S what people do this from [ music ] about it. It was very clear that the report released within a couple of days, but instead attorney general, are funding the pool of propaganda smoke over the entire country and weare still laboring to unearth a report to get an unredacted. So we do read that is my colleagues keep saying here: the iranian government. We are article one before arteries.

We are the lawmaking power, the american people, we are the direct representative american people and the president's job is just to take care to the laws are faithfully occur, not to make sure the browser he reporting and violated. Yet the entire administration is now in a full-blown cover-up mode. To try to hide the contents of specialty mother's report in the attorney general part did was to try to tell us stories of american people about what was in there and they continue to scramble to throwup. More propaganda to cover up - what's really in there, we are going to get to the bottom of this we're going to have the real facts to the american people. We are going to allow the dirty people to hear directly from the witnesses, including special counsel muller, including don began the white house council about what the president is to obstruct justice, because if we allow a president to obstruct justice and to confirm the government of the United states into a money-making vehicle for himself or his family and his business, then that will set a precedent that generations will come, will regret and lament. We'Ve got a country more responsibility here and we're going to fulfilljust want to say one thing about direct amala. I was here when he was directed the fbi and i was offended by his character and integrity. So yesterday in the senate judiciary hearing i wanted to thank director bella for his work and his team work. I don't know what his mother say before our committee. I cannot but those giving prognosis on what he will say, but i do believe the american people hold him a debt of gratitude, and i also know that it has been recorded by people who know him. They said he has never sent a letter. Maybe once a letter of this kind in his career, he wants to be known as anex-marine who serves his nation.

So i would just suggest to all of us that if he wrote such a letter on march 27th, when he said in essence, i told you to give everything to the congress and the american people. It must have been a heavy burden on him that the general of the united states, the attorney general, was not representing him his team, while the people of the united states that, in fact he turned out to be the personal lawyer of a person who was bleeding In an office that long the people, the united states and that's the presidency - and i can only say that, as he comes before our committee - none of uscan dictate what he will say. But i do believe that he will tell the truth in the best way. He possibly can, and i want to say to the rectum. Oh thank you very much for your service. [ music, ], [ music, ], [ music ]. The failure attorney general gore come to the hearing today is simply another step in the administration's growing attack on american democracy and its attack on the right of congress to be a coordinate branch of government and to have the information it needs to legislate and act. On behalf of the american people, the administration, by its policy of across the board across the board defiance of congressional subpoenas in a bit is, is saying that onlythe executive matters that we don't need. We don't want limitations by congress that the constitution imposes on us. This is a great danger to american democracy and we must move all we can in the name of the american people to ensure that when the trump administration ends, we have this robust democracy to end and it to us today is a day of testing and everyone Will be judged by history, but in terms of how they react. This is all just one you've bogged down in the courts and then because of your insistence on letting staff and tourneys do some questioning, but it will now take even longer to get me answered a bit we aregoing to use what at what process we had in The courts and elsewhere to get the answers, the information we need, in particular the subpoena for the us for the entire unredacted model report and the underlying documents was due. Yesterday, the attorney-general, we got a letter late last night, refusing us confusing who adhere to the subpoena.

This is indefensible and it's part of the attack on american democracy by this administration. We will make one more good-faith attempted negotiating to get the to get the access to the report that we need and then and then we don't get that receipt. The whole thing is pretty generally: how long are you going to give the attorney generalto answer your question and to negotiate in good faith before you, mr. chairman, by the end of the week you want this result, maybe by monday we'll say mr. general wan na negotiate. The middle ground about the format of today's hearing i mean, haven't you dissent, made it harder to get the answers that you've been asking. We cannot concede to the administration the ability to control the manner in which congress l, because its job, the attorney general, is balanced. As our other witnesses to come before the committee and that he cannot dictate it was having will do our job, we didn't feel this is the most effective way of doing it, and that's our decision here'syour call your boyfriend. I was brought up here. Do with that. How would that work? We will explore all the options and inherent content is certainly one of the options. [ music ], the administration, the attorney general, apparently, is afraid of proper cross-examination.

We ask questions under the five-minute rule. We'Ve seen a pattern from this administration administration witnesses. Filibus with the four and a half minutes and then give a non-responsive answer to the next bite, the next half a minute and then it's on to a different question. Who may have other questions in mind or may not properly follow up the way blue cross examiner? Would so we feel the best way of doing this is tohave all our members as their five minutes of questions each and have counsel be able to clean up so to speak at the end or follow loose ends at the hazel. She told it to and witness the attorney general in this case to ask follow-up questions so that he can vein as easily as you can and obviously the attorney general is afraid to face that kind of questioning i mean what did won't be so today is besides The at the administration, mr. for congress, only shows fear, fear of effective cross examination period, you're going to say [ music, ], [ music, ], [ music, ], you [ music, ], just a lot of services, the chairman each other tonight the committeechairman took away the who Voluntarily really was come today you can answer questions a break concerns. The problem i have is, i care it actually has. The attorney general here will continue to watch what he's doing, but it is sanctimony to committee in the majority is running roughshod over our minds and not even taking the accommodations that the attorney general - and we understand that. Then we understand that. Maybe it's the democrats who have something, and maybe they don't ability one beer bucket. I have the chairman, that's 50. A two-way process goes to go straight to the gym you.

Actually, this democratic majority seems to be impatient: [ music ], the american people, putting them there, [ music, ] whichis. Your network expert said there is no president, six years of this committee actually working or we actually were able to do our job except in the area. This is where it gets a tree, because the only two areas - people chairman talk about this median piece. So what is happening is my chair by siding and things were when in reality, they don't want to break engagement. So this is the problem. This is if he would take the accommodation at the attorney general. I work with the attorney general to find better ways. Instead of rushing to have congressional he's, rushing to have our cake and wakes. That is something that's amazing. Today, yesterday was a travestyin, our cake, and i tear matches these things. What basic my father's that question is that question is irrelevant sense of wonder: [ music, ], the people wouldn't take 30 minutes for himself. Others from jackson asked question: he's got some running time to me: the slap in the face you, don't we [ music, ] [ music ].

Have you actually tried to work with an animal or you see every time you this chairman wants to make the muscle pain, legislative oversight, but you know you can send it. I guess to ours like. Thank you. Thank you for noticing. [ music, ].

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