Trump is making the right move with Mexico tariffs: Homan

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 06/01/2019 02:28 AM

Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan reacts to President Trump’s potential tariffs against Mexico. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the busines...

President champion tariffs as a penalty against mexico, in an attempt to try to force the country to stem the record flow of illegal migrants into our country from the southern border. Now so far, this is being met with pretty mixed reviews and right now, mexico's foreign minister is enroute to dc in hopes of meeting with white house officials. You know the idea here is, if they can't figure this ...
ut. If mexico can't stop this somehow by june 10th, then you will see a 5 % tariff and those tariffs will keep increasing if the administration decides that mexico's not doing enough all the way up to 25 % tariffs by october 1st, now, as an economic journalist, i'mjust Gon na point out something that should be obvious, and you know nobody likes tariffs. I agree they're, sometimes a good influencing tool and they can help to influence behavior. But in this particular case, didn't we just do a deal right with mexico and canada isn't the vice president. You know touting this deal with trudeau right now, so if we just did a deal, why didn't anybody talk about this in the deal? Couldn'T they have layered? These tariffs into the deal itself, not to mention that, if you're trying to have leverage with china, then you might want to keep the pressure on china because by now putting it on mexico as well. This means any ofthose chinese entities, american entities that were operating in china that were maybe thinking about moving to mexico, because you know it would balance out. You wouldn't have as much in the way of transportation costs, etc. Well, now, suddenly, that's not gon na make as much sense, so maybe you have a little less leverage for for china at a time that it kind of need it anyway. It'S still a problem that we have this many people trying to cross illegally into our country. More than 500,000, but it's tariffs really the the right approach to deal with that joining me right now, former acting ice director, tom holman tom.

I know you're, not an economist, so we don'thave to get into the tariff so much. But i i want you to walk us through the problem and what you think mexico can do in order to show that it is trying to stop the flow of all these illegal migrants into the u. s. Well, mexico needs to keep the promises to this country, like every soft you hear mexico's rest in this grouping, deporting them or or they're stopping people in the southern border and small numbers or they've, except a couple thousand ascites in central america. There'S always a dog and pony show there's no sustained operation in the country of mexico. If you look at the facts, you know the criminal cartels were operating withimpunity in mexico. I mean this against along in the country in mexico to traffic women and children, but hundreds of thousands of women and children have been trafficking in mexico in broad daylight and nothing's being done about the criminal cartels that are controlling this and the president is making the Right move right now i know i know it is controversial move, but it's you're right. Mook has read a critical time on our southern border trash i mean we're all: releasing family units we're releasing children, because the court decisions and in a trafficking victims act, but we're at a crossroads right now where ice is running out of money in beds, and we May be thereat the point in their future. They may be releasing single adults, because a lot of these these people that are coming through, as i understand it, are coming from central america right. So mexico, in some ways, has kind of the same problem that we do right. In other words, we can't control our border.

Mexico can't control its borders, so you get people coming up from honduras from guatemala. Probably very soon you'll see people coming from venezuela because they have a severe refugee migrant crisis there as a result of the economic challenges and so everybody's going to be coming up. They come through mexico to come to the u. s. What does mexico need to do? Tostop them coming in to mexico in the first place, do they need walls? Well, they need to secure their southern border, but what they really need to do is dismantle the criminal cartels that are running these operations. Look. These people are coming up elves. Maybe thousands of people think it's a group of a thousand just rested a couple days ago: that's not by accident. The cartels are pushing a group of a thousand through one sector of the border, so they can run their drug. You know it's our country, i mean, and i realize that the democrats aren't so willing to help out on this one, but it is our country, and so you knowtheoretically, we should be policing our border and yeah. Mexico can help.

I don't disagree with that, but i do question: how exactly are we gon na measure their help tom? In other words, if they say we do, they just need the president. Does the administration need to see a little more love a little more cooperation, or are we gon na say there are new miracle? You know examples of what we consider help. We need to see sustained enforcement action. Look. I said several attention: offices with specialized hsi us special agents in mexico that can watch what they're doing they are not doing anything, so they need at least show our country that they're enforcing least their ownlaws to stop this trafficking. Women. Children look this isn't. This is a soft issue. We can walk around, 31 % of women are being raped. That'S a doctors without borders, number children are dying from the cartels are making billions of dollars. The same cartels that have murdered morbid claims, murder specialized agents enough enough. Next, you need to step up, you know, i don't disagree with you.

They need some law and order in mexico. They could use a little on honduras and in ecuador and in guatemala and the rest of these places. Okay, but we also are responsible for ourselves and to this i get back to the democrats and their unwillingness to actually enforce the bordersomething that they at one point believed in, and i look at this tariff plan plan and i questioned what kind of damage this is. Gon na do to the u. s. , because if you see this ratchet up to 25 % tariffs, okay by october 1st, if we decide they're not doing enough 25 % tariffs means us. Consumers are gon na, be paying for all that. So all that good stuff that we get in mexico, we're gon na be paying 25 % more for look iii. Agree with you, you've heard me say many times in this show and other shows congress had failed. The american people chuck grassley killed, comes out against the tariffs that chuck grassley would did his job when wehad the house, the senate in the white house, and in close these loopholes that are causes for congress's number one to blame. Well, the president congress are helping the president, the courts aren't helping the president, so this president has taken bold steps to secure this country, he's being a president and doing everything kevin protection. Okay, tell me: what do you think about that? It doesn't matter.

We are in a crisis, we are losing our sovereignty, united states citizens. We gathered enough angel, moms and angel dads. We got enough of how much illegal immigrations cost this country 167 order ourselves. Let'S police, ourselves police the border. Put the pressure on the democrats to get the moneyand need to do what you got to do to make sure that we're secure. We look. I'Ve been up in hill for the last two years trying to get in the close loopholes. They are not doing it; they. They hate this president, more than they care about security. This country they're not going to help the court shame on help. So this president is taking both action and i support him. You can't put a price on protecting america.

You can't put a price on securing the borders, no downside in securing the border, there's no doubt inside unless illegal immigration there's no downside unless drugs, so if it cost tariffs, if tariffs are okay, i'm gon na tellyou this that we need to do it. If americans are hurting come 2020, if the economy is not doing as well as it is right now because of things like 25 % tariffs on anything coming in from mexico, people are not gon na be as willing, i'm just pointing that out. Okay, we need a good economy to be talking about tariffs down there, especially when we just did a trade deal tom. It'S good to see you thank you, as always, sir tom home.

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