John Bolton on Venezuela: All options are on the table

Channel: Fox Business
Published: 05/01/2019 04:07 PM

National Security Adviser John Bolton on the unrest in Venezuela and the impact of sanctions on Iran. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the busine...

Let'S get back to the uprising in venezuela and bring in national security advisor john bolton. Do we have yes, sir? We do, sir, what are we gon na do? What does america do if things turn really ugly and they start shooting people in the streets? We'Ve already seen armored cars running over people. What do we do next if it gets real ugly? Well, we've made it clear for some time now that the maduro ...
government, the cubans, the russians, should not do anything that puts innocent civilians in harm's way. We expect them not to go after wand glide, oh and the opposition. We'Ve made this as clear as we can. The president has said repeatedly all optionsare on the table: we're not going to get into specifics, but it's one reason why we've tried to apply as much economic pressure on the regime and on cuba as we have. We want to bring this to a peaceful resolution. That'S our objective: that's the objective, the people of venezuela, it's the regime that stands in the way the maduro says there are 3,000 americans in the american embassy in venezuela. A is that true b. Is it partially true that we have troops in the embassy yeah there? There are bad as it's about as likely. There are 3,000 americans in the embassy, as there are 3,000 martians in the embassy that this man really lives. Ona different planet he's out of touch.

You know all day yesterday, juan wado was out on the streets of caracas. Talking to people supporting him, maduro was in a place called fort to yuna, which is a military facility. It'S a military prison, among other things. It'S also the place where the cubans have their venezuelan headquarters, because he was worried that his own army was not likely to be supportive, so he relied on the cubans that that's about how much in touch he is with events inside the country. Mass demonstrations coming on the streets of caracas today is this: the day of regime change. Well, you know these demonstrations were planned long before the events ofyesterday they're they're, going to be not just in caracas, they're going to be all around the country we did see yesterday in maracaibo, the second-largest city and other cities, the police, the national guard, didn't interfere with The demonstrators so had there not been this intimidation and violence yesterday, we would have expected that you'd have very large demonstrations today. We still expect that, but we're gon na watch the situation very closely. The president says: if the cubans don't get there armed people out of venezuela, he will impose very strong sanctions on cuba. Will he go through with that and what would it mean for our relationship with cuba and nicaragua and venezuela? Well, you know the presidenthas a habit of saying what he means and then carrying through on it. So if i were sitting in havana, i take very close attention to that. We'Ve called cuba, nicaragua and venezuela, the troika of tyranny in the western hemisphere, we're very concerned about it because of the implications for the free countries in the hemisphere, and it's one important reason. I think people should understand.

This is not just the united states concerned with. What'S happening in venezuela all over the hemisphere, democratic governments support wand wydo in the opposition. Can you give us any hint, sir, about what we might be saying inside venezuela to the generals and to maduro? Well, most of the conversation that'sgoing on is by members of the opposition and they're saying that quite clearly, you need to come away from the maduro regime. It'S not sustainable in power. Just yesterday we saw a number of top venezuelan government officials renege on commitments that they made to support the opposition one day. The written documents they were about to sign will come out for the history books, but what that means inside maduro x' government is that you've got a bunch of scorpions in a bottle. They can't trust each other maduro looks at his generals. He doesn't know if they're planning to go over the opposition or not. He just is not going to continue in power very long andthat's. Why? I think it's important to stay on this to keep the pressure up, we're going to be meeting later today at the white house and a national security council principal's meeting to consider other steps to take. I think that's important too and we'll see what happens next. I'M sure you saw it sir, but there's a headline in that yesterday's financial times it says iranian economy collapses under the weight of white house sanction.

That collapse is a very strong word. Are we on the verge of a real success with iran? Look: the the iranian government has never demonstrated a strategic decision to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. Its support for terrorism has increasedsince. It signed the iran nuclear deal. It'S malign activities all over the middle east have increased their terrorist activities in europe. As an example. Have been exposed, this is a regime that hasn't learned. Yet that's why we have eliminated the waivers for the purchase of iranian oil. It'S why we put other sanctions on that's what maximum pressure means. I think the people of iran would love to find a way to get another government. It'S the revolutionary guard that prevent it from happening is why we designated them a foreign terrorist organization. So yeah we'll keep the pressure up on the government of iran until, as as the british say, until the pips squeak yeah, i rememberthat expression from way back when real fast.

If i may, is there such a thing as the situation, room and you're gon na be in it watching developments in venezuela moment to moment? Well, that's that's! Where we'll be this afternoon at 2 o'clock, that's right! Ok! John bolton! Thank you very much for joining us. So we appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Yes, sir.

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